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Will the Narcissist ALWAYS come back? Shock answer.

Will the Narcissist ALWAYS come back? Shock answer. The answer to this question may surprise you.
The Narc Free Challenge
Relationship DRAMA? Confused about Narcissism? Are they a Narcissist? Psychopath? Not sure but really need to know? Just need to talk to someone about it?
I offer 1 on 1 consults and will help you clarify what your dealing with and what you plan on doing next.
I get it – its confusing and scary – but this is IMPORTANT stuff to know.
Think Chris Watts, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson. I could go on but you get it.
My name is Freedom and I am a Narc survivor and Indie Author & Consultant.
Believe me – with my 14 year marriage and working in Community Health for over a decade and subsequent three years independent research in NPD and APD – I KNOW NARCS.
Let’s talk 1 on 1?
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NARC LANGUAGE – When I first stumbled into the world of Narcs, Sociopaths & Psychopaths I was just so relieved to learn there were actually words to explain what I’d been living through. But then I realized how much I needed to know and I gotta say it feels like you’re learning a whole new language at times.
So, I compiled this list of commonly used Narc phrases or words to help survivors understand “Narc speak”.

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All content provided by this channel is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. The characters represented are fictional, any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.



  • inda skies

    He simply can't come back. I abused him with some pretty harsh words that ripped his mask off. I feel he's watching me from afar but because he's piss weak he may not risk trying to return. I'm hoping he's long gone.

  • The Original G. of Gratitude

    A). You broke my “little heart” by telling me the distance I’ve put between my narc and me will keep HER from coming back. B). Your lips look deliciously and particularly fuller, and the piercing is missing below your lips. C). That tattoo or accessory on your right shoulder (what little I could see of it) is sexy AF. D). I want to kiss and caress your entire neck area, etc, etc, etc. E). Please forgive my freshness, and keep the content coming…YUM!

  • Tania Spence

    Hey sister, the silent war continues here. Thank you for your hard work, you’re my daily go to mentor. All routes into my heart and soul are totally cut off to anyone narc like. No coming back, but physically it’s always a fucking possibility. Doing all he can in delay divorce tactics but I am safely on board the tour bus, ever hopeful to never be in his disgusting toxic energy field ever again. Love and light sweet lady xx

  • Deborah G

    Ladies, I just received a Hoover after 10 months of silence! Thankfully, my private sessions with Freedom have positioned me in a place of power! I know exactly how to handle this.
    Don’t think it can’t happen. They do come back eventually!

  • Diane Tracey

    I haven't heard from my ex on over 4 months after hoovering me for more than a year and a half. He was hoping because he isn't happy with his downgraded new supply. He is still with and probably will stay with her for a long time because she is all he will ever get and his time is run out. I love that he has focused his toxic bullshit on her. As long as she gives him supply he will leave me alone.

  • Gina Sepulveda

    I completely understand and I agree that in a situation where they initiate contact and you are receptive and willing to accept fault or blame then the narc will happily re-engage you again – but if you expect the narc to also admit fault or accept blame then they will take off as quickly as they showed up

  • Gina Sepulveda

    I didn't get overtly hoovered for quite some time – I changed y number, blocked him online, moved and changed jobs – but he as been keeping tabs on me and I get hoovered at work – usually around the anniversary of the last discard

  • Helen Vines

    My x has proven he is a sad excuse. He posted a video of himself singing a love song about missing someone , with his wife , at the end of the song he fake yawns and says my name. Of course i was told of this and shown. His singing is the worst ive ever heard , doesnt even know all the words lol and hes grinding his teeth like white trash on meth. And she just sits there like her last brain cell is gone…. oh yea i want some of that lol.

  • Shadow Dancer

    I just Love you to bits! You tell the junk as it is. My first Narc hoovered me for years after he left the family home. Prior to that there were no cell phones, no home computers. We were still married for 3 yrs after he left. He would come over and spend the night. On one blissful night early morning my phone rang and he refused to answer it. I said it could be our son, he still said no. I answered it after 3 attempts to call. When I answered all I heard was breathing…groaning. You know like teeth grinding. I hung up and said you know my darling your the only one I know that reacts to your girl friend when your cheating on her with your wife.💋The speed of lightening dude fled the bed! He hoovered until he remarried. He NEVER came back.
    The Myth is they never leave the wife/family for the mistress. Yes they do. All the mis-stresses. The second Narc husband was a total different flavor. Because they study you and he is quite intelligent he took his craft of deception to a despicable level. Once he went screaming out the door he hoovered me a few times. I changed locks, phone, returned his mail, threw his clothes to the street. He NEVER came back. Thank You for stating that there is misguiding information circulating as truth/fact. You set it straight. Every word you said is track on and most do not come back when relocated, remarried, refueled, resupply. Your the Queen! 👑 We need more videos to bust these myth topics of narcissism & recovery.

  • Neil 72

    Every Narc is different , some just wont come back because they arn't interested anymore or too much damage was done or they risk rejection..Somr Narcs will never finally disgard and some Narcs do not cheat..

  • Darkreapah psn

    The narcissist I was dealing with discard because I was question her more confronting her on lies. Then I gave her a ultimatium. After I realized she was a covert narcissist.On top of that left one time before then because I was tired of her constantly throwing another guy in my face saying he is better. I came back because I wanted to fight for her. But ultimately she discarded me like I plan. But the trauma bond was stronger then I thought. I had with draws. Which I knew I would this is why I needed her to discard me. I told her she was a narcissist even tried to warn the other guy which she knew off. She blocked me off of several social media platforms. Then 3 weeks later she unblocked me from the one we met on. I seen her new supply talk to him. Couldn't understand why she even did that. She had no fear what so ever. But I left her alone. 2 weeks later I get some hot chick trying to get with me on social media. We talked a bit but something was off. Figured out it was a catfish. But I like who he or she was catfishing so I kept talking. As I talk more I noticed that I was talking to the narcissist that I was dealing with. She made a fake account. Got my attention added me. All to steal attention from me and see how I was handling her not talking to me. I gave her so much insight and supply. I started praising the narcissist to make sure it was her pretending to be someone else. Yep she failed all the test . She definitely stalked me on social media.

  • Shelley Boo

    He emailed me in a drunken mess 2 days ago, saying I am the one who has made him like this. He wished he never met me! He said he is going into rehab today (I know this is a lie). In the past he has pretended to be in Prison, to have a fantastic job… lie lie lie. I have not let him get to me for sometime, but I am a hopeless empath and feel sorry for him stuck in that tortured mind. I have learnt I have to keep well away and that I cant FIX him. Its true, i read his messages to know where his heads at so i can protect myself. Great video, thank you 💓

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