Why You Should Break Up With A Toxic Partner & Leave Unhealthy Relationships | Rebekah Freedom

Don’t waste time being with the wrong person.

Are you wondering how to know when to break up with your toxic partner?

No one enjoys breaking up, but sometimes, figuring out how to break up with someone is important for your own happiness as well as theirs — especially if you’re in a toxic relationship.

There may be times in life where you’re dating someone with narcissistic traits, or they’re simply unhealthy for you, or you two aren’t good for each other. In instances like that, which is better: Breaking up or sticking it out?

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The answer is that breakups can be healthy for you, and when you’re stuck in a relationship with someone who doesn’t love you or isn’t right for you, you can hurt yourself by choosing to stay.

About a year ago, I had a conversation with a 70-year-old man who was dating my 50-year-old friend. He’d been married and divorced twice, fathered children, and had a successful career in the entertainment industry.

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