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Why Should I Care About Other People’s Feelings? A Message For Narcissists

Turns out other people’s feeling are pretty important.



  • Stormie Taylor

    Hi, so I watched your narcissistic fence walker video that you did. I’m not sure if I’m a narcissist or not I’m pretty positive I am a fence walker but my father and my grandfather are most definitely narcissistic. A little back story if it helps you help me figure this out. My parents fought my whole childhood my mom would never say much but my dad would yell and curse and throw things and sometimes drive off very aggressively. My parents split up for a month or two ever year or two which was actually a relief to me. My mom would wait for my dad to finish talking when they would argue and then go hide and cry. My dad was a great business man but he didn’t have a higher education to back it. He went to our state college straight out of high school but he decided he was smarter than the professor the first semester and quit. As a kid my father always let me have my way whatever I wanted I got and he was my Bestfriend. We basically bullied my mom together and I didn’t even pick up on it until I was a teen. I don’t know how she put up with it. It would have torn me apart. I’m almost 20 now and every relationship I’ve ever been in I always try to fix the person I’m with make them better make them what I see in my head which of course ends up tearing them apart and making those things worse and I’ve finally realized all of these things through going to therapy. Recently my therapist told me not to come back because she felt like I wasn’t committed because I hadn’t come up with a plan which I felt like was her job but oh well. I have zero confidence and when I’m insecure I’m cocky. I want to break this endless cycle in my family because I don’t want to get into another relationship and hurt someone or god forbid I decide to start a family one day and destroy my kid like my dad and his dad did before me.

  • persiamotorman

    Narcissistic Monologues…..prepare yourself for an eternity of run on sentences that are so fast that you can't interrupt to say anything, and this can continue for hours. All you really say is "Hello" when you pick up the phone, then you are held hostage to a Narcissists conversation for hours!

  • Carmelo Giuseppe

    Thank you! You are a magnificent teacher and I just love the way you speak in such a loving and compassionate manner. To not care about feelings simply demonstrates emotional immaturity and a deficiency in value and self worth. The treasures are in engaging the story and not cover. Great response! Happy Holidays

  • Dee Dee

    I would love to see you analyze the angryman channel. He says logic over feelings. Angryman in general doesn't like women. My narcissist makes me watch him live when he comes over and it really spoils the mood lol. I would love to hear your thoughts on him. I have been a fan over a year. The first day I found your channel I started binge listening for days. I love your videos and thanks for your dedication

  • Celtic Soul

    Thanks to amazing you for your videos. Narcs are angry when you treat them as equals. They insist on being treated better than others or they are victims because they weren’t treated better. That’s the only criticism I have for the video.

  • karen horton

    This was such a great video!
    I actually like the individual who posed the question for inquiring. As it read I thought you’d ‘sock it to him/her’😆 But the depth with which you spoke helped me to see that I too sometimes walk the fence, however I am Now much more aware and will notice it sooner than later. Your wisdom is a💝 to me.

  • Rich Samuel

    Hey in one of your videos you were asking us "what is narcissism, is it just unchecked stupidity?" I think you might find the "Dunning-Kruger effect" interesting. Perhaps you can do a video on it and how it relates to narcissism?

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