Why Narcissists Disappear (Hint: It's not just the silent treatment)

Learn the real truth about what the narcissist is up to during their Silent Treatments.

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Comments (43)

When someone disappears on you, don't ever let them back.
Never accept a blame when u know u did nothing wrong.
Never make excuses for their bad behaviour and blame yourself like, 'he cheated because I'm not enough for him'…
Cheating is a choice and if someone is morally upright, nothing will push him to do something against their principles

Soulless evil entities. Keep well away they will destroy you!

So true his cell phone was off in the love bombing stage for no reason leaving me Wonder what happened. In 9 months we saw each other for 2 months then he kept refusing meeting me but kept the relationship through WhatsApp or phone calls. He went to cities which he had to drive like 5-7 hours but didnt have time for me..but he doesnt keep me in queue, I think he intented it but when I found out about the new girl I reacted badly so he blocked me on social média and whatsapp

These videos are so impactful, I thank you so much 🙏🏻🙏🏻

He's punishing me. Just happened. His borderline personalitie disorder !

Not too sure that having a boyfriend who wants to be with me 24/7 and me wanting some space for a few days means im a narcissist……. but thanks anyway….

When mine did it
I sent a text
Never to call
Me again
He was wreaked
He wasn't prepared
Now I think he
Is scrambling to
Set up house
It was so painful
But not answer
And not showing up
Was the breaking
Piont for me
Cant ear or sleep but it will get over it.

It was the weirdest thing I ever experienced when she left for 6 weeks then came back into my life like nothing ever happened .. biggest red flag then the uncomfortable relentless talking about past lovers or friends and thinking its normal to stay in contact with them and chat at all hours of the night.. I was duped into believing oh it was just a part of her life and memories and special to her so therefore I should tolerate this communication she kept going even doing FaceTime or videos with them .. yes the same past lovers that she was doing sexual videos with .. don’t know why I tolerated all this manipulation .. Oh well I realize later all my intuition was correct as she was is constant need of new source or supplies even though she may not have cheated on me physically I could always feel what she was up to .. oh and taking naked showers with beautiful gay men and being in saunas and tents full of naked Gay men or supposedly gay was to be excepted and normal for a transparent open conscious being .. Looking back I can see how programmed she was and selfish to her needs only that just became way too much for me to handle and when I need help or to hold space she was never around when needed it the most . Not being respected at all and always her wanting to be seen and heard… Such devaluation I received but learned my lesson ultimately on what it is I don’t want in a relationship… All the things she said i had wrong with me were actually her mirrored problems .. I’ll take my own imperfections and move on being happy and not having to defend her from all the friends and her own friend that would talk negative things about her which I can’t argue with any more and we’re truths .. in any case I hope there is some hope for her but not my problem anymore .. Good luck next source and supply brace yourself !!!!

She will groom you while she covets all her ex lovers and keeps seeking new source or supply while she is with you leaving you in a state of non commitment towards her

Narcissists are not contented of what they had, their desire are immeasureable. Through my experience on my narc ex gf. It's her loss not mine,she cannot find the same person as me,I am one and only. Thnk u for discarding me, CHEATER !

My ex dissappear before setting up her plan for hurting me fully. I wish I saw these videos about narcissists far earlier in my life.

Sounds like a socialist,communist,my ex was hungarian born raised in
canada,see the connection.Btw she was a narc,getting something for
nothing while slaughtering the ones that produced the goods.Thats the
soviet union,and how narcs think.

Also mirror a narc ,it ruins them to the foundation.

Also mirror a narc ,it ruins them to the foundation.

Also mirror a narc ,it ruins them to the foundation.

Also mirror a narc ,it ruins them to the foundation.

Also mirror a narc ,it ruins them to the foundation.

Also mirror a narc ,it ruins them to the foundation.

Also mirror a narc ,it ruins them to the foundation.

My ex disappeared because we broke up because I felt like he was cheating which he denied and of course he married his coworker four months after we broke up.

Very true! They disappear then say why didn’t you call me?
They are the devil’s children because they do the disappearing acts to punish you!
What they don’t realise it, is you eventually get used to it and you can then move on.
Steps to survival
1. Run away from a Narc
2. Keep running 🏃🏾‍♂️ running 🏃🏽‍♀️ away
3. Run quicker before they catch up
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for your our sanity!!

Can any one guide why do they always complain of Headache and stomachache and other minor ailments every now and then , they play victim, if we don’t emphathise on tht then the problem escalates , she is sick 2 weeks in about a month

This is me. My lies are catching up

The ending was anti climatic. Wanted to know what and how to stop the circus

One get lost
I think he is tired to pretend and wear his mask.

I was reluctant about finding the truth about my cheating wife but I’m glad I finally took the courage for it and now I believe the saying that “The Truth Will Set You Free” cos I feel better and free now after knowing the truth. I got help from Cyberhackinggenius as he helped cloned my cheating wife’s phone and I got access to all her phone messages both deleted texts and social media chats without touching her phone. I’m glad to uncover her lies, secrets and Infidelity. All I did was share my wife’s phone number with Cyberhackinggenius and I was able to read her recent and deleted messages from my phone through a programmed link shared to me without touching her phone and she has no idea her phone has been cloned. I discovered that my wife has been in a long term affair outside our marriage and it was very painful finding out I’m not the biological father of our last child. I’m finalizing my divorce with so many proofs and she is still in a complete shock about my findings. You can contact this great Hacker Gavin via Gmail (cyberhackinggenius) or text and speak to him directly on his phone and WhatsApp : +19256795146.

I have dealt with this for 12 years and Everytime I try to leave I get threatened and twisted around on me

You will get over the narcissist so much that when they do end up contacting you you won’t be attracted to them spiritually or mentally I had an ex narcissist we wasn’t together long but I grew out of him he’s always contacting me being worsum but it’s not in me to respond anymore I’m just not into him anymore. So trust yourself that you will get over them so much that they make you cringe like a guy who has a crush on you but he’s thirsty 😂 pray the spirit out of you you have the power to get over the narcissist. And it’s so sad they feel when one is over them

My narcissist and I are no longer seeing each other. Some points are that we are older, 16 yr friendship, do not say we are boyfriend girlfriend but just friends, yet be treats me privately like his wife and can be very cruel ( not physically). The nasty things he has done are too numerous to tell. Of course I am to blame. He is every trait in narcissism. What upsets me the most is that no one else sees or hears what is going on, he is perfect. To them. He has lots of men friends and any woman attached to those men. It is single women who get the worst fro him. I have lost all of our mutual friends!

I would of loved it if my narc did a disappearing act!!! Peace n quiet is great and not getting screamed at

I believe the lady who did the video is a NARC🤔🤔.. I smell em a mile away

Like hearing my life with my narc. It took awhile, but I promise life will be good. Patience paid off! Keep your faith! Most important of all.

My ex Narcissist is currently married wants an Open Marriage. Dates and has intimate relationships with others runs away after impregnate happens

I sent this video to the narcissist
After I was ghosted
Have not heard a peep since lol

This is EXACTLY what my recent ex-girlfriend did to me! And I met her in the comment section of a YOUTUBE VIDEO exposing Narcs! They hunt in these comment sections! I was SO fooled by her! We started dating in March. It was Love Bombing 101. She was buying me things and treating me like gold. We couldn't get enough of each other. Then, this past August, she started her disappearing act. At first, she blamed it on a disagreement we had. Then, she started gas-lighting me when I was getting upset at her being gone all the time.

She would be amused as she made fun of me and my concern – treating me like a misguided child! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I fell for it AGAIN! I stopped dating in 2005 because all I ended up with were female Narcs! SHE was the one who convinced me to date again and to date HER. What a sly devil she is! Good god! I blocked her everywhere and am now NO CONTACT. I'm back to being single again and am STAYING that way! I'm too old for Narc nonsense!!

Once they know that you are aware of them. Then they go. Rejoice!

When someone leaves let them go! They have done their time in your journey.
Please don’t look back!
There are better things ahead, I promise you!🙏🏾

When you are the one doing ALL the running etc;
The problem (FOR THEM) is that they CANNOT play these games by themselves.

This is my ex girlfriend totally spot on. She is now on to her next victim in the love bombing stage. She was always in contact with ex and possible lovers and told me she always wants me in her life after we split up. I made her block me because I didn't want to be another of one of her men that was texting her whilst she was in bed with her new man. I couldn't do that to him. She has now got him to threaten me, like the way she tried to get me to beat up the one before me that rejected her in the love bombing stage.

This is the best description i relate to.

I noticed my narcissist unblocked me on Social Media. I wouldn't have known except once they unblocked me their name popped back up with a light showing they are active. My question is why did they unblock me yet remain silent?

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