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Why Narcissists Disappear (Hint: It’s not just the silent treatment)

Learn what the real truth about what the narcissist is up to during their Silent Treatments.

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  • Danny boy

    Lol I LOVE THIS!!!
    Human behaviour socially constructed through thousands of hours of contact over millions of years, between Martians & Venusians..

  • Poet Victoria Hunter

    I am confused. Several people state that it is hard to not leave a narcissist and they can't imagine not having them in their life. I myself was relieved when I finally got away. Any time I miss their phony love, I remember myself of what happened after so there is proof it was phony. All the hot as cold emotional games they played made me grateful they are gone. I ended up married to a narcissist and during separation dating one. I realize I attract them cause I am kind and selfless. When I decided not to be weak with them, they grew to want to avoid me. I am still married to the narcissist, a king narcissist and it is very hard. There a few days in a month we get along cause he isn't cold then there is a big part of the month he is cold, mean, and distant and self absorbed. He purposely acts that way just so he can discard me and I will go. Then he wants me back when he says he is sorry. I do not get even anymore and just don't give the love, just kindness I give to strangers. I am all beat of emotion. He is saying now he is really going to change for real now but it is only because he see I am really done, by not calling him, trying to see him and keeping distance so he can't trick me again and discard. We have child who needs us both, so it is hard for me to just leave. I would end up living too far away from her and she needs me almost regular for her activities. I am doing everything I can to protect myself from head games and just focus on improving my position. Because of his circular arguing efforts and head games I have had a migraine for 3 days.

  • Natasha Paige

    When he disappeared I text him saying I'm punch you in you face as soon as I see you and I don't care what woman your with, just found out he's a married narc, when I broke it off he said I'm not letting you go, now I got a stalker…

  • Rachel Eisenman/Mcneal

    Wow and I totally agree them kind of people are very sick and do need God in there life . I have just become to know what this narcissist is it an evil and demon and only God can heal this big Word or thing that people can be. I pray for them and for PEOPLE who wish it on anyone sad,sad, all I can say is there Lost without GOD …..I wouldn't wish this upon anyone it all types of things but like I said it a demon and it can be sick . in just so blessed by GOD today for saving me at right time and choosing me at this point in life to wake up and see what wicked is out there and to be aware of it and fight the devil when he tries to come and attack…and set ur self free from anything like this or whom tried to put this TITLE ON U ITS EVIL…like I said thank u father for the word and the vision faith and as my protector with the bond I have created I'm so blessed.

  • John Schoenfeld

    I look over at her after pulling into a gas station for a coffee ti find her grinning from ear to ear at some guy I don't recognize and she is mouth chatting back and forth with him after they're done and he's gone in I ask was that a friend or who was that? Her answer Idk who he was. It certainly looked like you knew him daily well by the energy if the back and forth. What was that all about then? He asked me to watch his car while he went inside. I'm thinking to myself holly crap she really thinks I'm that dumb or week to swallow that…..

  • P Vorac

    Thank you. My daughter's relationship with her narcissistic boyfriend came to an end at his behest some 18 months ago during her high school final exams. This was deliberate on his part but when she pushed through the emotional anguish and excelled in her results, the boyfriend resurfaced some 18 months later declaring his undying love. He has gone to all manner of lengths to win her back but she has healed sufficiently to simply cease any form of correspondence with him. What I find extraordinary about these narcs is that they all act the same and employ the same tactics in pursuing their prey. It's like they've all read the same book. Seeing what my daughter has gone through, I truly detest these people for their wicked ways.

  • Mikaela Gazan

    My ex is a narc and I never even knew .. I started dating him when I was 15 and I was so easily manipulated at that age. Everything would be fine one day and the next it would be over for no reason. It was a cycle I got used to. I was never allowed to have any social media. We went threw that for a few years. I’m 21 now and my dumbass reconnected with him and He’s doing the same thing. I’m not as blind anymore after researching narcissistic behavior. Hes mentally ill. He had a girlfriend and lied straight to my face about it and was trying to get with me but I refused. So after he dropped me off, he cut me off once again and told me it’s because he actually has a serious relationship πŸ˜‚ what a loser

  • DJ Psykix

    What if it's the opposite? What if you're leaving and trying to be left alone because you're trying to be left alone simply because the narcissist is not leaving you alone and what if you're actually leaving the narcissist? Like what if you are actually genuinely or just trying to be left alone to find peace for yourself? Just because someone wants to be alone does not mean they're narcissistic it all depends on the context and the agenda.

  • khnik

    Its too easy to call out narcissist.
    Hurting each other in love creates 'narcissism ' its just clash if egos while in love and the doubt of love feeds the narcissistic behaviours????

  • Keith Koster

    Wow! My ex girl did every one of these. What made it harder was after her getting a master's in psychology. She stayed in that victim mentality role so much that her own brother came to me to tell me that she's getting deeper into all of this to use against the people that were close to her. She found a way to start taking meds for a couple of diagnosis that she talked her psychologist in. After me pulling that mask off her made her start a rage I've never seen before. Like a bipolar type up and down, sad, angry attitude mixed with suicidal tendencies. So weird! After me pulling that mask off, understanding what she's made of, blocking her in every way and being done with her totally, and having proof I showed everyone I knew how much of a witch she was, she still denied it and even try to flip it all around on me, then stalked me, after I told her I was going to have to get a restraining order if she didn't stop. Just a week after she tried to get me back, she was automatically back with her ex boyfriend, the one she said that she was trying to plan a dual suicide with. Just sick!!

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