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Why Most Fail No Contact With The Narcissist (Narcissism Relationship coach Toxic relationships)

Why most fail no contact with the Narcissist (Narcissism Relationship toxic relationships coach
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  • Chloe Mena

    Do No Contact well. If you block and unblock and back again, then change your number, that way you won’t expect their call (and to keep you from checking the blocked voicemail). Change your email, cut ties with mutual friends, deactivate your social media, do whatever is necessary to get your life back!

  • Jennifer Devany

    It's difficult to go no contact when there's a child involved. I went for 1 1/2week and he showed up at my daughter's school at pick up saying he was worried about me. I went another week with no contact and then he messaged me begging to coparent. I said ok, nothing more as you've advised. I feel like he's hoovering me b/c he didn't give me a time frame to talk, as he has done this to me twice and has flaked both times. Anyone experience this?

  • Silvia Valero

    My ex narc has anxiety badly he is on all kind of pills as a marine veteran with PTSD and 100% disabled.
    He on anxiety, depression, pain killers, blood pressure, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers and also drinks. Recipe for disaster. Oklahoma

  • Nmag

    I dont care what that buttface is doing. I do ruminate from time to time but i can recognise it for it is. Ive never been a drinker🤷‍♀️. I blocked that narc the very first thing because i didnt want to see him posting new supply.. not my first narc circus 🎪

  • kathy sanchez

    Tough weekend for me…..
    I waited for this video, as I needed reassurance.
    And Dave you didn't fail me.
    I mentioned before, that it was about one month, once I learned/confirmed that he is a Narc. I had been searching for a logical reason for this madness. I made the decision to discard him. It was abrupt. So now, today, day 24 with no contact, I am in the midst of cleaning/clearing 6.5 years of crap, figuratively & physically.
    I am literally, bit by bit, taking his crap to his mom's.
    In the 6.5 years, I have gone from exercising & taking care of myself (before I met him) to being disabled (hip & back pain).
    So, there goes the bit by bit issue.
    However, I know that this to will pass. I went to Church & a movie (both things I would normally do) yesterday & was very happy.
    One day at a time.


  • nogames

    30 days NC here and I can tell you it wasn't easy but I remained strong and kept him 🚫. I no longer wish to hear from him or see him a day in my life. I realised it was all fake and I want no part of it.

  • Fresita G

    Every day you are feeling better. Nobody says it was easy and with lots of pain. 9 months no contact, I'm proud of myself. I made a promise to God and to myself that I will never dial his phone number ever again. In fact I changed his name on my contact list to "I deserve better" . It feels so good that everything is over.

  • Steph S.

    QOTD: My ex narc was extremely anxious and stressed, was always taking stomach medicine and antidepressants. One year into our relationship, he got into a severe meltdown (was he faking the drama and cries which came with? I may think so, still wondering), and was diagnosed with severe depression and put on medication. That period was quite interesting because he then confided in me that he had extreme fears of abandonment, was a deep thinker, that his mind had constant thoughts, that he never seemed to be happy, and was constantly thinking 24/7 until he thought he was going crazy. He told me he's been like this all his life. From Mauritius.

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