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Why Is The Narcissist So Full of Rage?

Narcissistic Rage is a REAL thing. Find out why they’re so full of hate and rage in this video.

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  • Vineeta Anne Whyte

    wow, your aeroplanes sounding extra loud and aggressive too, whats up with that? Narc air pilots? If you search ''From Surviving to thriving'' channel and input cars, you will find she has made a video about how narcs love cars to abuse you as they have you trapped, feel powerful, etc. I'm thinking this might be the case for them loving to control all forms of transport as a power trip?

  • jayelem

    Well done , I really enjoyed your video and minus the air traffic which didnt bother me the least, I found your voice to be soothing , and your analogies spot on.
    What's yours is yours.
    What's mine is mine.

  • Mark Holcombe

    Have really been finding a lot of pearls in your wisdom, thanks so much. After an injury and really going down in many ways my search to show someone els was narcissistic, lead me to the mirror. I don't know where on spectrum but it doesn't matter. Self awareness first, after my childhood and where I've already come there is hope for all, it begins with love and acceptance…Mark

  • GGator Country

    So why do some become the Narc who fundamentally gets gratification from devaluing their subjects?
    While other victims get gratification from caring for their subjects?
    Two exact opposites!
    same situation but the two have totally different goals in life!

  • Dean Storonsky

    Yes please. Daily healing from a female ex narcissist. The most confusing 2018. I fell totally in love with an illusion was the first mistake. Last woman I wanted to touch. But I was accused of cheating or wanting to cheat. First thought soul mate. I believed it all. Love Bombing, immediate intense hot wild sex, projection, drama making, communication shut down, no questions allowed, walking on egg shells, Silent Treatment, Triangulation, flying monkeys, rage, Devalue, Discard, then Love Bomb Hoover back (2xs), most hurtful smear campaign. All before I took back my life and I ended it for good after only 4 weeks last hoover. All the BS Love and future faking. But your videos. WOW after the first discard in the summer. Your videos gave me the knowledge what I was messing with. Prevented more hoovers and now 100% no contract. Never knew I could be so much stronger and better man from it all. Love ya Sarah Speaks. You are heavens answers to all the confusion, unanswered questions, why, cognitive mind warp and feelings of violation of all human empathy.

  • Beth McKnight

    I have lived through 3 1/2 years of ** on earth with my husband's lies, betrayal, sex addictions and rages. It was only when I went to an attorney to see about a legal separation (and ended up filing for divorce!) that I first heard the term narcissist. I have learned so much from your videos after realizing that I had married a narcissist. Although he destroyed my life, I have found comfort in the fact that it's HIM that has the issue and not me!! I now understand why I could never have a conversation with him (circular sentences and word salad), nothing I ever said or did was important to him, and now I understand where all the rage came from!! I have stopped trying to help/fix HIM and am now rebuilding my life! Although I'm heartbroken and financially ruined, I felt more peace than I have felt in years! Thank you for all you explain in your videos!! 🙂

  • Feralgal46

    I love your videos but I find the noise levels in them is distracting for me. I decided to watch this tonite and I became nervous trying to block out the noise levels. Are you near an airport? Sorry, sweetheart….I just can't do these anymore…my weakness. I'm still in CPTSD and intolerant of trying to concentrate on what your saying with obnoxious noise cutting part of what you're saying out. I must unsubscribe..

  • happy girl

    Previouse relationship was w/ a Narc for 8 years, conceived 2 children w/ him. 4 years this February since separated thank God. I have a roommate and have been friends with her since 7th grade. She had broken up with her baby daddy and we thought it be perfect we move in together and support each as single moms. Unable to afford rent on our own, it was great for us both. We agreed this would be a safe zone for us for our kids to blossom. Free of abuse, and free to love zone. Well she ended up getting back with the father of her kids. I think he's a narcissist. I've been keeping track of his behaviour. He buys his way back with roses and restaurants. She's hardly ever home. He still lives at home with his parents and he's 28 make good money. She said he was Mentally abusive to everyone in the home including her. What can I do? Do I just let the relationship take it's course untill the discard? Am I in any trouble being around this and having previously been in a relationship with a narc. I can turn my cheek and say it's none of my business. I do the "grey rock " methods when he comes around. He's not fulling me. She is my friend though, any advise please?

  • Samantha Derrick

    @Sarah Speaks for a future video, may you touch upon how narcissists use law enforcement as their "bulldogs". I knew of a narc that tried to get an innocent person charged with false allegations. By going to the police station and acting like he is being "threatened" and "stalked". The victim only contacted the new supply's family once warning them of what he did to her. That infuriated him because he has a facade up. He tried to show old emails that were altered from years ago as evidenceto police. The officers grilled him. Even contacted the mother in law, and found out that nobody was being "threatened" and he was making false allegations out of spite. I knew a mutual friend who has family in the same police dept. The officer said that this guy was bad news and he had a history reporting ppl of false SERIOUS claims!! I rread many places thats narcs usually accuse you of what they themselves are doing.

  • Phoenix Life Coaching

    Dear Sarah, I asked you several times if you’d like to make an interview with me- why don’t you answer? I try to bring international education into the world and therefore interviews are very important.
    Please, contact me if you agree on my email adress which you can find under every video of my channel , thank you ✅😊

  • Desert Rose

    Honestly.. Ive come by your posts for some time now, it seems to me you continue to live in this. I think youve given enough info on this online by now.., but youre still stuck in thinking of the subject.(?) Not good. Id move on. just saying!

  • Anne Trueblood

    Really enjoy all your knowledge in your videos but it’s hard to focus with all the noise around you. Yes love you are outdoors-is it possible to choose less noisy location? It’s distracting which leads me to stop watching. 🙁

  • Dora Medeiros

    The fact that they are so full of pain and need to do a tremendous amount of work makes it so important to implement healthy boundaries. Your mantra was right on. What's mine is mine and what's yours is yours. We can't fix Narcissists. Whatever the pain my ex Narc has gone through doesn't excuse him from the mental torment, confused state, beyond cruel discard that he caused me. Thank you for these videos. They are so helpful.

  • MBB

    Hi there, just learning about what a narcissist is… after relationship that was an illusion… Anyway… does a narcissist know they are a narcissist? Thank you for your reply.

    Oh, and do you have one video of yours that you can point me to that fully explains what a narcissist is..what their objective is..etc.?

  • Giovanni Proietto

    Dear Sara, its all truth what you are saying, I agree with you. In other words, this lost souls have NO chance to recover in this lifetime? They are condemned to live a life in their mental "hell"? Its really very sad. What about their next life? Will be they responsible for all the harm and suffering they have done on others?

  • persiamotorman

    I hear my Narc landlord (who lives below me) rage all the time. But this Xmas he hit an all time high, and came outside on a rampage and destroyed all the Xmas decorations, and the Xmas tree. All the potted plants that lined the porch were destroyed as well. Earlier his roommate abandoned him most likely because of all the abuse…but he always has a new one lined up and so the cycle continues. The old roommate's belongings are still packed in boxes outside and he hasn't returned to pick anything up.

  • Kali B

    Can you do a video about why, when dealing with court and/or law enforcement. . . Or try to seek help from anyone for that matter, that they are completely blind to the truth of who the narcissist is?! I have had therapists, family members, custody evaluators, police. . . I was gaslit by all of them! They all fell for his tricks! I thought that professionals would see through it, but not so! Now my narc has joint custody despite about a year's worth of rageful recorded blow-ups and printed text messages. I don't get it. Sometimes I wonder if everyone else is correct because I have been gaslit hard and long, by many people. I AM healing day by day, but still, this haunts me.

  • hollowaj7

    Such a powerful message, Sarah. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this & all of your messages. I'm still on this very difficult journey and it doesn't make me feel better to know that so many people have gone through this pain as well; however, I know we'll all get through it together. Thanks again & keep these videos coming! 😘❤

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