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Why Does The Narcissist/Psychopath Make Others Feel Small or Meek

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  • Sotally Tober

    My covert narcissist daughter's mother is jealous of her own mother and threatened to hit me the first time I met her. She also created a smear by slandering me with a very sick accusation insinuating I touched my daughter by saying she was "red". Always manipulation of the worst kind to keep my daughter and I from being happy together because covert narcissist's despise seeing people happy. Basically I'm living a nightmare and just wanted to share this in hopes that someone may understand what I'm going through. Thank you

  • Susan Barbato

    For quite some time now your videos are not working and I have come to the conclusion that it is signal ! I don't believe that there is a remedy for this but I am trying to figure out what I can do. I have listened to you for quite some time and you are a very good understanders ! Thank you.

  • Duane Outdoors

    So true. You can sense the hidden under tone with them but it's so subtle that you can't quite put your finger on it. They lead you along and move the goal posts along the way. I focus more on interacting with people who get this stuff and understand it. The narcissist/ psychopath need to be in high gear, it distracts them in a sense from their emptiness but also distracts their target from seeing that truth. A person gets caught up in that whirlwind of the love bombing not realizing there's a typhoon in the end. It's true on physically looking up and how it improves things.
    Really good deep discussion😊

  • gorilla twist

    Absolutely– I waited for decades to be accepted into my family as an equal even though I am disabled, It is NEVER going to happen, As Coverts they NEVER expose the REAL PLAYING FIELD which is I AM ALWAYS LESS THAN! THEY Always need to LIE TO YOU!! ALWAYS have a plan to lure you in and again invalidate you as an equal. Always MESSY! Never Play fair, ever Clean or Honest! THANKS!

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