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Why Does The Narcissist Hide The Relationship

Isn’t the case that the narcissist wants to show off their new conquest? So what is going on if that person is nowhere to be found. Why is the narcissist hiding them?



  • Laura Leon

    Why is it when you devalue the Narc they want you back more? I told my Narc that he can fuck himself better yet he could fuck that fucking whore that he probably still is. I told him that I am better off without him… but he always calls me. WTF!

  • Kelly Reid

    With my ex, i was kept a secret from his female friends, especially the one that was so obsessed with him that she divorced her husband. My narc ex wanted to keep me close so he could love on me. He doesn't want the new one but supply is supply. I did meet his family and he bragged about me to his male friends

  • Cynthia Meirah Voormeij

    "My" Mr. Narcy only mentioned n Fb that he's in a "relationship" and lets his new supply do all the "talking" and it is only in "comments' on each other's Fb page that they "cuddle." Not one photo of her is on his page: many of him are on hers. ( For me he/ they/ all Narc's) are merely study material) In the past he would ALWAYS post a photo and poems about his "new and or old "lover/ wife…. Either way: he's ( and his new "love"who is also a Narc and a very stupid one) completely bonkers and all of his "friends" ( his masters he calls them: get it?!!) just ooo and aaa's about his "new"( he's known her for some years and she was always flirting/ offering herself like the whore she is, to him: always: so also when he was "in a relationship!" He is only with her because of this and because she has much material supply for him to use/ abuse!! Plus, she has, almost like mine, blue eyes… Understand?? He's so crazy!!

  • christopher michael

    just SURVIVED what I think is the worst out there, gorgeous, but vapid, self centered, isolated me, attacked me, this is in billings, mt., her mother – cuz kids are like dogs, my mother did this bs to my father… me, all I ever wanted was the truth, from any of them, they listen in on phones, are into drugs and always got to find a victim to get what they want – they are weak, she tried to flip this onto me, I have been attacked my entire life, especially since hs by power tripping cops, etc. – know what they all have in common, and this isn't bs… they're catholics and all on drugs and seeking their thrills and means from others, she isolated me, i fell for it too, I KNEW something was up, she destroyed my motorcycles, used her beauty to lure others in, her family was involved in a huge drug ring, I went after their $ and it was the cops, punks and cunts who targeted me because I SEEK THE TRUTH… soon you all who have suffered this will read something I hunted, and found… literally, they're nazi's, mentally ill, not kidding, ya know why we are all here? to fight these mentally ill LOSERS who do what has been done to me my entire life, they twisted the laws in their favors, cops, courts, they're in medical, they want YOU to think you are crazy, nope… I RECORDED EVERYTHING OF MY LIFE – THE BEST THING I COULD EVER DO… simply amazing, my mother was listening in on phones to my older sister when I was a child, she did the same thing to my father, they were 'trained', it is how they were raised, they're ignorent which is their biggest fall, they do not care what they do, they just WANT… victims, they think life is free, sluts are a prime example of these types of people… they think this is funny, but the joke is on them, they will end up being alone, and everybody will know who they are, not from the slander campaign, but because they glom together, for they are weak, all on drugs, seeking thrills, think it is easier to get others to do it for them, they lie, cheat, steal, kill, they will also make it look like somebody else, I just kicked my g/f of almost 13 years out, second time, the first time she left because she got embarrassed because she got busted cheating and then she ran home, back to another supply, her "mother" is a criminal minded convicted in california sun baked nut, wrote that and tossed it in my alley garbage can waaaaay back in 1999… my study, my search fro truth of this world, and all i have experienced, has brought me to the conclusion that people in "authority" or "power" are all like this… what I hunted from what happened to me, being set up in hs, being run over after hs, having a gal sent in, drugs mailed to me and set up/busted, kangaroo court, then another gal sent in, then another, run over AGAIN from behind – same tactic, then the under sheriff's slut wife came around, ya, his wife, the 2nd in charges WIFE, then I wised up, cut all contact naturally, got out of here, went to washington, when done, made the mistake of calling the first gal who SAID she had my kid, then I got targeted again, targeted individuals are being messed with by druggies, plain clear and simply and just people in general who are super mental patients, and all on drugs, then… there is the rest of my story… here's something people MUST KNOW… the majority of this is the females… 3 little know "prophecies":
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  • Walkin Bonita

    It's very simple. If there is a secret relationship it is much easier to bring in the new real supply. Having a relationship with the invisible man/woman drives a person insane. Then if there is any anger or outrage, the invisible partner can point to that as the reason they don't get closer. If this goes on for years trying to recover by staying single..lost time can never be recovered. Once you learn it is NPD end it, move on and find a way to test for this disorder and let real love in. Don't give the benefit of the doubt. Be as hardline as they are. Not fun or easy for some of us.

  • Maria X

    Deleted and blocked him from everything long before i got out. Have no need or interest in his sorry little life. I focus only on myself and my life, and that is enough for me. His destiny is not my problem, nor my business.

  • Phoenix Dawn

    They hide em because you hit the nail on the head that yes they were cheating and lying 🤥 they also need time to seal the love bombing stage and when you’re pissed at em they have to move you right off the map 🗺 in case you blab !! Despite the fact they made you homeless same night someone else is in the god damn bed !!! Four months later they feel the need to plaster their “new “ 🤮 yeah right 🤡 supply all over social media as a brand new thing … no you’re spot on you were spot on they were with them before you got shipped off it’s just the narcs such a gutless wonder they need to hide it cause it’d sink like the titanic otherwise!!!!

  • Sandra Cicek

    Well the problem here is that if an empath like myself has been taken through repeated paths by a greater narc, very much like the person you speak of in this video, then logic and senses which the narc do not possess come into the equation. You see this could be dangerous for the narc because he has no idea how creative we empaths can be. We survivors at the end of the day. We tolerate all the narcs crap. We study them. We know their moods. Do they really know ours? Remember we also introverts, we keep a lot of who we really are inside. Up until listening to this video after subscribing to many many channels and watching and listening for the last two years, reading books and speaking to subject matter experts, empaths are dominant over narcs. You want to ask me their greatest fear, it is that. It's like batman and superman. You do the rest of the math.

  • Buzzing Bee

    No he's still lying to his kids myself and my family. He posts nothing but the new source posts plenty. He doesn't want anyone to know because he will look badly because I was good to him. And yes also I want the truth out but hey it's better this way because she is a hor. She will get all the pain she deserves🤣😂

  • Ashley Victoria

    They hide the relationship because they don’t intend for it to be permanent because you are just a stand-in/place holding… so why make it known by others if you will certainly be replaced??? The turnover rate is high and recycling of old partners. How fcking pathetic is this?!!!! and they have other relationships anyway and are KEEPING THEIR OPTIONS OPEN!!!.

  • Patricia Moraga

    Hi H.G has been 14 months since my separation.
    I will Thank you forever. i did not know my ex was a narc until i found you
    If i didnt find your channel I would still be confused on what went wrong
    Since he made such a drastic decision of just abandoning the home including our 3 children i was able to keep the property furthermore thanks to you I taught the children how to correctly speak to him on visitations days..
    I dont have any media besides you-tube and the moment i met you ii totally erased myself from his life and is driving him crazy…
    i also finally dont feel as a prisoner in my own home any longer
    P.s i tell everyone that needs help with a narcissist to check your channel out
    Thank you….
    Thank you…….

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