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Why Do Narcissists Leave But Still Contact You?

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Narc Survivor is no stranger to narcissistic abuse. With 30 years of personal experience and psychology research, he is someone who truly understands what it is like to fall victim to a sadistic emotional predator.

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  • Thats Nik

    The ex narc husband hasnt come back now in the 1st part of him discarding me he did make attempts by driving by my home going to my sons job with the new supply that has been 4 months ago since then he has not came back or anything no stalking or nothing so I'm guessing hes happy and in love with new supply lol

  • barbra dorame


  • Mina Lumiebre

    Because they are all EVIL *** who want to destroy good people. May God punish them and send them back to hell where they belong! Even Otto Kernberg who is a professor of psychiatry said that malignant narcissists are "the quintessence of evil." Psychology is basically devoid of God or the idea of good and evil, so when you have an expert in the field stating this, you have to know…IT'S TRUE!

  • Reese Daniel

    Replies to comments being censored again. Youtube is so pathetic. I will repeat my reply to a comment below: Anyone the narc has any kind of contact with that also knows you will be turned against you, sooner or later, even if it's your own next door neighbor. They infect everyone with their poison. You will find out who in your circle has real integrity when a narc is involved. You will find out that most people don't have any real integrity or critical thinking skills.

  • Diana Monteith Monteith

    Feel like he's been in my head all night…
    Is that possible?
    I thought he cared with all the love bombing…
    It hurts it's still raw..
    I spent months writing to him knowing he couldn't have contact because he hadn't been sentenced. I feel foolish.
    I wrote twice a week…to keep him strong. I see now l felt guilty, but he did what did and still to this day is not accountable….
    I see now HOPE was where l was at.
    Always hoping that he would overcome his childhood trauma. Not seeing he was a Narc…
    OMG.. reward and punishment that was it!!
    Yes lm looking at grief and loss with phycologist….feeling my inner pain of having a Narc mother.
    I cared for her for years when dad passed….there for her yet she never showed love, used her money like a carrot on a stick to reel me in…..
    I love the way you explain it all.
    Thankyou so much.
    Once l stop this cycle with Narcs l can finally grow up…🙏🌟🙏💜🇦🇺

  • Angela Falsetta

    They want to check into seeing if you are still as damaged as they left you….and still have an interest in them for that matter. Even accepting the call tells that you do! Telling them off is still supply. Blocking them from any means of contacting you and NC goes a long, long way. They will never forget us! Never! Hoovers continue down the road till they are dead! And those hoovers are entertainment for them. Never let them hear your voice or see your face again! AND LIVE!

  • Maybeline Claire

    I have ZERO RESPECT left for them and she KNOWS this!

    I get harassed just about everyday. She's LONELY & MISERABLE she doesn't have anyone and she trolls ALL my comments so I've turned off notification because its thru platforms like this we used to communicate and bond.

    I frequently get upset when she disconnects my internet service and I know you say that it's their way of getting supply(attention)but I just see it as a demonic thing and therefore I do get frustrated @times.
    They're on all the media platforms. I just dont see why they can't find someone too fool already. She's pretty, pretty sexy and a pretty damn good COMPULSIVE liar sooo why she on my network clit like that?🤔

    Bitch must be losing her touch💅 😅😂🤣


  • DEAN23

    Another great video, NS – there is a saying that I learnt recently: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink." Which means you can give someone an opportunity to do something, but it's up to them whether they choose to take it, or not. If not, the only thing you can do for your personal wellbeing, is to leave them to it. So yeah, top notch as always NS – keep it up.

  • PervsNsickos Catcher

    The reasons why Narcissists will continue to contact us after they leave us or we drop them is because they act like the camel, the camel is eating it's own food, but it is always watching the other's camels food too. The other reason is is because a narcissist is like a leaky ship. No amount of attention, affection, or compassion is good enough for them. They are always thirsty, and ready to suck away other people's souls, happiness, and time.
    Thank you yet, for another good video Narc Survivor. Stay narcs free.

  • Mary Butler-Kobziar

    Mines 60 years old always really out of it from drinking wine or cheap beer. I can’t imagine he planned to abandon me and our kids and move into a welfare type motel on the seedy side of town. Trouble at work too due to the drinking. New source 49 year old ne’er do well who won’t let him speak to me because I called her a whore. LOL
    Bed bug motel for them 10 months. Nice life.

  • Black Swan77

    The father of my kids is a narc and will actually admit he’s bored before he starts texting me with inappropriate questions or to try to trigger me. He even told me an aquaintance died on my birthday – I never saw an obituary and I think he made it up. It makes no sense bc I wasn’t even close to the person but narcs are always doing bizarre things and lying.

  • Sherri Gnatowski

    These demons will suck the life right out of you if you stick around run and don't look back change your phone number be glad you got out with your life they definitely work for Satan they don't know how to be anything but mean and cruel that's all they know

  • LoveGoddess

    This is my soon to be ex husband 100% omg😔😞😯 he discarded me he still wants to sleep with me and come over I played that game with him for a while but I'm over it. He contacts me like nothing happen…he keeps putting the divorce in my face… he will say did u get the divorce decree yet? Like I don't wanna talk about that!!! He just wants to hurt me to the core but these video help me to not react!

  • face one

    Narcissists Never change, and some of other reasons why they will never give up contacting their victims, is mainly to find out whether if their negative predictions over the scapegoat is really working, just to be happy, another reasons could be simply because naturally the scapegoats are easilly admired people, by somany,, and nobody who ever come in contact withany scapegoats, can just easilly forget about them, so people will always ask about the whereabout of the scapegoat, especially from the narcissists, and, the narc out of shame, will always lie to them, and claim that they are still very much in contact with the scapegoat, rerason because they don't want people to know how cruel they are toward the scapegoat, before he or she left, but then,,, secretely the narc will always contnue looking for any possible away, to be first to get intouch with the scapegoat, before anyone else does, for the fear that the scapegoat, might just come across an old friend who also knew the narcissists, and will tell that old friend, that narc was lying to them,, that both of them, has never ever being in contact for somany years, as the narc claim,, Narcissis are fake people,, they are always running up and down, just to cover up their lies. and that why most narcissists will never allow their friends, to be your friend, reason because, they are also lying to their friends. and will always scared not to be expose, when you become a friend to their friends..

  • steady pace

    They never mature mentally and they will play life as a game unti their end . It's a game to win you at the beginning, a game to destroy you when they have you, and a game to discard you when they decide to devalue you.If there is no one available after you're discard,it will be game on again to win you back and so it goes.Satan certainly must give them a lot of energy for all this activity.

  • Ad Astra

    Yeah, best trick is to ghost you, then come back months later, playing the victim & accusing YOU of silent treatment/being disloyal/blah blah blah. Beyond infuriating. BUT once you see it, you're definitely coming good 😉 Cheers for the vid.

  • Nana Chioma

    Blocked him. He had the nerve to cheat break up with me humiliated me made me cry then when I finally moved on and Got married to my now husband. X is bothering my phone with just wanted to know how u doing if u happy boy bye blocked his ass!! Once someone show u who he is believe right away

  • Royal promise

    Wow Spot On! Each word you say I MEAN EACH WORD pounds the TRUTH that I know has happened over 4yrs, currently or my next step so helpful!. Very well done. I have to listen to this again n repeat. A repeat playlist begins today..yeah ty from Orange County California. Good good good work. I'm yours! Haha

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