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When You Won’t Accept What The Narcissist Is Telling You – Update


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  • Narc Slayer

    The truth is HARD to hear. I hope Dr Anon gets honest with herself and begins to heal her brokenness. She is damaged at the core and thinks she doesn't deserves better. Heal your inner child and then love your own kids enough to protect them. If you don't heal, then you will repeat this pattern and the next man will be an even worse narc. I'm sorry you are going through this but life will get better for you, you deserve better.

  • Tess W

    This does sound like she has BPD because obviously she has extreme fear of abandonment. BPD's have the ability to see the problems and even analyze them, but they lack the ability to implement change because they're too busy thinking it's the other persons fault. So much of their thinking is wrapped up in, "If everyone would just stop doing things to hurt me, I would be ok."
    Seems they are always waiting for everyone else to change instead of doing what they need to do in order to change themselves. BPD's don't tend to think "Maybe it's me." Not unless they are in therapy. It's always someone else that needs to change.

  • Pippi Elvesse Bernstein

    When a guy leaves you 12x and you expect him to believe you will actually enforce the consequences🤷🏻‍♀️? I bet there won’t be consequences even now. Ollie just said that😂9:50😂you have to examine why you are in a rut to repeat this destructive behavior over and over again🤷🏻‍♀️ask yourself why? It might take you a lot of focused thinking when you’re not working not parenting. Why do you keep running away from the truth? You have to look at your triggers, you have no doubt ignored part of your self that is now controlling you subconsciously🤷🏻‍♀️you have to be more practical & realistic about what having a narc/alcoholic/son-husband father will mean for the children from now on. They will need you to not be emotional but logical with boundaries, setting them, respecting them, no bull dozing, as you were doing in the last video. If you think ppl were mean on this channel it’s bc the Children are the ones we are identifying with/protective of not the parents.

  • Angela Falsetta

    Hang in there, Dr. Anonymous! Listen to Ollie! Please remember these relationships with Narcs are ADDICTIVE causing severe CO-DEPENDENCE and CPTSD!!! Maybe you are getting it NOW!! Free yourself from this toxic, relentlessly abusive, never ending nightmare. There is a BETTER life for YOU and your children!! Maybe their father will find sobriety…maybe not! But, NPD?? There is NO treatment…Or cure!! It only gets WORSE! Feed this NO MORE! Get some therapy treatment for YOU and the kids…That is your focus…And a Divorce when you are ready to handle that..Hard…YES! But, Move ON! Let go and LIVE WELL!! THIS is not living! Good Luck!! Know your self worth and find your self love and self esteem…And desire for true happiness! And that of your children's and their well being!! Know you ALL deserve BETTER! All the Best!


    Ollie is putting out some great videos his channel is awesome, I love it when he gives people tuff love, straight talking is the only way to address these sick fucks, Doctor you should give up with the drama walk away, Narc's won't change and boarderlines can only help themselves, you wanna help a boarderline put the mirror infront of them and say that's your fucking problem.

  • myreality

    "None of your viewers had anything nice to say", HA I think everyone was and is babying you. Nice long letter….mentioning nothing about bringing your son there even though a blind man could see how wrong that was.


    You were using the Son as BAIT to bolster your agenda to get your husband back into your bed.
    "You either come back to ME & live with me as my Husband or ELSE I won't 'LET' you have any love from 'MY Son' cuz I OWN him like a piece of my property & it is me, his Mother, who CONTROLS Son AND this situation."

    THAT'S what you were doing…with ZERO REGARD how this was emotionally-effecting the Son. His feelings, in your opinion are of zero importance. You want your WAY.
    You have zero interest in reaching a consensus where the Dad & Son can maintain a loving bond even if you're not in the picture.
    You were USING the Son as conditional-BAIT: Come back to me THEN you may have access to the love of "my" Son

    I stand firm in my conclusion your actions determined you ARE a spoiled, self-serving borderline narc with histrionics when you don't get your way…

    The REAL victim in all of this is the SON.

    Fact that she's fighting to get this drunk back into her BED & the Family Home is proof she could give 2 fucks what's best for the Son.

    Regardless, if the Son CHOOSES to maintain a relationship with his father, the Mother has no right to incite Parental Alienation.

    I feel sorry for the Son

  • Mike S

    "Toward your husband your desire" is the literal translation of "Your desire shall be for your husband…" Objectification is the name of a woman's game (put a ring on it, etc.). This situation is no exception. As someone has already commented (and I paraphrase), the drama is intoxicating. Drama feeds the writer, and she only wants more and more. She's chosen the perfect man to feed her addiction: a man who doesn't want her.

  • PaperBack Writer

    Okay, so went back and watch the video with the husband in full narc rage. His behavior at the trailer park makes more sense now. He was wearing his narc mask in public. The whole, calm cool, great guy with the crazy wife routine, and you played your role. I suspect this is not new to you. I suspect this is your normal. He leaves, you hunt him down, he returns to the chaos. Lather, rinse, repeat. What part of that is so appealing that you keep hunting it down and dragging it back? Because I agree with Ollie, the only reason he's not back is because he hasn't called. If you really want a calm life for yourself and your kids, clasp your hands together and thank God the narc is out of the house.

  • Chareesee Mz

    This so called 'Dr.' anonymous is the big problem here. She harasses and stalks, she is a domineering obsessed control freak who hates other people's boundaries. She is the Narcissist. Think about it Ollie, what do Narcs always do? Violate others' boundaries by aggressively invading their locations. She is manipulative and has sought to use you and your channel to justify everything about herself, because Narcs are the only ones who cannot see what they are, due to an inability to introspect.
    She makes me think of that movie with actors Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, called Fatal Attraction.
    These kinds of women push men until they react badly. But under our society ruled by misandrous feminism, the man is always the bad guy because he's a man.

  • channel-z

    sorry i wouldn't let him hug my son at that moment either. nope.

    don't touch my son while you're drunk and cheating on me in a trailer park etc.

    it's not the time…it's the time to be shamed and walked away from.

  • Staci White

    Please remember, full on narcs are incapable of love. They just can’t and won’t do it. They only know selfishness. When I accepted that truth about my mother, everything fell into place and I felt at peace about so much that I struggled with before. Maybe acceptance like this can help in this situation, too?

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