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When Is It “Curtains” Or Game Over For The Narcissist (Covert Narcissism) ASMR


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When Is It “Curtains” Or Game Over For The Narcissist (Covert Narcissism) ASMR



  • Heavy Joe Chipman

    Hey Dave and Narcology Unscripted community! Hope everyone is feeling well today. I lost my smartphone a couple weeks ago, so I decided to just check out for a while. After breaking no contact with my narc brother and mother, I had to come back. I really need you ALL! My mother is a sick person. But my brother, whew!!! He is a BEAST of burden that constantly gaslights me and seeks my demise right out in front of others. So confusing when someone you've been raised with puts so much energy into your destruction. Anywho, cheers☕ to you Dave and fellow subscribers. May the Father Almighty bless us all with his love and peace. 😊👍

  • Chris Pyle

    'well getting to this video late. Busy week for me. The last narc got angry with me when he came to me door and called and woke me up and I would Not come to the door and let him in and told him so. Be reminded this is a married man and Not to me. He really was angry and I peeked out the curtain as he was stomping back to his truck getting in while still trying to talk me into letting him in. NO woman wants to be called out of bed to entertain some one. AND i am the kind of person that takes a good hour or more to become awake and he knows this because I told him. He also knows I like to sleep i. I am 70 years old I worked my whole life I earned the right to sleep in now if I want to do so and I choose this! The next day I called him first thing in the morning and told him never come here again. I am not the woman he was trying to make me out to be his game was up with me. See he was pretending to just be the nice guy concerned with the new widow bla bla bla I call it BS. And YES he constantly belittled his wife to me. I stood up for her telling him if she stayed away from him often there had to be a reason. This was also one of the red flags to me I did not ignore. He was just doing exactly as you are saying here. What a jerk. So glad he is gone.

  • katalinmcewan

    My godmother is a narcissist, the kind you were talking about. As a child I always found it disgraceful how he talked behind people’s backs, but was extremely friendly with them face to face. She became our guardian at 15 and completely exploited my brother and I financially and used the money she received after us to buy herself nice things and a brand new kitchen. I cut her out of my life at as soon as I turned 18.
    She then put her own mother who was totally able and capable into a nursing home and collected her pension every month. She terrorised my grandma for over a decade and eventually not long before she died changed her will and she got everything. My grandma always told me she was not sure how long she could hang in there without complying.
    Utterly disgraceful! What she put my grandma through is horrific, her own mother who was always so kind, caring and generous.

  • Pietja D

    For narcistic everything is game. They are control freaks and paranoid.. They don't trust you ( but you have trust them). Everything is on "condition"… If you, brake their idealistic picture of, their circle rules , their world ~ they discard you, without forgiveness without heart ( they can't love)… Their agression and harshness, blaming, shaming are unproportional to scale of conflict and go on, and on, and on for months.. ( you late for her to airport, she will spiitt it in your face, still after 2 years.). This is what I had with my narcistic wife. First I was thinking what the hell is going on? I was late for her on airport 2 years ago!!! 😕

  • apocalyptic condition

    It truly hurts so bad cuz I really care for her so much she just doesn't care at all when I thought she did and I literally have no one in my life except my mother she's getting old now. I was texting her earlier my X was going to come over but she got mad because I was falling asleep and didn't hear her phone call and then came up with all this other crap about why she doesn't want to be around because of everything that I do lol don't get me wrong you know I'm not perfect by any means that's why we clicked not feels like she's totally against me. she does nothing wrong at all. What a joke Pfft.. just feel so low right now it's good to be a part of this community. sucks that I have to be but I'm glad to be here. Thanks for another great video Dave you're probably one of the best out there if not the best.

  • Kay Ferguson

    Greetings David.
    You made some very good points. Let me add that when they gaslight and you say no way hosey you cra cra. They look at you like who do you think you are to disregard my invitation. You need to be scared so scared. That anything I do you react the way I say you should. They are bullish shift shapers. You be like you can't shift shape out of that one lol. Then they may become violent as for you to fear them. However it is you they fear. The power of the fresh look unmasked is a beast. And you hold that in your hand to unmask them. One of the reasons why they hoover is to monitor your anger and the levels you may take to unmask them. Which is the true fatal blow to their fake performance. Hey we don't do magic. Your not magically one person then another. You are either or. Otherwise that is referred to as scitsofreni. SCITSO LOL

  • Shade_PK

    Its funny, just by watching your content after i got discarded 6 months ago.. your content just keep giving me these "aha" moments like…. That is SO right.. she actually did that or behaved like what u described.. i wonder 😂🤔 how are they all so alike!

  • Craig

    Hi Dave, thanks for your knowledge on this topic of narcissistic behaviours. I hope you get to read this and give me some feedback of what I'm dealing with. Let's start .. (apologies in advance)…my family and I build our 1st little home ..its our tiny sanctuary! Full of love & happiness. We get approached by a couple from across the road ..seemed ok at first…but conversations with both husband and wife got kinda uncomfortable, grew tired of wife's joke about other people and husband look very odd ball…after what I experienced…I did some research and realised these are individuals who grew up always getting things their way, she asked me why we are so quite and never come out on our driveway, we obviously have no reason to be out there and it our right…. earlier very short conversations with the husband now and again..I noticed something's very off about his talking about another neighbours wife coming out and bending over …he took her behaviour as if she were trying to get his attention..I saw her as well while we were chatting, but it looked to me that she was washing a carpet on her paving. I have a profound respect for woman and at no point see them as a tool for sexual exploitation…. men should realise that we have wives, mothers sisters, daughters and we are actually part woman…we just fell over the fence. This doesn't make us any better than woman.
    I told my wife about this..and we decided to keep our distance. His wife then came over after few weeks asking if she could take my kids to the park! Yeah … exactly!these are strangers, We kindly declined saying they were reading. We then went cold without going outside unnecessarily trying to avoiding them to give the impression that we are private people. This didn't go down well ….his true behaviour was brought out this April …he trespassed onto our property, damaged our security camera, we didn't know what to think off it .. perhaps a mental health issue..but the next day I went out the put the camera back up…and this guy steps out his front gate completely naked ..he just smiled and closed his gate just as my kids came out of my garage…..i swear to you I didn't feel he was completely human. I realised that this was a deliberate, well thought of plan..a legal advisor said it's premeditated.
    We called the police..just to advise both of them to stay off our property…we didn't want to proceed with any charges because sometimes people want negative interaction when they cannot achieve positive ones..much like a child throwing a tantrum. Now we see them putting on a performance in front of our camera with other neighbours…playing with neighbours kids..buying stuff for neighbours.. lending their car to a neighbour.. they are trying to get people into their corner out of fear…they try to intimmidate us by opening curtains or coming out when we open our garage door or if they see us on our driveway..he by no coincidence returns home ( pretty sure the wife calls him back) nobody knows these peoples true self but them alone (I'm not claiming to know them, just not impressed with their behaviour). They are fearful of us talking to other neighbours, I proved this to my wife that we are being watched..I greeted another neighbour while nobody else was on the road…just their curtains slightly open and a few hrs later he was at that neighbours house, probably jus checking if they heard was the first time I saw him go I decided to stay clear of that neighbour, its seemed like animal if he's marking his people….they see only friends and enemies, by the look of it..they can't see in between those concepts… What's scary is they don't have kids of their own..I feel this guy should not be near kids. My wife tells me to stay out of it and that people need to find out for themselves…but I don't want anyone to experience this kind of crazy, sick behaviour. I'm sort of caught blaming myself for not following through with formal charges when I had the chance. Please ..let me know what you think of these characters and situation. Your opinion will be awesome! Keep up your fight for others are an inspiration that this world needs more off. God Bless you and everyone else.. including them.

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