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What is Hoovering? – Tip Tuesday

Narcissists Hoover us and come back when they think they have lost you, beware the Hoover it isn’t real, they aren’t really coming back.
Beware and learn more here!

Hi! My Name is Tracy A. Malone, founder of Narcissist Abuse Support and I’m here to help! 🙂

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What is a narcissistic sociopath?
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Are psychopaths sad?
Do psychopaths feel embarrassment?
Are psychopaths common?
Can psychopaths be rehabilitated?
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Are there different levels of sociopaths?
Does a sociopath know they are a sociopath?
What percentage of prisoners are sociopaths?
What is a diagnosed sociopath?
What are the traits of a narcissistic sociopath?
Is sociopathy a mental illness?
What are two primary symptoms of the antisocial personality?
What does borderline personality disorder mean?
Is psychopathy a personality disorder?

All statements made in this video are expressions of the opinion of the speaker, and should be regarded as such. The video is made to serve a therapeutic purpose for the speaker or speakers and to assist others in recognizing and dealing with matters in their own lives which they believe may be similar.

I’m a survivor of Narcissistic abuse and my goal with this channel is to educate other “victims” as they transition to becoming a “survivor”. I believe that education is our best way to heal, and the best way to not become a victim or supply to another narcissist.

Please note: I am not a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or coach so use this information as my own personal journey of healing and the information that has been shared with me by friends, other YouTubers, groups and community. This video is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition, if you believe you or a loved one is suffering from narcissistic abuse please use seek any help from your community.

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  • Brad McEwen

    We have to always remember, an emotionally distorted individual will use the normal impulse of an empath as a mirage so the target gaslights themselves. Just 2 weeks ago, after a year and a half, I got that call. Recognized the number long deleted. WTH…. Only this time, I chose sanity. Didn't answer nor will I ever again. The energy between short circuited. I feel nothing other than disgust. Independence Day in January.

  • Karen H

    I wish i had known about narcissist't years ago, and hoovering i had all different tactics off my ex narc boyfriend, card on doorstep all lovey dovey saying he was sorry and flowers, of course my heart melted i txt, got back together with him, 3 weeks later i was discarded again!!This was over 5 years ago. But you right its a game to them a fun game! Playing with your emotions. I would just laugh if i got a card now it would go straight in bin.

  • Kat Giangrasso

    After 34 years married he left with his younger girlfriend, I was discarded… Only to hoover back.. Total of 4times he went back and forth.. I wish I had known about Narcissistic behavior.. But now I educated myself on this horrendous disorder… Filed for Divorce this week..
    Thank you for you knowledge and sharing.. I thought I was going crazy couldn't understand the patterns of his repetitive behavior.

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