What Is ‘Gunnysacking’? How To Spot This Type Of Narcissistic Abuse In Toxic Relationships | Poppy and Geoff Spencer, M.S., CPC

Don’t let gunnysacking get the best of you.

You know it’s coming. You feel the knot tightening in your stomach, your heart rate increasing, and your face flushing.

Before you know it, you’re fighting with your partner again.

Maybe you’ve been struggling with their narcissistic abuse, and have a lot of pent up anger about their behavior. Perhaps you let the little things build up for far too long.

You’re arguing about their desire to upgrade their vehicle, even though it only has 48,000 miles on it.

You’ve had this discussion many times, and as you enter it again, you suddenly blurt out that you’re also angry at them for a litany of other things.

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You’re harboring resentment from that time they didn’t support you in saying “no” to the kids, and for coming home late five nights last month.

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