What is Avoidant Personality Disorder?

Today I talk about Avoidant Personality Disorder. It’s pretty much just like what it sounds like. We will avoid many situations for fear of embarrassing ourselves or that they will not like us. This can affect our work life, personal life and even just our ability to be out in any social situation. There is a high co-morbidity rate with Agoraphobia because we often don’t like to leave our homes for fear of being embarrassed or even just disliked by someone. This can tie so closely with many other anxiety disorders as well as our eating disorders or self-harm struggles, so it is very important that a professional properly diagnosis us.

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Comments (47)

diagnosed and in a full-time therapy thingy for 9 months, No matter how much therapy or tools you gets I don't think you can fully really cure or heal from it just learn to deal with it :p

I avoid women… Their just not worth the trouble anymore …

I find the anxiety behind the avoidance fear is truly exhausting. I will either come home in tears or I just want to crawl in bed and sleep it off. Your energy is totally drained.

I avoid people because I hate small talk. They’re never interested in what I’m interested in and I’m usually not interested in their stuff. I tried being normal once. It was the worst 3 seconds of my life. And people are cruel.

I'm having my groceries delivered right now

I feel so comfortable when it’s just me myself and I…I created my own lil world in my head and when humans come around me sometimes I just get so aggravated…I know I have a problem because people’s presence just annoy me for no reason and I would just like for them to stay tf away from me…It jus seems like everyone is the same…Either only care about themselves,annoying,or negative…it’s sad when you are like me and rarely feel any desire to interact with others cause u defenitly will feel left out of EVERYTHING..

Oh shit. This i definitely have been developing since the end of hs. i can’t date or have real relationships. I can be platonic and affectionate but as soon as a line is crossed i lock up. Been dumped for basically neglecting and acting distant. I barely leave my house, only for work, which is ok because i had friends that already worked there and everyone is my age or younger…. etc etc. Too bad I’m too
Broke for therapy

Oh um this is a thing????????????

And I had no idea??????????????

Thought it was just a feeling I had lol…

Started feeling like it after I got constantly bullied back in middle school lolol

Its would be funny if you just said. I avoid talking about and the video ended. Lol.

My excuse is I'm tired of being constantly bombarded with negative people and comments. It's where I work that has changed me. I've had friends tell me this and I agree. I work in a highly toxic workplace of negative people and management only makes this all the worse. I'll be retiring in a few years and it can't come soon enough.

I was diagnosed in 2003 but the psychologist/psychiatrist never told me. I only found out a couple of years ago after I read the doctor's notes.

I hate people. That's it. Nothing else to add.

it would be super interesting to see how avpd compares and contrasts with social anxiety disorder

You are projecting.

"You're really worried that they won't like you or you're really fearful that they may not or you may embarass yourself."

Or…. you simply find interactions unpleasant/meaningless/unfulfilling. But society tells you you have to enjoy other people so then you hate yourself because other people offer you nothing even though people seem to enjoy your company because you're attractive and charming and funny.

FUN FACT: This disorder can be a challenge to study because subjects tend to AVOID the social experience of participation. Even the pain of socializing with a therapist can be overwhelming, which often means not getting help at all.

Accepting who you are is liberating

Christmas party season is coming and i'm freaking out

Sometimes I avoid conversations with other people out of a subtle fear of sounding boring or uninteresting and unappealing,

I might do something embarrassing
Even if we don't know what their expectations are about however we decide to be disengaged with them
We can push through …

This seems like this is also a self-esteem issue.

Kati Morton : " Blessings " I just think Humans are : Lying . Backstabbing , Pirates – So why would I want to hang out with that ?
Humans need help ! So Good Luck with that – & – { Have A Great Day ! }

I work in a hospital and the name of the game is avoid as many people as you can; Get through your day, get that pay check, go home and breath a sigh of relief.

Great. On top of the stigma of depression and anxiety, this fits me too. I really hope there is some creator out there and one day I get to ask why the hell they created someone to be so miserable in life.

I feel like I finally know what’s wrong with me after all these years. But it’s comforting in a way to know that there’s thousands of people just like me.

Always hear to go get help or something. Okay a AVPD person with no steady income, fear of DOING anything is expected to fork out a hundred bucks or more each session.. Or read through pages upon pages of bureaucratic fkery if you have universal healthcare which most people have problems understanding. Yeah good luck…

Fk it's like the whole employment bullshit. You want a job, but they require job experience, especially social skills. Oh this must be fantastic, not a problem at all with AVPD people. Got lock yourself in a room with complete strangers and try to impress them. What could go wrong!

Plus a psychologist I know often likes to rant about her shitty clients, her shit work is sometimes. I am suffering right in front of her but she doesn't care maybe because of some moral code or some shit. I guess money pays makes perfect sense. Pay them an exorbitant amount of money and they will give you the 5 star treatment. I'm suffering real bad and the next moment she's grinning at her facebook messages. I know it's wrong to be bitter about someone else doing well.

in 3rd grade i remember being so nice to everyone, always complementing people, but i didn't realize they were spreading rumors about me until 4th grade, flash forward to 7th grade and my new "friends" turn out to be fakes always blaming everything on me, always hitting me, always joking about my insecurities, and then 8th grade comes, and i feel like nobody cares about me, i feel like i barely know my friends, they wouldn't care if i died, and i can't even go to the store or even to the mall without feeling like I'm being judged, one wrong move and everyone will be laughing

This makes me feel like a bird trapped in a cage. The icing on the cake though is that I'm holding the key, but because of crippling fear, I cannot and will not let myself out.

And I still have no idea what's the difference between AVPD and Social anxiety :/….

Imagine immortality with avoidant personality disorder 😱

I love her hair, it's like an angel poodle.

I'm yes to them all. I stay home all i can. I avoid everyone including my family. I work shift work and take all my vacation on day shifts and work nights as I'm alone. I like peace and quiet. Some people are ok, others, I'm not interested in and couldn't care less about. Some people scare me and I want nothing to do with.

(I'm 16) I knew there was something wrong with me. I can't talk to people, I barely have 4- 5 that I talk, I hate doing presentations, I feel isolated in the classroom, it's end of the year some people in my class still don't even know my name. Life sucks; committing suicide sounds better than living like this. I hate myself, I'm not smart, I'm not handsome, people give me weird looks, I don't think I want to live anymore.

I have this. It's terrible. It makes me receiving a text, getting a phone call or even a knock at the door a fear for my life even if I know who it's from.

Couldn’t these things just be anxiety

Can you get it late in life like late 20's?

Here is a mind bender for you. My default personality is avoidant. I have done these things all my life. Now, recently I am trying to force my self to be more social, trying to join clubs, meetup groups, seeking out people interested in connecting. I am having a lot of difficulty being social because I just don't know how to do it. describe my recent interactions with people to a psychiatrist, and she diagnoses me as histrionic. So if I avoid trying to be social I am avoidant. When I attempt to be social I display histrionic behavior. So what one is it? I am wondering if psychiatrists even know what they are doing. I am very suspicious that all of the personality disorders are the same disorder that displays itself differently in different people. Well, that is something a narcissist would say isn't it?  Under extreme stress I snap and become a sociopath.  I qualify as 7 of the 10 personality disorders, as well as being autistic, and I have Tourette's.

I wondered if I had social anxiety, but yeah, I think I have avoidant personality disorder

I might have this. I am very sensitive to criticism and feel like everyone hates me which makes social situations a living hell. I have always had very low self esteem and it has been worsening. It may have been caused by people talking badly about me, calling me "retarded" behind my back… I took that to heart and even constructive criticism is so hard to take.

Yup it's me . GOD will heal me .

I now avoid people because I’ve been bullied and attacked throughout life for my prosthetic eye. I’ve been spit on, push down flights of step, chase home buy a group of boys while they through rocks at me. It’s gotten to the point now even in my 20s I avoid eye contact because it’s always led to ridicule. Constant rejection from guys because of it. It’s as if who you are doesn’t really matter when you have a physical disability. I can’t even accept people really be nice to be because the people who I thought generally wanted to be around me where the exact same individuals who would make fun of me. I have found peace with my headphones and solitude.

It doesn’t sound like a disorder it sounds like people are avoiding assholes or narc abusers. Not a “mental condition” and NOT the persons “disorder”.

I have this but it's not so much about fear for me. I come from a single parent home and my mother was very much a NPD mother. When I started going out with ppl I had no sense of myself, I would feel so out of place. So, I didn't say anything to anyone. All of my mother's negative words would play in my head. Also my mother didn't interact with me coming up, I would stay in my room to protect myself from her attacks. Isolation is my normal and has always served as refuge. The only thing I really miss is regular sex. Outside of that I am fine.

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