What is Antisocial Personality Disorder? (Mental Health Guru)

Everyone feels antisocial sometimes, but people with Antisocial Personality Disorder have an almost impossible time respecting or connecting with other people.


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Pretty damn sure I'll be diagnosed with this when I turn 18…

Dr. J. Clive Spiegel M.D. ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS cleans his plate. He eats everything.
Why do I feel his breath smells like onions?
If he were to raise both arms up, you would see sweat and a lot of it.
He likes when his office is very cold. But it smells moldy in there.
He has a wife with whom he doesn't connect with.
"He has two kids… they love him, but …"

That's the vibe I get from him.

omg i think i have this guys :(((


Thank you for creating this video. I've learn more about this disorder than ever before.

The guy speaking sounds like one spiteful and hateful angry piece of shit… it's all in the rhetoric. I think he's disgusted by most humans, but he should look inward.

I'm very ant-social and have anxiety and I have never been to jail and I don't steal and lie I just don't like to be around a lot of people. I can't really breath if around a lot of people unless I feel comfortable around the people which I usually don't. I do become easy to anger but I don't just snap on someone. I would love to meet this fucking guy saying a bunch of bull shit. I have a lot of anti social family and there nothing like he says either

How is this different from NPD? Thanks.

I'm a borderline who dated and deeply loved an anti. hahaha! talk about fucked up!

He's telling it- but, most of the commentons here are mirroring his description faster than he can describe it. Congrats to you anti's you proved his points.

My brother that's about to get released from prison has this. He has our mom snowed. She wants him to move in with her. I'm doing everything in my power to see that he goes to a halfway house. Before he went to prison he cleared out mom's bank account. He blew the motor in her car. He left her with a Pit Bull that got her evicted. Then he turned around and ruptured his own two month old baby's stomach. The baby had to be flown out on a helicopter. It was allover the news. So embarrassing to me and my family. He only did four years in prison too. And he had two prior felonies for stealing credit cards and checks. He's nothing but a con-artist. All he does it go from person to person sucking them dry, and then leaves them to rot. How is a person supposed to put up with this? The rest of the family that lives in another town thinks it's a fantastic idea for him to move in with us, because they wouldn't have to deal with him. I'm really contemplating suicide over this. My mom has MS. I'm the only one capable of working, and I have to worry about someone stealing from us and trying to hurt us. This sucks. Family sucks.

Wow. Reading these comments is depressing. So many people are so uneducated and clueless. I have a brother with ASPD. It isn't fun.

Im antisocial always have been.sometimes I have dark thoughts that my mind don't feel I'm ready to act on yet

I'm borderline and my ex is antisocial. he lied and believe his lies. he had to steal when at a store. he has little guilt, but does have some. he has abused hard drugs his whole life. he's been homeless. he left me for a floozy. an adulterous wanton bitch who didn't care she stole him. I? me? I verbally abused him and beat the shit out of him, but only when he stole from me, or did something similar.

6 long years of hell and I still love that bitch. but not after today

if youre not psychotic then youre not mentally ill

no i just dont like ppl im not a criminal dumbass.

It starts out like a sex abuse psa

Prison as part of a treatment plan? Really? Not sure this guy knows what he's talking about

tip or the iceberg, the rest undiagosed.

Is Anti-Social Personality Disorder diagnosis given to people who in the previous decade were given the diagnosis Panic Anxiety Disorder / Agoraphobia ? I have been heavily medicated since 1991. I am permanently depressed, and I take Wellbutrin for it, I take Risperidone for my Schizo-Affective Disorder, along with Clonazapam and Xanax for my Bi-Polar Disorder. Any advice ? The main problem affecting me now is that I only have been leaving my place to go to Doctor's appointments for 14 years now, and I stutter and clam up and sweat and my illness is in my eyes.

I take my medications daily, but I also have Diabetes, which I take Metformin for, and also I take Ibuprofen, DOSS , HBPP (High Blood Pressure Pills) and High Cholesterol medications. I consider myself a laboratory rat / guinea pig at this point in my life. I was increased and decreased dosages of my medications which I faithfully took as prescribed by my doctor's. I have been having extreme difficulty leaving my S.C.Z. ( Safety Comfort Zone ) for 14 1/2 years now.

I don't really get along with people, because most people treated me like dirt. Any advice ?

Why do people think feelings is important?

This was good information but it's a well known fact that nearly all psychopaths are completely unwilling to "make an appointment to see a mental health professional" because they don't want someone 'getting in their head.'

It should also be noted that there are psychopaths who have murdered people and have effectively outsmarted law enforcement and who know that all they have to do to remain free from prosecution and incarceration is to keep their mouth shut. Do you really think these people are willing to make that appointment with a mental health professional?

If so, you need your head examined.

For those of you who are introverts, know that you are not "antisocial". The word "antisocial" is misused nowadays to describe people who dislike being in a social setting. That is factually false.

The word "anti social" actually describes a person who goes against the social norms and laws. Meaning people who think that there is nothing wrong with robbery, murder, rape, etc. They find no remorse in violating their family and friends.

So if you're a person who dislikes going to parties, enjoy some alone time reading books or playing video games, you're not antisocial nor are you a sociopath (thank God for that!). You're just an introvert and it's okay 🙂

For more information, search the DSM 5 criteria for antisocial personality disorder. DSM 5 criterias are like the bible for psychiatrists around the world, providing diagnostic criteria for various psychiatric ailments.

how the fuck do you associate antisocial behavior with violent. .disrespectful people with no conscious. .people might be antisocial because of violent disrespectful people with no conscious. .

Fat, Balding, and Ugly… Worst combination ever.

I've tried to be social until they me. but people will keep asking for it until I become enraged at them. I keep my distance. They don't have the common sense of knowing their boundaries. When they do that, I see red, and red isn't a pretty color.😡

they straight up put a choker and a tattoo on that girl at 3:15 why did you have to photo shop it ?

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