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  • Goldilocks

    Narcissism is the intergenerational gift that keeps on giving and it is only through societal awareness we can start moving away from this model. It is so true that we have to BECOME the change we want to see in the world. This is truly the only way out of the narcissist regime quagmire: to stop participating in co-creating it.

  • Steve Wright

    hi noush. Most of us empaths are pretty lost, and a few are heavily in crisis – that sure was me a few short years ago. The real world, being so apart from what we hoped, is a formidable environment with snares everywhere – particularly those who are highly skilled at spotting us from afar. Thanks to the efforts of folks like yourself, at least we now can see where we come from and why we feel so strongly.

  • mark martin

    Excellent video! The child of a narcissist father is like someone in Alcoholics Anonymous, they must admit they will be an alcoholic always even though they don’t drink. You will always be attracted to narcissists but you must resist and armor yourself

  • BraveGirl WithAttitude

    The ex NARC has a son. His is almost 16 years old. He has signs of autism but when I mentioned it he had a cow. He said what is wrong with you? he is not retarded. I said I did not call him retarded but he does things that are common in children who are diagnosed autistic. He always played way too rough with his son, got extremely upset when his son didn't get perfect grades in school. The boy is highly afraid of his dad. His son shows no signs of narcissism but is definitely an empath. The boy is extremely overweight, bordering on obese, has no self esteem or self confidence and in the over 5 years I spent with his dad never had a friend over for a sleepover or play dates and he never went to a friends house to play. I feel so bad for him and pray for him that he has some form of a normal life as an adult. One of the most disturbing things that happened while I was with his father was when he realized his son was looking at porn on his computer. He laughed and said, what am I supposed to say? At least he's looking at girls. And that's what boys do at his age. I tried to be a good role model when I was around but it was met with comments like, you're not his mother. The damage they do to their children is heart breaking. My therapist asked me the other day if I said goodbye to his son before I left and I responded, I did not. And it will be one of my biggest regrets.

  • Nigel J

    Great video! I highly agree that both sets of children, whether empathetic or narcissistic, are very damaged. I'm grateful the empathetic route was my future, but it's def a long process to unravel all this, accept it, and forgive oneself. The goal is to simply recognize it because then we can address it, and if we have kids, work on not continuing the cycle.

  • White_Shadow_59

    thanks for the great topic. This video is for me. I wasn't raised by father, because I lived with my mother. However he did spend quite a bit of time with me growing up. I have ended up developing Borderline Personality Disorder. I am highly sensitive, worry about peoples feelings, not assertive, socially anxious. However I have developed a fair amount of narcissism as well, and I would so it has been getting worse as I've gotten older. I am trying to heal myself now.

  • Elizabeth Cambridge

    This video was amazing! It hit the nail in the head! I’m an empath! The question is… how can I heal myself? Bc living like this, you can’t win or be successful in life! You feel only pain and strong emotions! Thx for the input! You are my favorite YouTube counselor!👍

  • Linda Barnes-Frank

    So many people don't make the link between our upbringing & how we end up in abusive adult relationships.
    It's so important in our healing journey to understand ourselves in this way otherwise, we can spend the rest of our lives in a loop of abusive relationships, not understanding/addressing our own roles within the dynamic.
    Thank-you 💙

  • Ragnarok

    Explains why I have been chided for being kind to strangers seemingly in dire straits. Buying food for a pregnant woman, sandwich for a junkie, clothes to a street beggar on a cold winter night and sometimes money. I did this when no one else seemed to care. I also feel like a poser who’s lived someone else’s life, and find authenticity in other people attractive.

  • Don't let me fade away

    Oh my gosh. That comparing to other kids was MY EVERY SINGLE DAY growing up. My cousins, the neighbor, they were always better at everything if you asked my father. If I had success in something, he would never share my joy, instead he would point out something else that was not going so great. I pretty much turned out like you described the narcissistic child. What you said about changing my appearance, playing games and become high performers for validation from society was spot on.
    I grew up in a small town in the 90’s and mental health was not talked about like nowadays. I always knew something was very wrong with our relationship but I never realized what exactly was going on until I saw some of these videos about narcissistic parents.

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