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What do you do if you’re living with a narcissistic parent?

Living with a narcissist is very difficult particularly for a child. The narcissist feels entitled. They have an idealized feeling of worth.



  • adena539

    My mother had convinced me to believe that I was the narcissist. When I defended myself I was ''never letting anyone have their opinion''. Always try to make themselves out to be the victims… Ugh

  • shanice knight

    my mother sucks what makes it worse is that she's a 'Christian'…….sighz my grandmother is even worse. I prefer living with my father who neglected me than those crazy women….that's how sick and twisted those women are.

  • Stephanie gone Wild

    Let my mom move in and she's a Serious narcissist. She was very compromising first 4 days and after that started changing rules to MY HOUSE and I am 40 And Have been on my own since 16. Self amancipated. She argues with me everyday and stresses me out. I Have been depressed and need her out. She is effecting my health and I'm sleeping more. My tummy is in constant knotts. I have disorders and had tumor by brain years ago and she never helped. She even told me to put my kid in foster care.

  • Paul Renfro

    the worst part of the experience is, while still young, trying to do everything possible in order to make the parent happy, which is ultimately not possible…

    and that they want you to be like a molded, cardboard box of a human being and live up to the "fantasy child" role

  • Vive La France

    I had 2 narc parents. Threats of (& demonstrations of) violence as punishment for not 'cooperating' were common.
    From my earliest memory,I never felt at ease EXISTING. The main vibe & message I got about Life In General was that I am a GUEST in their home & it's almost as if, moment I was born, they'd looked at me with pointed finger in my face, warning,
    "New baby? WE call the shots here. You'd better WATCH. YOUR. STEP….or ELSE!" (cue narc's poised fist-demo)

  • TundraWoman Says

    We are POWs for all intents and purposes growing up with a Cluster B parent. No one tells vets to "understand" their captors, to maintain a relationship with them based on "an intimate/substantial shared history" etc. but they cram that crap at Adult Children All. The. Time.
    I understand human beings are self-referencing. That's exactly why the (apparently very few) excellent programs that train psychologists and psychiatrists insist the students actively participate in their own therapy. The vast majority of MH people have never sat anywhere but behind the sanctuary of their own desk. No wonder they're clueless if not downright dangerous to ACs.

  • Cleo Favata

    I am currently 15 and living with my narcissistic dad. This is so accurate. Every time I talk with him he is so unreasonable and won't listen or think about me. In his opinion he is always right and if I argue about something that I disagree with or try to in the slightest way imply that something was actually his fault he will just think I am a disrespectful daughter and WILL NOT think about the situation in anybody else's point of view. He will act so nice and charming in front of my friends so they don't know why I always complain about him because they think he is the coolest dad ever. I have developed anxiety and mild OCD behaviours as a coping mechanism to try to gain control in my life. I hate it.

  • Jade 21

    It is absolute hell. Even when you realize that they are narcissistic and try to walk on eggshells.. My mother is dependent on me and she drives me crazy. I am seriously thinking to move out without her knowing.. i feel horrible thinking it but she gives me no choice. If I tell her that I need my own space she will go ballistic and at this point in my life I realize what a monster she was and is and only recently have I discovered through therapy that the reason I am how I am is because of HER ABUSE. The worse part of all is , she won't acknowledge any of the abuse. Non of it! Not even her gambling problem which tore our whole family apart.

  • Cupcake Cloud

    it's so hard trying to ignore my mother like my sister tells me to. I'm 21 now and I still have to live with her, I do so much for her and then she tries to make me feel like I did something wrong when I always do my best to be a good person. Today she calls me a snake, i had a flashback of when she tried to strangle me as a child screaming should i kill you. some days she says she was blessed with to gifts from God and now she thinks we're the devil's black magic! is she a psychopath? what should i do? she makes me want to kill myself

  • Liz Truthteller

    I grew up with my Mother, who has borderline personality disorder, and my father, a covert narc or possible borderline sociopath. On top of that, they were divorced when I was very very little. I felt like I could do nothing right, that I was like the biggest piece of trash to walk the face of the planet. That's what narcs do to kids. It was like a fucking game of good cop, bad cop, until you are completely broken down.

  • Maryrose Mitchell

    This would have been an excellent video if you would have given some real advice. I'm sure you meant well ,but unfortunately you only spoke about how difficult it is living with them. There are certain skills children can use to help navigate living with a narcissist.

  • Renegade Roadhouse

    Narcissists are sick freaks. Very disturbing creatures. Demons. They should NOT have children. They are emotionally stunted to that of a 5 year old. 5 year olds can't parent! They are seriously mentally ill. I went no contact with my covert narc mother. She's a sick freak. I'm done with her.

  • Kayla-Marie

    Expression is something I've recently learnt. I'm in my 20s and have just learnt love doesn't leave when you express yourself. Love wants to know what you really think and feel and is unconditional. I am a person. I am valued and so are you 💛

  • xXDopamine.InbalanceXx

    I won't be able to get away from it…I work fast food which is already a form of hell, getting hit and physically hurt by my shift leader, not so much a narcissist as a normal genuine piece of shit. Come home with my earnings made from a couple hours to feed and provide the necessities to my father. An ungrateful narcissist who demands me to work more hours slaving away for him at a job I don't want nor need with his disability check taking care of the utilities and room for a little more food. He eats up everything and doesn't ration knowing full well we won't have food for the last two weeks. He throws his money on cigarettes, weed, tractor battery, etc. Things that kill money for food, and he can live without. He talks out loud all the time, purposefully pissing me off. I do a good job of keeping quiet, but not only is he narcissistic, he also has alzheimers, which doesn't help. He announces out loud constantly to boast or something to himself, "I can live without him, he's just dragging me down, all I need is for his ass to be gone" yadayda etc. Things like that, which in reality he would never make it without me getting him money. But unfortunately I can't make it without him either, and I'm just quitting this fast food job, using what YouTube money I have. I will never be able to move away and get a place for myself, even if I could earn benefits from the government, it wouldn't help that much. I wish I could get away from my father, but it's just a dream unfortunately.

  • sabrina espinoza

    I have a narcissistic father. I'm 13yrs old and I have been researching all about narcissism. I always find articles and talks and books for people who have an ex as a narc. For people who don't understand what it's like to not have the freedom to leave the toxic people in their life.

  • sabrina espinoza

    When I watched this I had an overwhelming sence of relief that someone is going through the same as me. I love this man and I don't even know him I've only seen his face and heard his voice for 2minutes and 43 seconds and I love him. Thank you!

  • TimeNow AndThen

    I am independend i just still live in the same house as both narc parents, i tell you its not easy, but no contant helps since i started to make real steps towards healing, goos luck! I am planing to move out soon if it gets worse. Its sad f up but thats how it is..

  • Jackie Grant

    Taken me 57 years to work this out, been on my own with this one. My mother has no one else, it’s always been me. I now need to really let go as she is still talking to me like I wasn’t important to her, i have had enough, this has prevented me from doing so much throughout my life.

  • Xeyra Adeen

    Can you suggest how can i be independant, when my dad is very unhappy with me working and doing well. Yet he uses my name on all loans he needed to accomplished his dream. And aftrt that He kept complaining about i work 24/7 and dont make time for them. And i have obeyed him and submit to his wants, so i quit working. Am stayinh home and now my life is even worst. I felt like slave/maid/driver at home but not his daughter. How can i work and be independent if he sabotage every inch of my way to succeed in life? Is this means i have to just disobey them? Words spreas behind my back that im not a good daughter to him.. yet no one knows what i have done and put up with them and i can never do anything for myself..

  • hailey lambert

    My Parent was so bad that if my older sister Amanda wasn't around / wasnt alive while I was younger, I would have been dead by now by Suicide. I'm 14 now and still have suicidal thoughts because of my father. I told him, while crying, that I have bad thoughts that tell me he wants me dead and all he told me was that "There will be no dying" like a joke.

  • Crveni Krojac

    Narcisstic parents are very dangerous, and i think that this plague must be stopped.My narcisstic parents are responsible for having now an narcisstic friend cuz he was only immune to stay and be friend with me after they driven off my other friends with giving me false advices,yelling at me,and other things.The worse thing is that i was yelled and emotionally harrassed so often that i can't even find time to workout and make myself stronger.

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