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Weird Supply Seeking Behaviors of My Narcissistic Mom

In this video I talk about how my narcissistic mother had to change the way of which she saught out supply as she aged. As a younger woman she was very attractive and had no problem making friends, finding romantic partners, and manipulating people but as she aged she realized she had to work harder. She went down rather interesting paths in order to get attention from the world around her. Everything from vicariously living through her dog on Facebook to attempting to start a cult were not off limits to her. What strange supply seeking behaviors did you observe being done by the narcissistic people in your life? Share in the comments below.

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  • Janice S

    My mother made a friend on Facebook. He was a 20 something year old Syrian refugee living in Turkey that she would wire money to. She sent him so much money that she neglected to pay the mortgage until it was foreclosed on. During the whole time the bank was foreclosing on the house, she flew to Turkey in order to try and get this guy over to the US, leaving my father alone(They’re in their late 60s early 70s during this time). She stayed in Turkey for 6 months. She failed at sponsoring this 20 something Syrian into the US. She called my cousin asking her if she knew any girls that would be willing to marry him in order to get him into the US. There’s so much more to this twisted story than I can possibly write in a comment but try to imagine.

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