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Video 39: Misconceptions of Codependency

Acronyms used in our videos:

AIF = Alien Invader Force
BLA = Between Life (Lives) Area
CD = Codependent
CF = Central Fire
DF = Divine Feminine
Narc = Narcissist
OBE = Out of Body Experience
RV = Remote Viewing/Remote Viewer)


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  • Connie Stinson

    This is succinct and brings out valid and logical points that we need to validate each other, narcissist or dependent. We ALL need to be acknowledged….we need each other. Separation is really the worst thing for anybody. Thank you Wes and Ariel, this is so needed now! Your insights are spot on…

  • Critical Break

    I read her & do not trust…ever. There is something very wrong going on there. I sense a super ego much like what u would run across in a serial killer. Don't b upset /w me, but i had heard u mention her more than once & it worried me. <3 2 ∞ 2 u both

  • Nine

    this was good information. however really don't like you quoting and mentioning Teal Swan, I cringe to it, as I did follow her in the past and even purchased a book of hers at the time when she had no followers. Then something happen in me that I start to feel like her informative videos where just off in some way. I stopped following her and a year or so later- she became very popular and started her own fan club along with getting her fans to tattoo her symbol. Red flags, there is something very wrong in her scheme of wanting to help consciousness, numerous articles about first hand experiences from those who have had actual encounters with her, a dark side of her agenda. Wes -for me your papers feel so much truth that would benefit mankind in very powerful and fragile ways. that I believe your information alone is good enough. quoting Teal Swan might really trun off truth seekers just from the information that is out there about her. Despite if her information has helped you and Ariel out, as for me as well. Dig dipper on her and you will come to see many different shades of deep narcissistic colors in her. Sometimes she does have good information but it is wrapped up very subtle in deceiving ways. and then you have her fierce outwardly looks that is alluring getting you caught in a trance. Be careful. Please don't trun out to be someone like that.

  • j a y

    I've been diagnosed with some pretty heavy codependency. I have problems keeping healthy boundaries up as they would say and I have been in many failed relationships and the one I am in now is with an addict for three years. Honestly, I am becoming sick of it and kicking myself for always being there for someone who doesn't treat me equally. I have crushing depression lately and have access to a firearm but I have been doing everything I can from therapy and meds to help but honestly, I struggle with this feeling that nothing I value is of worth and my opinions and views are such a small niche that I have problems making real friends. I am an artist and musician and have always wanted to express myself and for others to feel a connection and understand me. Is this selfish? I don't know. I know I have selfish thoughts and intrusive thoughts that bother me but all I want is legitimate peace and love and understanding. With all this depression for 20+ years (I am 32), I really do think about ending my life to get out of this matrix asap..

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