Victim Status and it’s Link to Narcissism

Victim Status and it’s Link to Narcissism: The term victim and it’s relationship…



  • Californiagirl

    You are so kind. i do not know what God has in mind for me…i just know that i have my six children…and that even though they are mostly all grown up… with working and all…it is well with my soul.thank you so much for your encouraging words.

  • Nina Gathergood

    Awesome you put everything into perspective and it's all true, you have a fine way with telling our stories and how it really is. Bless you a million times. I'm so glad that you are doing this and getting all this out, I'm sharing as much as possible. 🙂 On my group page on FB

  • Celinda Burns

    So agree but she told me I was a victim in one of her posts she said I was starving and she was robbing that I was a victim at the time I did not know what she was say but now I do and now I know she knew her diagnosis. But I find that the people that was hurt by the Narcissist have a lot of hate and regret for the experience. Although my experience was not up close and personal because The Most High protected me from going that far I to was still used and hurt as well. Love is love no matter if it up close or from afar no one wants to know that they were being used. But I watched her with many others during the distant relationship I knew she did not respect me and was using me to dump on and abuse. But as I watch I moved my emotions little by little from the equation. Many of you stuck around and accepted the abuse because your emotions and feelings were still involved. I watched her show me how she felt about me visually and actions speak louder then words. I endured silent treatment for over 3 years🤔I was the only one talking little did I know that she had discarded me from The that time. But you know I am not angry or bitter nor am I upset that I loved her. I am free because now I know that it is her that is in spiritual emotional and mental derangement and I can’t hate her for who she is or what I went through it up to me to put a stop to it so now I stop talking and going no contact. So I can’t blame her for the abuse I took I stayed for it because I cared about a person that had no capacity or care for me or did not want to. So what we were use for our love ❤️ I look at it this way better to have love and lost then to never have loved at all what if we were like them and could not freely give love ❤️ then that what we should be grateful about and know that we came out on top because we are able to love freely. Do you know what it must feel like to be a human being but act like and treat people like an appliance no way in the hell would I trade me for them🙏🏽👏🏽😬😎❤️❤️❤️Love always wins.

  • Brad McEwen

    The wall is good idea.. Like sending the ruminations, the ptsd, the humiliations, all the bullshit into a prison of the past. Locking it up. The keyword past. Then figuratively adding the narc giving them a use of an implement from their toolbox, a lifetime sentence of abandonment. Their attempt to snare new innocent targets many along with recycling other sociopaths with same agenda. Perhaps to trade strategy. The narc / borderline tries to brain injure you. Literally to elevate themselves.. An empaths values of compassion, sincerity, being actually able to fall in love, all are narc percieved weaknesses that are attacked systematically. This is very specific, unique emotional abuse. We all know that. The irony being, where ever the true narcissist lays, resides, flaunts their external validating pursuits, they have imprisoned themselves & they know it.
    Your defense against a troll will never be forgotten nor would I wanted to travel this journey without your knowledge & integrity.
    A good holiday season to you.

  • gracebetoyou

    Hi Sun lion could you please change the dramatic music you make si much sense and I am very grateful for your posts they have really helped me but the dramatic music comes up really loud sorry I hope you don't mind me asking : ))

  • 3D Me

    another confirmation that we can heal and become who we really are without the veil of narcissistic abuse. 9 mos. later I still have days when I miss "the demon" that's when I go to these channels to remind myself of the truth. Thank you, and keep up the good work you are doing. It helps in recovery.

  • The Open Door

    Thanks again, I am struggling to get out of the victim mode. Some days are worse than others, but I agree you must isolate the narc from your mind and remove any flying monkeys that may have attached themselves to you during the past relationship because they were only allies to the narc and were not your friends. I think self reflection is important…do I set myself up to be a victim as a normal way of living? I will pray and think hard upon this. Prayers and thoughts of encouragement to everyone. Thanks!

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