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Twin Flame Reading ❤️🔥 DF, are you truly in your QUEEN Energy? This "holiday" week is a TEST

This is the fifth in my series of Support and Affirmation Messages for Divine Feminines! Spirit wants to reflect our awesomeness back to us and remind us of our power. We’re all in this together, angels!


Hi everyone! I’m Hummingbird. I provide regular energy check-ins and readings for all on the Twin Flame journey 🔮 ✨

If you resonated with this reading, check out:

Mercury Retrograde for Twin Flames (time for some serious shadow work):

The previous Support & Affirmations message for the Divine Feminine Collective (about co-dependency & sexuality, among other things):

History of TF collective energies from Eclipse Season 2019:

Also, I made a video to introduce myself and my take on the Twin Flame connection, and the bigger, beautiful dream we’re all here to move towards:

If you feel guided to exchange energy, donations are welcome at 🌈

If you want a deeper, more personalized read on your twin flame connection, I’d love to work with you!

Private readings:

20-30 minute tarot reading – $33
30-40 minute astro/tarot reading – $44 (I will look at your astrology and weave it in with the reading)
75 minute live astro/tarot/intuitive guidance session $111 (thru Zoom)

Please email me to schedule: 🔮 ✨

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