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TW: Video Therapy – Processing Anger Pt 2 (Narcissistic Mother, Child Sexual Abuse, Forgiveness)

In this video, recorded 5/8/18, I process some anger for myself and my healing. Topics include narcissistic and sexual abuse, trying to get closure with my mother (with whom I have since been no contact) and forgiveness.

I am not able to make a trigger warning at this time, so please watch with caution. This video may be destabilizing for those who are easily triggered and/or new to healing from trauma.

I will say that I focus mostly on my traumas with my narcissistic, sexually abusive mother – who programmed me in MK. I do not talk about the “worst of it” but mention infantile sexual abuse, child trafficking and other forms of abuse and exploitation in some detail.

If you have ever struggled with eating disorders, especially anorexia, please watch this video with extra caution as this could be particularly triggering for you.

Please also note that our phone cut me off mid-sentence, but we have chosen to post this as it is.

Blessings, Katy & co.


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