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Toxic Shame From Narcissistic Parents – Toxic Relationships

Toxic Shame From Narcissistic Parents – Toxic Relationships

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Do not mistake toxic shame for feelings of guilt feeling guilty is feeling bad about something you’ve done but toxic shame is feeling bad about who you are. In this video I first wanted to give symptoms of toxic shame that way you can identify if this is something you are suffering from. We cannot fix what we don’t realize is broken and toxic shame is something that sometimes goes under the radar. Toxic shame is also a symptom of CPTSD. There are 5 main symptoms of Cptsd – I recently did a video of one of the symptoms – emotional flashbacks here is the link for that:

I’ve also created a new playlist dedicated to identifying, understanding and overcoming Cptsd.



  • Natalie K

    I love u!!!! U know my ex I swear!!! My ex narc was definitely marinated by his father!!! The way he tried making me hate myself and others due to his abuse that I feel at times I had toxic shame at the end of our relationship!!! I tell friends that go through this about ur YouTube vids because u really help!!!! #CeaseCommunication

  • le meow

    How can i help people around me like u? I mean I'm not professional in talking, or explaining. But i feel i must translate it.
    Can i translate your videos, and while add some of my personal facts i have encountered? Bcuz i dont think people will trust me, if i tell them by my own self. I've been struggling with my own experiences too, but Thankfully, my intuition has helped me till today. I am still recovering. ^^

  • Missy Love

    Fun fact. My Narc was telling me the difference between guilt n shame. (sermon)The same day somehow came up in my session with my therapist. Funny how the Narc can see things. And try to give advice. Yet refuse to see they are part of the problem

  • Primal Self

    Hi, Michelle. I remember a couple of months ago or so you made a video about Covert vs. Overt Narcissists (in response to Dr. Malkin's video). Have you seen this video by Richard Grannon: "Covert Salad" – how covert narcissists use word salad as a tactic? In it, he states that Covert and Overt Narcissism are just two manifestations of the same thing. Thanks.

  • Brittnie Rene

    I almost cannot finish this video i need to thank you sooo much!!! This is down right everything i needed to hear from bottom to top, inside and out and all the way around i feel this!! Thank you soo much you help me see clearly time and time again!! Absolutely lovee your channel!!❤❤

  • Robert BOIS

    Wow! I saw a video about timidity and now Michele's video on toxic shame! I've got low self esteem and low confidence in myself. I did work a bit on my evil core and the fact that I've been in some misty mind for years. Somewhere, I'm conviced that I've got an evil violent core ready to harm like my father, to be kept safe in me from harming. I even had a dream seeing 2 lords sitting on a huge table, I was little in size near the good lord, and in front a vampire, the evil lord. I had to be invisible to hide from him chasing me. In real life, people in the street would walk has if I was invisible : I always had to step on the side to let them not bump me. Very lately, I've lost my step father (whom I loved and miss so much) and realized that my mum could have a NPD, and perhaps my biological father too. My older might suffer from our parents too. Damn, I want to go to the bottom of this and be a good example for my two sons! I won't give up. Keep up falks! Thank you Michèle.

  • Julie MacKellar

    I can so relate to this video. I have been living with toxic shame my whole life. Thank you for these tips on toxic shame. I find it difficult to get away from it no matter how much I try and create the new belief system Within Myself, my mother, I allow her to impart on me the feelings of being toxic. It is difficult when you're being told you're less than, disgusting which I think is such a horrible word only to be told it's just a word that's in the dictionary and it has no bearing on me just something she says. It cuts to the Core. I'm looking forward to hearing more about toxic shame and ways to overcome it. It certainly is a process getting rid of all these old beliefs. I do know today I am worth more and I work on this daily. It's a constant battle though being torn between both worlds. C-ptsd I know I have. It saddens me the work is hard but I'm up for it. Again, looking forward to more videos. You are really making a difference and have such a lovely way of explaining how it is to be a child, adult of narcissism.

  • Rebecca Jimenez

    "No one will ever love you with that attitude." "You would never get hired with the half added jobs you do." "You're so beautiful, if only you lost weight. Then you'd be gorgeous." "Oh she can't attend ______ because she has to take care of gma." "Oh yea she is getting paid a lot more than what her job was paying her." "Your bank account is negative so you need to fix it." "If you ever get arrested, don't call us (meaning mom and step dad) I have been listening to a lot of music. I had stumpled upon Kelly Clarkson's Because of you and I know it's possible to be myself and accept whom I am because I matter. All those ideals were TAUGHT doesn't necessarily mean it is true. Thank you for another informational video. I will work on my positive.

  • Danielle Funk

    Im soooo scare michele!! I think my daughter may be lying about getting sexually asulted yesterday!! we did the whole police, detective and rape kit thing and she is still insisting that she was assaulted!! she has NO DISTRESS, NO CRYING AND NO FEAR of running into the guy again. she didnt take a shower when she supposedly ran home after it happened. long story made short, none of us believe her story. things just dont fit. why the hell would she lie about something like this?? I want to comfort her, but she is not upset. I want to believe her, but i dont! My mind and heart are a twisted mess and my anxiety is through the roof!! she gives me the same anxiety that my ex narc used to give me!! i dont know her anymore. I dont know what shes thinking or feeling. Im so scared for her future and im scared the cops are gonna figure out shes lying and take her to jail or send us a whopping bill for all of the work the police are putting into this!! I dont know what to do! this is a damn nightmare!! we got into a nice home narc free and i thought things were going great and now THIS!!! I dont think i will ever be happy!!!

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