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This is a VAN LIFE Channel! (New Codependency Channel Coming!!!!)

Local OB residents complain about van dwellers who are at the beach during the daytime!!!!!
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  • Qypsy Q Traveler aka Pamela Prizant-Brooks

    Well all I have to say about that (stupid, harrassing, police person) WELCOME TO COMMIEFORNIA! They were watching him – "who"?? WOW Commies. I am glad that he was nice and cordial to you. That place is my homeland, but wow, it has changed! I will never live there again. I will however go visit people and sleep in my vansion (when I get it) in friends and relatives driveways. HA! Say something about that government commie protecthepeacebutnot4me policeman!!!! WOW! In fact Ms. Julia the real reason I want to live in a van most of the year (I'll travel with Gypies 4 Jesus), is to talk to people about our wonderful savior, AND never have to pay to the state/fed government property taxes. I also will never make enough – but G-d always provides just what I need, to have to pay taxes at all, although I will file. Thank you for sharing. You are an awesome person, Kiss Ms. Bambi for me. Love, Shalom, and G-d bless!

  • M Sweat

    When I was a teenager in the 60s I wanted to go to California. The image was that was a place that had freedom to do anything. Lately though it seems to be getting downright repressive. Your story is just one of many that bears this out. I don't know what happened to Cali.

  • Archie Bunker

    A lot of times someone selling a used vehicle with put "new" used tores on it. Today's steel-belted radial tires have steel cords in them and if you change the direction in which the tire travels on the vehicle quite often they will separate. That is to say that the steel cords inside the rubber will start to come apart. This will cause a large bulge inside the rubber usually along the tread. This is very dangerous. I have a customer is experiencing this now. I have replaced two of the tires and he will not buy a set of new tires. I keep telling him if he continues to drive on them at speed limits he may well have a serious crash. If you are not going over 35 or 40 miles an hour it may, MAY, be safe enough to drive until you can get good tires. I am not trying to scare you Julia. I am just trying to let you know that this is one of the more serious situations you could be facing.

  • Judith Lawrence

    My tire light came on at Christmas time just after I filled the tires with air. They said one tire got a little more air than another. Just recently I heard the thud noise on my van but then it stopped. I check out the tires everyday. Still no bulge but I'm thinking it might be on the inside where I can't see. It'll rear its ugly head soon enough. Not taking it back to the dealer cause they charge $192 per tire. Tire discount store here I come. Everyone says that Cali is the worse place for van life. Perhaps it is time to move on a few miles at a time.

  • Kitty Page

    I too started watching your channel.cuz of the van stuff, and the recovery content I felt was icing on the cake 🙂 itll be great to have 2 channels to watch!
    So sorry that happened to your running boards..maybe talk to the mgmt at that shop?

  • Holly Miller

    Hey Julia 🙂
    You might want to think about attending your local city council meetings, that way you could get your voice heard, maybe by speaking on the matter. There is a guy here on YouTube (gindall61) that attends these meeting all the time in California. Just to watch the people that are on the city council that come up with these silly laws are insane so it's no wonder they exist. Sorry to hear about your van having an issue, those are never fun but you will get it worked out . Overall I hope you and sweet Bambi are doing well…:-)


    Yikes, that is ludacris! Maybe they will next, not allow vehicles to park in the "parking" lots designated for people to park, while they visit the beach, during the day 🤪 Yes, 'have to laugh, as that is just ridiculous!

  • arnita canas

    Take yourself back to that stupid shop that bent your runners and make them replace them you got proof your videos. I hate people take advantage of others. I love your channel its you. Being real van life is sucks some days. Emotion is life you share you not what people tell you to share. I here lot vandwellers say the viewers want this and that then they need to make their own video. You help a lot of people by being honest so if they want to live in a van some day they understand it not easy as it looks. Thank you. Keep being you. Be safe.

  • Desert Dragonworks

    Tires: TREAD SEPARATION. You can't see it unless you take the tires OFF… this, from hubby. He says it's pretty common out in California, and we just had that happen to a brand new tire on our son's car. <3 I love your channel, and can't wait to see what the new one brings. Good luck with the tire.

  • forever one

    It's so true about the ridiculous rents, harassment by the cops, and general BS to live at our home San Diego. BUT it's ok to shove out the seniors , poor and disabled who were from there to make room for a lot of people who are from all over the world , have no allegiance to this country, in fact are seeking to destroy it, and guess who the people along the beaches are paying for NOW? They should welcome the locals back when they see what they have created…wasn't long ago they had to spray the streets in OB for all the feces and urine that a whole new group of homeless have taken to leaving lying about. ITS a lot easier and cost effective to create affordable housing, there should be freedom of enjoyment at the beaches and parks, but it's changing drastically and becoming less and less attractive unless you look West of the sand….

  • Debra Johnson

    Hi Julia. I enjoy your topics and scenes from San Diego. Can you do a topic on safety tips for women traveling or living in a van. Also on the topic of scariest moments living in a van if you have had any. I'm thinking about taking some short vacations in my van but haven't been able to work up the nerves to do it yet. Thanks so much you are a brave, strong beautiful soul.

  • Roselee DeTevis

    Yep CA is not a place to live in a Van unless it is super hyped up and looks super cool experience talking ..if you do you gotta pay for spots like camp grounds during or find people who will let you park in their yards for rent better then being harassed and easier for night sleeping Venice & Santa Monica have lots of residence that rent out their driveways and yard


    Meanwhile on the freeways here in San Diego folks drive 100 miles per hr, and blatantly run red lights on the streets. Dont hardly see them getting harassed. I had a car accident and was told by the police dept that they dont send an officer out unless its a serious injury…I said "of course they dont have the time to come out for an accident…they are too busy harassing people that want to take a nap in their vans"…

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