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Things Students With Anxiety Wish Their Teachers Understood

School is stressful. For students who live with anxiety, the pressure can be amplified and more difficult to manage. Here’s what students with anxiety wish their teachers knew.

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  • That Shiny Kitty Kat

    I had CFS and it made my anxiety hell, because I wanted to work but I was too tired, but my mom denied me any mental assessments as a kid to get diagnosed.
    So instead, it was simply ignored and shamed by teachers for my fatigue and anxiety caused by my fatigue.
    Because it wasn't easy to get 4-5 hours of work done in the 2-3 hours I was awake at home before it got to be to much.
    I had one teacher who understood and even let me nap in his class if it was too bad or help me with homework after he was done with his lessons, and let me practice public speech with his kids after school since I was comfortable around them and felt safe doing so. If it wasn't for him I probably would have failed, I had him through my entire highschool.
    I hope more kids can find teachers like this who can understand their students, and that more of them come around. I know they're just as stressed as the students are, but they have to understand that taking it out on the troubled kids by labeling things as excuses isn't going to help anyone.
    Teens have real problems too, it's not always just being lazy or overdramatic. Not every kid has the perfect family home to care for their needs and get them help, and not every psychologist is going to catch it immediately, and even they could dismiss it.

  • Aya

    Everyday at school , my heart gets so tired by pounding everytime iwanna answer a question and get that feeling of anxiety but still answer it even if with some stuttering … ❤💪🏻 , but that shit makes me in a daiky state of "no energy" everyday and its really exhausting …

  • janny bravo

    my adviser called on my guardian to have conversation knowing that they need to make up things alright but what happens on that day make my high school life so dark. since i have anxiety attacks everytime specially in those kind of moments, i over think again and again until i drain. pointing out my side is she didn't even understand me though my guardian explained and she totally raised her voice and panic raised as well. until now i just can't get over from it. I KNOW SOME PEOPLE HERE WILL NOT GET MY POINT, UNLESS THEY HAVE ANXIETY TOO.

  • green tree

    One teacher I know specifically picks on people who don’t normally volunteer saying “it’s ok if you get it wrong, nobody cares.” Well, apparently you care because then he goes and lectures us if someone gets a question wrong. EVEN comparing me blushing to a bright red tomato. (ya a silly joke, but not the best way to flatter someone :/) Made me feel humiliated and super self-conscious.

  • CloudyGamer41

    When the teacher says to get with a partner, this mostly happens in English because my friend is in a different class

    I don't know if I have anxiety or not bc I've never had it diagnosed and I don't want to go around saying I have anxiety when I might not but this is still something that makes me stressed


    There is only one nice loving teacher in my school and her name is coincidentally Mrs Kind.. she lets u go to the bathroom whenever, eat in class, even for the last ten minutes of the lesson play a game! She doesn’t call on random people, she listens to what u say, if something’s wrong she’s okay with u walking outside of class to have fresh air. Sadly I don’t have her for any of my classes

  • Claceroses

    I Have horrible social anxiety. On Wednesdays, I have a teacher who picks on students during class A LOT and i have a panic attack every time she is choosing someone to pick on. This happens in basically all my classes tbh. When the teacher picks on me my face goes bright red and I physically can’t get the words out. Teachers aren’t fair. At school tomorrow I’m going to talk to her about it and I’ll do an update and say how it went. I’m generally so nervous because I feel like she is gonna get mad at me.

  • col6y 6ar6erson

    I have really bad anxiety and I hate how I have to bail out of class or school because of it. It sounds like a TOTAL excuse and it feels like I’m taking advantage of it, making me feel guilty and irresponsible of everything. I’m also very sensitive and when something triggers me, like say; a teacher is aware of me failing class but not helping or asking why or what I’m going through, then my mind wants me to destroy everything near me including the teacher. It’s terrible, I know. But I wish people understand that this shit is not a joke or an excuse. During teacher conferences, they should bring this up. Teachers, counselors, principals, and professors NEED to see this. Literally, what’s the point of teaching if you’re not gonna support or help a student anyway? I can’t even speak up for myself without shedding a tear or snot lol

  • Janki Khatri

    O totally agree with you! Because the same happens with me because of my tuition teacher

    At least my school teachers understand me but the tuition teacher is very strict

    I also try my hardest I am not able to study well…

    It's really takes a lot of hard work, tears, breakdowns to succeed in studies…

    I need a person's help who understand me but there is no one in this world like that!

    I wish I could succeed in my studies.

    I know that I will succeed once because I have faith on myself.

    But still it's very difficult..😔😢

  • Xoxo Squishies

    I wish there weren’t such a thing as presentation. One time when I had to do a presentation for 1 hour in front of more than 100 people I almost fainted from a panic attack. I wish that people think of anxiety as something more serious so they can give a me a pass to not do a presentation.

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