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There Is No Making Amends With The Narcissist Baby Boomer


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  • Pippi Bernstein

    Yes definitely they got totally sucked in—even boomers 20 years older than this were ‘parents’ like this exactly, yep deathbeds totally it’s always the same TV pattern😹😹😹yes keep NC, as they Lie in Wait to really get ya when you give them just one more chance! Don’t do it!

  • Emporio Raoul

    So true. They will never give up drinking because of a crisis of conscience. If they do give up they won’t sit around thinking ooh, I never spent that much time with my kids or ever talked to them or gave them a hug, and I forgot everything they told me when I was drunk, and perhaps I shouldn’t have made a pass at my daughter’s 21 year old friend that time when I was pissed age 52, and perhaps that’s one of the reasons why my daughter doesn’t feel like seeing me now. Hell no. There is no self-reflection with these people, ever. Hope you are ok, thank you for writing in, drink makes things so complicated.

    I remember my dad being off his chunk driving us around on holiday in the 70’s down small dark country lanes in Wales. It terrified me. He’d binge drink rather than be on it all the time.

    He gave up drinking 30 years later only when it was written all over his face, psoriasis was covering half his head and and the doctor started getting really shrill with him. Not for us. He was the sole breadwinner and he’d have lost his job and then his house if he’d been pulled. That is some next level escapism.

  • brandon anderson

    Never tell the narc why you do things. Never explain yourself beyond telling them that you aren't in the mood, followed by go cry to somebody else. Tell the Golden child to go cry to his fuckin mom and don't come back until they have some balls. "I'm not doing sht for you" is probably your only needed vocab.

  • Private Private

    Yep, although I was the Golden Child for many decades, I see that, in my mother likely scapegoating my envious sister and, now, also becoming quite envious herself in her old age that, no matter all that I did for my mother all of these years — I am now their common enemy.

    I, now, have 2 people who “appear” to have every reason in the world to hate the shit out of me, when the reality is that, even between the both of them, it’s a struggle to get by. Neither drives or has a working car, neither knows as much about the family business my mother runs and because I’m pretty much no contact at this point, it’s a pretty good guess that, every time things seem difficult or don’t work out, it’s specifically because I’m not doing my best to accommodate them and being a good daughter and sister — while the both of them scapegoat me now, which I will not have. They can do all of their scapegoating over there, while I’m living over here. The both of them need to be grateful I am not there…

  • Tom Lennon

    Very similar to my own situation with narc soap opera addict shitty assed "mother" when my overt father going back to these animals. Another thing i noticed when being around these creatures is i NEVER had any luck. Ollie did you find your "luck" changed when going no contact? I mean when i was around them i had everything happen from car crashes and a heart attack at 33 to being rescued off a capsizing car ferry on the Irish Sea in 2008. Even losing 3 children before birth to my ex covert brings her pleasure when she brings it up in front of our son. I'm sure they are fucking demonic.

  • Joe Visio

    All this time, you still got it. I know this comment is late and will get lost. I remember I send a video of me talking to my father. It was called you are always on the outside looking in. I was trying to say something to my father about the TV. I may have stumbled on myself as I was trying to say it or maybe it didn’t make sense, but this ties it together. I have a long felt this way about the baby boomers and their TV culture. Thanks again.

  • Leon Wynne

    I remember my first girlfriends parents. They were older than mine both of her parents are boomers. Her mother worked for the NHS and her dad worked for airbus. He would go from his job straight ot the pub for hours on end. come back and act like he had special needs. it was creepy. I remember when I tried to get my girlfriend to come bowling for a few drinks. She let me in on a secret. She hated drinking because her dad was a proper alcoholic. Her parents slept in separate beds. One with plastic sheeting for the father. I don't even think he's alive anymore. Like he was that out of it you couldn't understand a word he said. just mumbles and growls.

  • Rainbo

    Gen Xer with baby boomer older narc sister and parents who were post depression era babies early 1940's but very much acted like boomers. I can't wait until I have to be around her for a wedding. and I can laugh in her face and say, "OK, Boomer."

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