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The Two Faces of Narcissistic Personality Disorder How To Donate & support my work on this channel

I outline the main features, core issues, and tactics, as well as constructs of behavior of the Overt and Covert Narcissist – The 2 faces of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I outline 10 common core features that both faces of NPD share. There are more, I just listed the main ones. From working with clients with Narcissistic Personality Disorder I have learned this about the two faces of NPD and the very different ways they behave though so many similar ways they hurt, abuse, use, target, and damage people for their own supply and gratification and without any care or regard for others – it’s all about them all the time 24/7.




  • Vannessa West

    So True, living with a cerebral covert narcissist, 3 years and i've truly had it. . i cannot wait to be gone. . I'm so happy to say i have a place to move to in august. . tonight im staying at my brother's house. i am being verbally abused daily now.. He most certainly is not the man i believed i fell in love with. I've never encountered Anything like this in my life. Still i know now what he is. I have Deep Deep resentment. I pray to get thru this, with my sanity. . i do believe he tried to drive me insane. i have children and big family and i am going to try to focus on them and my few friends that I have left as he tried to ruin All of my relationships with each one. Trianglated me with all of the females, even with his pets. no affection for me in months, but will be flirting with complete strangers, right in front of me. its Truly cruel. . Thanks A.J.! any advice on "Gray Rock" would be appreciated . . i have trouble with reactions to every thing, and i need help with this. Thanks so much.

  • C Forest

    if the overt and covert produced a play the overt takes the leading acting role. The covert is head of lighting or props and literally controlls the whole show believing the show could not exist without them. I Think you explained coverts very well in this video.
    i wonder if you would be interested in doing a video on the narcissist's facade. coverts quite often have animals to fake their empathy or use it as an empathy trap. The facade is"I am a good empathic person who takes care of animals from the rescue centre" therefore i am trustworthy and kind and it is all so well crafted that only their partner and Children know the truth.
    Even to the outside World they look like the perfect parent for their Children but it is only for the public eye. If you are wondering,I have a covert narcissist mother and two more coverts in the family. All have animals and actually try and triangulate you with them.

  • Narcissistic web/ Nαρκισσιστικος ιστός

    good morning! at around 10:00 they do "moove a lot of air around" always busy , and running and in a rush, so much to do, but in reality they do F all. through your knowledge and experience would you agree that they also need "slaves" to do the work while they pretend participating . and actually this has the advantage that they can enjoy critisizing the other persons work giving the impretion that they would have done it better.?

  • Sara Florentine

    It's so hard to discern when the personality and behaviors change so quickly, and the moods so rapidly that it's impossible to keep up with. My bf is a misogynist… rarely (only during rage or the fleeting moments of pure honesty) will he admit that. But he gets really angry, so the "pounding of the chest" seems to be displayed often. He wants to be in control bcuz he is the Man. His mother is the one in control, his father is quiet. The confusing part too is that there are moments of self awareness he has of his relational deficits… (with my help of pointing things out) and that he can identify his behaviors… although…it happens only in retrospect, never in the moment, probably bcuz he needs to be right. In the moment. 100% of the time. He's admitted he can't concede. But again, rather than getting out, I ruminate over it all and analyze everything all the while knowing that it's not going to change. And for me, it's a lot easier to leave because we are only dating- not married with children, a mortgage, etc.
    A big red flag for me is that I've never been comfortable introducing him to my 11 year old son, and we've been dating two years. No one I know understands that. I've had other reasons not to, or to be reluctant… bcuz I've never dated anyone else since my sons father and I split. But still, I think the transition would be much easier in normal relationships. If my intuition is stopping me, then why am I staying!!?? He also has so many BPD traits and I think that's where I get stuck again bcuz I have sympathy for his pain. But it's unhealthy to subconsciously justify that he got drunk and called me 22 times and called me a bitch 15 times all because he was upset that I couldn't come over. Literally couldn't. My car could be in the shop and that excuse sometimes wouldn't be accepted. It's so hard to rationalize with him sometimes yet I still try so hard. AJ you are right though, it's time to take the focus off the other person and put it back on ourselves. I must be really sick to be staying in a relationship that has evidently harmed me thus far. The only, only solution is to LEAVE? I've never gone No Contact. When and how do you know you're ready? Because I know still that I'm not. Even though I know based on the patterns that repeat like clockwork… the cycle will happen again. I will be devalued, nothing I will do is right… I'll know it's coming… I'll sense it… I'll be ALL BAD, and I'll get dumped. Raged at then ignored. How do you drill it into someone's head….?

  • lisa richards

    I just saw a very disturbing video. Never mind in the comments, the guy that denied the Holocaust, and the two likes he got for that comment. It was a so called narcissism video, but it totally attacked people with different diseases, like fibromyalgia, chonic fatigue syndrome autism. And other diseases. He attacked people on Obamacare, the ones that want to healthcare, as being fat and lazy, and other projected qualities the maker of the video labeled them with.I could only watch a couple minutes of the video, because it was so ridiculous, in its support of Trump, etc., but I noticed the narcissism of his putting all these people down, all these different groups of people.I'm just shaking from seeing that kind of hatred in a narcissism video. When someone is putting down people for being poor, disabled, or ill, I don't know what could be more narcissistic than that.

  • lisa richards

    Sorry for the typos. I can't believe these people deny that the holocaust happened, and no one calls this guy out.But really, the narcissism in the video, and the judge mentalistm, was really horrifying.People need to be more discerning about who really understands narcissism in the Internet.

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