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THE TOP 7 LIES A NARCISSIST PROJECTS ON YOU; and how to join the Surviving Narcissism Community

Narcissists are skilled at projecting enough of their own insecurities and self-critcism onto you. So, what are these seven lies? And how do you talk back to those lies and keep your sanity?



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  • Lawton

    If they are scared we will leave them, then why do they act like they can progress fine without us? I am dealing with a convert narcissist. They tend to be more sneaky don't they. More dangerous. You feel like your going mad. Some of the points you made, they don't do. But slightly alter it which has the same effect.
    The golden line is "I don't know"…."can't remember"…."oh I probably said or did that when we was in a bad place"….it's all justified which makes you feel like your going mad and they look cool as a cucumber. Moronic entities. Rip that mask off. I did. The denied response is what I got. Huh maybe I'm wrong, after all I'm no psychologist. But it's something that just hit me. I have studied psychology but not to this depth. Maybe he's right, maybe I'm wrong. But if it walks like a duck, and acts like a duck, it probably IS A duck. He was furious when I called him a covert narcissist. Denied it. Obviously. Again, I may be wrong. But isn't one of those attributes projection? Exactly I agree. He proved my point and confirmed it even though he didn't realise it! Moron. Whom I loved deeply…..the covert pr*ck. Apology for that expletive. Love your channel x

  • eftichios katsanevakis

    The funny thing is that people with actual self worth understand. To be fair I disagree with a few of these. The “my reality” bullshit needs to stop. Last time I checked we all have ears to hear and eyes to see. Don’t just assume you are perfect and infallible

  • Cynthia V

    Lies the Narcissist tells you.
    #7 You are greedy and selfish.
    #6 Everyone thinks you're crazy and no one likes you.
    #5 I can't trust you to be faithful.
    #4 You're stupid and don't know what you're talking about.
    #3 You can't make it without me.
    #2 No one will love you like I love you.
    #1 I didn't say that.

  • polifonyann

    I just had a blow up with a younger friend, who said SHE was a narc victim when I mentioned ways she could heal, like say meditation, or writing down her goals, she kept getting angry, and defensive, and redirected the convo, to fit her narrative, for some odd reason, she kept on trying to avoid topics on healing and said I was projecting my issues on to her, she kept on twisting the conversation and then got condescending.. But I realized everytime I tried to take a leadership role in the comversation, that would trigger her, and made her get VERY angry and start twisting the convo accusing me of being unhealed and projecting on to her. She was sooo defensive, and the most crazy making tactic was to stop me mid sentence, every sentence she stopping me mid sentence. Pissed me the f** and after i hung up on her (theres but so much i can take) i realized yes her mom is a narc but….so is she. All this time I thought she was just abused, shes also a narc. Smh.

  • Author To Author

    what happens to a narc. when they met them self's by another new ''supply "" the new friend turns out to be just like them. my ex husband has made a new friend he thought his new friend was his new supply . that would be a good subject narc looking into a mirror finding them self as a ''so called friend'' will that friend ship last them finding someone just like them? my land lord used to tell me about my ex husband start treating him just like he treats you . well i took her advice it didn't work out well for me , it started a fight that i lost most of the time ,my narc had no empathy for his self or anyone else . i am sorry i was off the subject a little . they tell you who they are when he would project on you or on to me the lies they want you to believe. . when my ex would tell me that people thought i was nuts , i started telling him well , everyone has a opinion like a butt . so what . that would end his conversation (haha) if they tell your cheating they are the one cheating !! i found out the hard way! thank you for the video its so helpful .

  • Lisa Sc

    Enjoyable family life experiences have been taken from me by at least 3 related family members plus 1 other non family but connected to family member. And it's really cause me allot of pain and more depression. I've had to learn and do my best to accept that I'm mostly alone in this life.

  • Rob Gehrke

    My narc stole (with held) U$50,000. dollars from the sale of a property in Argentina. He’s been e-mailing me recently to come to South America to get some of my money…
    Should I trust him to pay me any amount of what is owed me?

  • Kate Beedot

    I had the feeling that this was directed solely to the man woman relationship, so yes interested as always but maybe could have included other types of the relationships, ex. envious hating siblings from early age, parents vs children etc

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