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The "Single White Female" Is A Narcissist Who Reacts Out Of Jealousy


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  • Misses Hippy

    Ugh. I met a woman involved with the paranormal. She wanted to give me an aura wipe. Ooookay. I got undressed, and she ran her hands about half an inch over my whole body. This lasted twenty minutes. Then I was declared cleansed. My interests are fulfilled with the natural, no paranormal, so I realized she really had not done anything unless I engaged a placebo effect. She was pleased with her effort, admiring my bright shiny aura. She was a nice lady, so I let slide that I thought she was a looney. That was 20 years ago. My aura must be filthy by now. Funny memory.

  • persiamotorman

    I met a girl who claims to regularly see the Archangels although I highly doubt that even the prophets in the Bible saw them so often. And there's a local medium who knows and is the master of everything…..Reiki master, Master Shaman, Communicator with the dead. Tarot reader. You name it. She apparently likes to get money to pay all the mortgages that her children owe, and she retired in Florida. I don't like her.

  • Frolicking Elf

    What a timely video: "she's just a narcissist that acts out of jealously." Sooo true. And you gotta wonder, how many "friends" does she really have if she reached out after so many months of distance with some made-up emergency? Gonna prepare myself for THAT hoover. Thanks Ollie, these gypsy panhandler manipulators are evil harpies with sharp talons!


    Yeah my coworker is a single black male that act just like this single white female towards me. He is jealous of me and want to take credit for my progress and how I do my work. Then try to embarrass me in front of customers even more ever since I told him I don't mind a hand pound or a high five other than that don't touch me. He didn't like that even though he said thank you for letting him know. Now he is even more horrible than before. Now I will keep working on not acknowledging him even when he acknowledges certain things about himself like wow my glasses are clean now. He is a sad old little boy that want to kill my joy and confidence. It won't happen.

  • Gemini Sun

    This reminds me of my white single female narcissist aunt and my male gay friend. Lol. My aunt is a painfully jealous narcissist and my male gay friend talks to dead people in his sleep……oh and sees them when he’s awake too 😩 Lol.

  • beccasteps

    I was upset this morning because every time I kept hitting this video it told me it was unavailable. And the other one you posted before this one. I don’t like it when YouTube messes with your videos because I like you and watch you everyday! You know this but YouTube tries to stop me frequently by unsubbing your channel from me or doing shit like this or taking the notification ring off. Arruuga!

  • beccasteps

    I feel like I know these people. Jolene was her name. She went back and forth with husbands and boyfriends and yes a Gypsy. And their was another one too. I fell into the new age movement and it’s easy for people of narc abuse to fall into it because we are looking for answers and these people pretend to have them. Don’t blame yourself for it, it’s a learning process and we as survivors of our family don’t feel like we deserve better. But now you know. Unfortunately I got robbed of 12 years with the same narc you had. I will be telling that story one day so if you’d like to hear more you can check out my channel at shipwreckedbeck. I only have one video up at the moment and it’s in regard to a narc mother. But I just got my mic and tripod in the mail yesterday and will be focusing more on spiritual narcissists shortly.

  • myreality

    Some psychics act as a therapist, essentially telling their clients that all is well, or that the crystal ball says you should leave your batterer husband, so they're not all narcs. That said, anyone claiming to know you better than yourself is a huge red flag.

  • anni dee

    Always wondered about the Akashic records thing… nice fantasy just like movies where you enter a giant room filled with scrolls. An archetypal place where all truth and knowledge reside for us to access. Nowadays it’s gone upside down from truth and we are pushed away from logic, truth and reason so hard, many of us are pushing back.

  • QuartuvLarry

    I had a roommate who was a narcissist, and he copied my passion for kayaking. But while my kayak is plastic and heavy like no composite boat is, he went and bought an inflatable kayak; got punctured on his first trip to Tennessee with his girl. I wonder if he cursed me for his ruined vacation…

  • Barbra Loveless

    Still no problems viewing your content, as well as no issues with notifications. It's very possible to be another issue with people's YouTube and/or mobile/PC settings again.

    This video was particularly creepy for me. My first "best friend" of the same sex in young adulthood was EXACTLY like this. In fact, I listened to some sections more than once just to make sure it wasn't actually her. I even refer to her as the crazy girl who "SWF'd me". Shudder 🤢

  • sun beagle

    I left my body once and ended up on a tour bus with Willie Nelson; we shared 20 or 30 doobies together; ever since that bus ride I have the urge to always listen to the song, "I''ll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again."

  • Victoria Akre

    I think the psychic stuff was partly a "shit test". She wanted to know if you were willing to be completely subservient to her, and believe anything she said. Which you did and you were for a while. I've also attracted people into my life who were a lot like my narcissist mother. It's as if some part of me, without realizing, wants to keep repeating the relationship with her in hopes of finally "helping/saving" her and getting it right.

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