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The Narcissist's Version of Love is Damaging & Dysfunctional

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  • Nola Fly

    Omg You just don’t know how much this video is helping me today. I had just finished watching another video a couple of minutes ago and I was sitting here in tears as I reflect upon my relationship with the EX-Narc after hearing the person in the video say that the Narcissist will punish you if you don’t do what they want. No matter how good you are to them and no matter how much you consistently do for them on a daily basis, you are only as good as your last good deed. I am in tears as I reflect on a situation where I had been staying over at my ex-Narc’s house. One morning before she went to work, she had asked me to change the sheets on her bed. I agreed to do it and went back to sleep fully intending to do it later on that day. However my son called me and he was terribly ill and needed to go to the hospital. As I was driving away, I remembered the bedsheets so I texted the Ex-Narc to let her know that I had to leave in a hurry to get my son to a hospital and didn’t have time to do it. She went silent for a couple of hours then out of the blue later on that night, I get a text from the ex Narc saying that she “is off her beam” and needs some space. She didn’t even inquire about me or my son’s health. I didn’t hear from her for two weeks after that despite both my son and myself being sick. I’m in tears right now just thinking about how horrible and painful that experience was for me. My ex is such a monster. I cannot believe that I allowed myself to be with a person like that. I am currently no contact and have been no contact since January 1. These videos are my lifeline that are helping me to process through this. Thank You!

  • Shanice Horton

    My mom used to ask me for money I used to give her money until I found out it was to buy drugs when I stopped giving her money she would slam things talk about me in the other room to people on the phone as if I wasnt there she would call me a hypocrite while I was reading my bible in the morning and i just noticed that if i didnt give her what she wanted i went thru hell on earth but if I did give her what she wanted she would be nice to me only for a little while then it went back to her begging for money and I would tell her no at that time I was a single mom only 21 saving up to move out and get me and my child away from her and she knew I was saving up but I went thru it until I saved up and got out of her house now I'm 27 and I haven't back to her house ever I been on my own and doing very well with my husband that treats me like the Queen I am

  • AngelsAmongUs Believe

    Thank you so much! This video clears up alot of what I experienced. Its very draining and exhausting to not want to hit a low point around a N. You always have to be doing something for the N to stay out of that low point or they will enjoy a punishment coming your way!

  • Mike Smith 116

    These narcs do nothing but distort our reality . My narcissistic father distorts my reality and my narcissistic mom does the same thing but my father is worse he even stalks me online . Even after no contact he still stalks me especially on channels talking about the way he acts .


    Another awesome video! Sounds like you're talking about my mother and other family members. They use to get to me as a kid, but I vibrate too high for them now & I rock with other survivors like you! Keep teaching!!

  • Geeya6

    You can see the hurt in your eyes,I’m so sorry for your pain.I don’t think there is anything worse than a narcissistic mother.These women are our first real connection to the world.💔

  • linda gaston

    My mother damaged me severely. I felt that in order for her to love me I had to make her happy. My whole life was spent surrounded by narcs and pleasing them. At work, my husband, kids. Had to buy love. I woke up, now I'm mad and it's payback time. Never again will a narc hurt me. I will destroy a narc. Thanks for your help your really great.

  • Marrissa Ferguson

    When I dont agree with my mother, she completely ignores me or gives me the silent treatment. Once I am okay with it and not let it bother me, a day or two later, she talks to me like ignoring me never took place and I'm left confused.

  • Kameshia Simmons

    So true, my narc mom NEVER has said I love you or any replacement word for it to me. I vowed when I became a mom to give my children all of the love & nurturing that I never got. My kids are such a blessing, we stopped the cycle of NPD, they are "woke" & aware of it, & we created our own new way of being a loving family.

  • Fiyah Empress

    WOW…. You hit the nail on the head. It is a vicious cycle that keeps REPEATING itself OVER and OVER and OVER–all the while blaming YOU! IT IS DAMAGING! It is like being sucked into the middle of a tornado trying to claw your way out while also trying to make sense of the storm going on around you. 😞 You videos do help. Thank you. ❤

  • Judy Tax

    I’ve always said that my ex loved me conditionally and now I know that’s really true. I always knew in my gut that if I gained weight he would leave and he did. But now I know that was a huge blessing!!!

  • tracey jennings

    Holly I luv supporting ur channel you do ur research I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have a narc mom must be horrible you can discard other people but we can't totally discard a mom I'm sorry for u God bless you have helped me tremendously thank u

  • Daniel Williamson

    All the Time She would switch it ON & OFF like a switch We had past conversations saying "I can't turn my feeling off like a Tap" But you can Always putting me on Block then unblock it was just not healthy i am Glad for the Discard it is like floating on a fluffy happy cloud without them They can Love how you make them feel then turn it off when you DONT comply to their standards its crazyness

  • Tijera Slack

    My mom would say she loved me and would show it in ways of “Acts of Service”, but not empathetic to any of me and my sister’s issues growing up. She always wanted to keep up a good image in front of others. She would tell me and my sister that we weren’t pretty growing up. I always wondered why our relationship got real bad when I came home from the Army but it’s because I gained some individuality. When I was unemployed in pregnant in 2016, she would always help with bills but say, “I can’t keep helping you.” So when I said I’ll relocate and find work she said, “I was in rebellion and not in God’s will, but supposed to help her and my Dad with the church.” I’ve been in Las Vegas for a year and landed an awesome Microsoft project with good pay. I’m able to take care of my daughter without assistance from her or anyone else.

  • Y S

    Yes very true! A narcissist’s love is never stable and never consistent let alone unconditional! Their love is very volatile and changeable and unpredictable like the weather! One minute they love you the next minute they hate you! One minute they want to rescue you and save your life the next minute they want to kill you snd want you dead! They are very moody and so is their love! Their love is also very selfish which means they will only love you when it’s all about them! Which means that they will only love you for what you are able to give them and provide them and for how you make them feel and for what you can do for them and offer them! Also narcissists only love you in good times! Never in bad times! Healthy and normal people will love you in good and bad times!

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