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The Narcissist’s Epiphany: When They Suddenly See The Light

In this episode, The Little Shaman discusses the narcissist’s epiphany, where they seem to understand everything you’re asking for and resolve to do it.

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  • k m

    YES YES YES… I had to start recording conversations to realize this… yes every conversation since 2016… sad to realize just how few conversations … haha conversation.. ya right you mean competition…
    THANK YOU … and sooo glad your back.. this is 1 thing few address and you covered it brilliantly

  • John Hooper

    She never saw the light.. Even when I broke up with her I got: She is confused and maybe it is ALL HER FAULT.. she is exhausted and hurt.. boo hoo.. Sounds like an apology – it is not.. It was just another way to put me in the place of comforting her.. although I broke up with her because of her behavior.. I heard that line: I am doing EVERYTHING WRONG quite often.. It is the perfect pitty victim guilt tripp card and you really have to be quite aware to not go weak on sweet pitty female eyes.. She got me with that..

  • Nettonya Ryane

    An epiphany and resultant behavior change were the bait for future emotional abuse.

    Great cognitive dissonance resulted from the extreme differences between the “epiphany” behaviors and the segue into abuse. Hope alternated by despair.

    The knowledge that this was deliberate on the Nex’s part originally hurt, then disgusted me. Finding out who he was made it easier to leave the situation.

    Loving the freedom from his negative take on life!

    Thanks for this!❤️

  • John Hooper

    The beauty and the beast is a perfect example.. (yeah dont judge me.. I have seen this movie in school when a teacher was to exhausted and just pushed a tv in our classroom and played this movie on VHS) since then this is one of my favorite christmas movies.. 😀 Ok.. the beast behaves like an ashole.. but suddenly when belle runs away.. he saves her from the hord of wolves.. and from that moment he is nice and charming.. (of course Bell also is a very strong character and is not submissive).. Problem is: In real life.. they never change.. They rely and feed on our hope and fairy tail thinking..

  • Virginie Gosselin-Février

    Epiphanies are also part of the hoovering while in the relationship when they know they went too far and they are going to loose you… Its only dictated by their fear of abandonment and rejection. Its mainly only words they seem to believe themself in the moment to suck you back in… Actions never follow…. or rarely more than 24 hours.

  • sophie

    Words I needed to hear. After a while the epiphanies seem shallow and are just as heartbreaking as the tantrums. Your videos are such a comfort and help me get through these cycles. Thank you so much

  • Ice Maid

    The essence of Narcissism is the inability to go through an even-paced emotional process. They're too busy using their emotional drama to control people. They're too focused on themselves and getting what they want to care about anyone else.

  • Carol Duncan

    An epiphany in context of the narcissist.
    Yes, I went through this b/c I wanted to believe change was possible.
    On my last day with this individual, I saw change was not possible (it was staring me straight in the face) – I was very tired, hurt, anxious, depleted etc … This unhealthy mindset had become my new normal.
    On this particular day, I had my epiphany and acted upon it right out the door. Seriously, it was all too much to endure any longer.

  • Nerd of God

    They had an epiphany that they suddenly get what you've been trying to tell them.
    Then you had an epiphany that they are full of crap and everything coming out of their mouth is a lie.
    But your epiphany is not true because only their epiphany is.
    So that makes you a liar that doesn't love them and makes them a victim of your abuse. How could you be so mean and cruel and "trick" them into coming back only to leave them again.
    At least, that has been my personal experience.

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