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The narcissist’s biggest trap

The narcissist’s trap of inviting you out of integrity

Reprogramming Flashbacks & Self-Talk:

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  • Raggedy daCat

    HELP! Child is trapped. It is ONE teacher. 10 minute long ranting rage with shaming blaming belittling language. Child stood stoic, not expression, not movement , standing still waiting for her to finish. Reported verbal assault to principal of school. Principal blamed child for teachers misbehavior. Small school no way out of the class. Now mobbing 5 teachers on one child. Back biting reporting child to principal and not teacher is dealing with their issues (which of course are petty and/or untrue. Principal "Your kid needs to watch how she is coming off to staff she did not say hello to a teacher when they said hello to her in busy hallway, she did not even look at the teacher who said Hi. She never even heard the teacher she was hurrying to class and no teacher has every stopped her in the hallway to say hi. Accused of disrespect not true, now rude, also not true. The teacher who started it all went to principal saying she had to yell at my child to get her to listen. (this is a teacher who YELLS all the time and was first time she ever had to raise voice to my child. She kept saying stop coloring and pay attention. My child thought she was talking to someone else because she was not coloring she was sketching with a pencil. When teacher raised voice she realized it was directed at her and put her sketch book away. They all know she sketches in spare time while waiting for the other students to finish working. She complied with the teacher and put the sketch book away. Since teacher reported to principal she had to raise her voice to get child's attention the principal imposed consequence – Child must sit in front row of all of her classes and have all her instructions written on the board so if she can't hear the instructions at least she can read them. Her sketch book she has had for 3 years is to be placed in her locker every morning from now till the end of the school year and she may not remove it until school is dismissed at the end of each day. The policy for addressing problems is as follows. First second and third offense "below the line Beauvoir slips" are sent home . Next First, second and third verbal warning and then phone call to parents. then if not corrected a meeting with parents to put a fix it plan in place, after that a fix it plan implemented with time to work on whatever issues child has. My child has never even received a below the line behavior slip let alone a verbal warning in three years! She has 46 ABOVE THE LINE behavior slips. Child can feel the hatred and hostile environment now. She is terrified everyday. I went in to the school and asked if I could accompany her and the police were called behind my back and showed up angry accusing me of harassing! I made a request in a calm tone and was waiting patiently in the hallway for answer. It is crazy! There is no authority over the principal other than the school board. When I placed call to the school board to be placed on the next meetings agenda the board member was hostile, angry, and yelled We will not put you on the agenda before I even asked the question so apparently the principal had already covered all avenue and shut down any possibility for me to resole the problem or talk to any of my child's teachers. She is suffering from betrayal tau ma from teachers she had trusted, anxiety, night terrors, and panic attacks. I was serve with a no trespass order and can't enter the school grounds without being arrested. I will be arrested if I call or email any teachers. I am at wits end and child is getting worse every day. Thanks L'Chaim!

  • Sunny C.

    Oh My God you have just confirmed what I was suspecting ! I'm so grateful for your videos! For a while I was blaming myself thinking maybe I am the one who is a narcissist. I felt guilty for my behavior towards someone and now I clearly see that I was provoked for years. At times I didn't even recognize myself anymore I've become "the crazy one". Thank you for you help , videos, support, information! I wish I saw this video earlier.

  • Julie Davidson

    Hey Meredith, I just loved this video…and explaining the dog whistling behaviour. You explained this in a way that totally resonated with me and a term of behaviour that I have seen in others but couldn't understand it. ……now I totally get it. Thank you for all your wonderful videos and sharing your knowledge. I'm going to be signing up to your SCM Courses as I'm just inspired from this video. Hugs. Xxx

  • Sam Bonderud

    I believe there is a mind way to look at this dynamic of narcessist and a emotional and thus a relational. We are relational beings. It's our soul. At the end of a narcessist(selfish) entrapment is the fear that our soul has been ripped out. Truth is we need our Father in heaven and this is enough. For it is by Grace u have been saved through Faith lest no man can boast. We love because we have been loved first at the cross. Once you realize the true healing will begin. Because we can go round and round like the narcessist trying to figure out why we can't be happy. Trust and obey for there is no other way. Who do we trust who do we obey. Whom do we have faith in whom do we believe. Fear is a liar. Forgiveness is found at the cross. I'm afraid this root. All roads under the sun lead to this dynamic that so many are seeing now because as a society relationships, the Family and Integrity is breaking down. A disintegration of manhood. The Father the son and the relationship between the two. The holy spirit. Truth is Grace. El Shaddai. "ONE"!

  • Mike Smolyansky

    She is absolutely right . It’s an addiction for them . They will never stop. They feel miserable when everyone ignores them. We had guy working for us. The more we ignore his behavior the more childish he got by making stupid noises , laughed by himself . He would Talked about his brother being a genius . Completely crazy shit.
    I wish I knew what I know now . We kicked him out 3 years ago.

    It’s so true that they seek total idiots as friends so they can dominate them and they are on the mission to degrade or destroy the people that dont submit to them. It drives them crazy ….
    Don’t tell them anything the suspense will drive them crazy too.

  • real deal

    I hate when your brother over because they are so informative they have really helped me your blessing God bless you and keep up the good work Meredith. Keep it up you could definitely be helping way more than myself pretty sure

  • MsMadLemon

    One thing that really helps me when learning a bit more on the goings on inside the narc's mind is that it doesnt seem personal, it seems like they're going by protocol? That thought kinda makes it easier because one thought that has haunted and i feel caused what feels like irreparable damage to me in the past are the thoughts "What did I ever do to him except be nice?" or "It's my fault it didnt go well, I did something wrong".. which were eating away at my insides for a couple of years after. I was never the same again. How I wish there was somebody to tell me "it's not you, it's him" back then.
    Thank you for the video.

  • Kenny Soo

    Everyday I have to face narcissistic traps. I wonder why the Narcissist seems to be able to get away with every thing. e.g. During family dinner he said if he could kill someone he would kill me 1st, bcos he could get the pension money from my partner if I die. When I point that out and said that wasn't very nice what he said. The guests went dead silent and the narcissist said to me why I was so mean to him. And my partner told me in private afterwards that I shouldnt ruin the peaceful atmosphere. The narcissist has been saying sarcastic and mean things to me for many years and he never has any problem with it, but once I point it out, I become the bad guy ruining everything. It is like he can hypnotize everyone. It is unbelievable!

  • Cubbie Smith

    I discarded my narc husband for this same reason its a game then he would say I was a nut he called the police on me once they smelled his alcohol abuse they took me to a woman shelter this is where I began my freedom. I'm know longer with this creep

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