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The Narcissist's Abuse Test

I clearly remember the day the narcissist when from sweet to nasty.
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  • dawn gavin

    I feel he tricked me into marrying him early one evn tho I knew the risks. As soon as I married him, he started calling me a F'in B!!! Became super controlling n I never saw the nice guy again in 13 years of marriage. Being a Christian I tried everything to fix this not knowing what it was. 2 kids later it was revealed to me on the computer one-day what he IS!!! I got a DVO n endured 5 years of legal n financial abuse. He recently alienated my oldest son against me. They never stop. Run as soon as u realize what yr dealing with as I did. I don't understand ppl who get this n stay w an abuser one more day. I had nothing, was homeless n had grueling court dates w the demon. He took my kids twice, told ppl not to help me, sent strangers to my home to hurt me over n over. It's mind blowing n no one believes u.

  • Sunny Daye

    Other than being born into Narc abuse, the others I had similar events where I should have left, instead u thought I could fix them, live them to health etc. Nightmares each of them. 20/20 hindsight. I do believe I was groomed at birth to take the blame for all of their crazy crap. No longer, with all the education you and others have provided, I clearly see where I made bad decisions to stay too long. Thanks again for the video.

  • Super SisterTalk

    Breaking point was the day after we had sex. It’s like the parasite that controls them touched my Holy Water and it started dying and taking down Narc host with It. Narc went insane and did exactly what yours did. Not just one, but all my Narc exes went insane the day after we first had sex.

  • Elizabeth Collier

    2 months after I got married.. the downhill breakneck ride began. It's true, I consented to it. What I should have done is file for an annulment. But nooooo… I took the abuse. Smh. 1 yr later, I filed for divorce.
    You look great Kim!!!
    God bless all of you!!!

  • isabelle parise

    I can see in the hypnotic eye they have so I control and keep my power and avoid to look at there seductive smile lol. In this way I will not give in and I also listen to my intuition. I also try to connect on having good intention with others that also help to not give in the mind game.

  • Dominique Contant

    Yes, you're right Kim. In the spiritual dimensions this is a 'free will' universe, and the demons are supposedly to adhere to that. Therefore we do have to use our free will to accept going into situations with narcs. We never obviously get the whole truth of what the hell-scape will be, but we mostly ignore our gut instincts and let our illusions win out. Ultimately, it's what we can learn about the most (illusion vs reality) if we get out intact.

  • Susanna Paterson

    So good to see you back Kim. Not sure it was God telling you to stop talking though 😐. Looks like a really concerted effort to shut you down
    I’m so astonished you would take that kind of behaviour from someone (Trevor)so soon. You’re super intelligent, funny, beautiful! But we get mesmerised. Very quickly.
    I got a much slower erosion couched in very intense love bombing. Never devalued to my face but an insidious attack on my values. Ultimatums. Isolation
    Until I’m flopping around, a very much boiled frog’ .
    Keep going Kim.
    Much love and God bless xxx

  • check mate

    So glad to see/hear from you! I don't think FB is targeting you, probably flying monkeys hitting report , then (like myself & some of my friends are put in fb jail for a bit, and then also, everytime they update app, my phone has hard time, … can't post or like anything for (most times) 2 days

  • Autumn

    God Bless. Spiritual warfare is real. I don’t agree with that you have to give a demon permission to hurt you. Babies, cats, dogs get attacked without permission especially during hauntings. Some are attacked still in the womb before even being born. Satan’s legion is powerful and a lot of alcoholics are possessed and the demon is in the driver’s seat taking over during drunk binges. I saw it first hand with my drunk Father. He used the belt on my sister and I. Those weren’t my Father’s eyes anymore. Stay away from drunks. They might kill you.

  • Mimi Mimi

    Yes hello Kim 😀👋!!
    Narcs are like a vampire movie, haha they do in their own weird way ask permission to be let in, don't let them in!!

    My Narcs breaking point was about 1 or 2 months into the relationship (which he was the one that wanted a relationship fast too BTW) anyways I was out with a friend, (female) and when I got home around 1am or so, right as I was getting out of the car I look to my right and see a shadowy figure walking towards my friends car. It wasn't long before I realized who that shadowy figure was.
    So I told my friend "let's get the hell outta here!!"
    She did just that and we drove off to her house.
    The next morning I got a call from the woman I was living with at that time, and she said my Narc "is crying and has been sitting out front, under the tree the whole night, and that I need to come home cuz I shouldn't treat him like that."…….
    I was shocked!! he worked his evil magic on an 83 year old woman to the point she was mad at me.
    I knew all that he pulled was a red flag! But strangely I wasn't in control at that time.
    So I ended up "letting him in."
    Flash forward 16 Years, and a lotta abuse in every aspect of the definition of the world later, he's in jail and taking me to trial soon, because he refuses to plead guilty for what he did……The tests keep coming don't they?
    But I have remained no contact for about four months now.
    Best advice and thing to do hands down.

  • Xennia Goode

    Lovely to see and hear you, beautiful lady. Thank you Kim been following you a few years and you'll never know how much you've helped me keep breathing, fighting and healing. Thank you ❤💛 you've a giant heart of gold x

  • mia lio

    Kim you saved my life!!!! Your channel is a God sent🙏 you are a God sent!! How I wish I could of learned about narcissistic personality disorder 9 years ago.. I almost died and I finally got out miraculously I must say. I watch your videos every night and that’s how I stay focused. I thought I was the only one going through this toxic rollercoaster!! I was cheated on. Emotionally, mentally, physically abused who I thought was my world for 9 years…you stories is like I’m looking in the mirror. Plz know that you have made a difference in my life and others… thank you from the bottom of my life. I’m finally out and will stay out!!!

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