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Narc Survivor is no stranger to narcissistic abuse. With 30 years of personal experience and psychology research, he is someone who truly understands what it is like to fall victim to a sadistic emotional predator.

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  • Lydia Pohl-graham

    The x was in a relationship with a bipolar woman who had sex with a man in his bedroom while he was sitting in the living room And he admitted sometimes he would join them. What really bothered me about this is that he didn’t think anything was wrong with that picture !

  • AbsoluteMdot

    My Narc ''Friend'' was sleeping with her boss for a come up. She noticed that he was higher up in the company, made good money and had nice things. She ended up marrying him they had 2 kids and her provided her with a nice house and decent car. When she became bored with the relationship she started cheating on him. Her and her husband were at her sons baseball game when she noticed a guy who was the ''Bad boy'' and drove a BMW she baited that poor mad followed him to his car and got into the passenger seat to pursue him all while her husband was sitting on the bleachers cheering on the kids. She made up all these lies about her husband and tried to smear is name. They ended up divorced and she moved her boyfriend into her and her husbands home temporarily until it could be sold so her and her soon to be ex-husband could split whatever money from the house. My Narc ''Friend'' is still with the guy she has been cheating on her husband with and it has been karma for the both of them. She had 2 kids with him as well and they are both miserable. She treats him like he is of a lower class than her, and overall treats him like shit! He will not marry her and she is constantly miserable with him but uses social media to pretend that they are this happy blended family. She is nothing but the Jezebel Spirit!!!!

  • B Belizy

    You are spot on again! My narc demanded sex multiple times a day, and if I refused I would have HELL to pay for months. The next time I had sex with him he'd make sure he hurt me (inside) even more. He'd give me the silent treatment for a week or more. He'd bring up my "refusal" to have sex with him months later. He'd call me a lousy lover. It did not matter one single bit to him how tired i was, or if I didn't want to. If he got home before I was able to get out of the house and go to work, he would demand sex if he caught me heading out the door with my full make up on, my hair done for the day, and business clothes on. None of that mattered to him, he demanded sex. Actually, the fact that I had full make up, hair, and clothes on was even better for him. He knew how upsetting that would be for me. He knew he'd start my day off with traumatizing me. He never needed to have that much sex. He just wanted to hurt me and abuse me. I think deep down he's a pedophile!

  • tiff roberts

    There are empaths who are able to orchestrate group sessions and are quite happy to have fun in unsavoury love acts with many or an individual at the empaths discretion, everyone going home happy to continue with their daily lives until the next top-up. The empath knows how to establish rules of engagement so that no boundaries are crossed (keyword) boundaries = no broken marriages and everyone is safe. Just like the narcissist, they too can enjoy such acts but unlike the narcissist, they don't choose to dwell in that mindset and livelihood being stuck in their perversion. There is nothing fruitful from perversion in the long-run. Narcs get paranoid when they have a lover, especially if they have children together, who will do all the things that they want in the room. They wonder if that is what is happening behind their back when they are not around. Most likely it's not but that's the narcs karma.
    With that said & looking at my last comment, I'm going to check out a new laptop, my devices have been hacked in the past, by narcs.
    Enjoy your week survivors – Thanks for the insight 🙂

  • Chaos Maestra

    Where is the line drawn here exactly? Where is the distinction between narc perversion and normal healthy kink? It's adult consent, theorietically, but when manipulation comes into play, or sexual trauma unrelated to narc abuse it gets really muddy. Unless you're saying that all sex abusers are also narcissists, which I'm not denying.

  • Alessandra Kimmy

    They tend to make comments like: he/she is not good in bed….what does this even mean? I dont understand the meaning of this as it feels like a competition rather than a moment of being close to the person you love! How can you be measured as being good or bad? In bed? This can be a red flag in my view to hear someone talking like this about your partner/ex or anyone else

  • Jade O'Shaunessy

    They cast a wide net young, easily led,they usually have at least one STD but with the covert narc they don't bother hiding what they are up to.. we empaths get a lot of gaslighting . I believe they must have parent who acted this way

  • Claudia Borjas

    I was married to a Narcissistic Perv, covert, malignant. He lived a double life and had 2 families. I was the primary source. When I discovered him I left. That was 8 yrs ago. It has taken me a while to recover, but I think I'm finally there. Now he's being nice and generous with his money, a hoover, but I'm done and over it. I recently started dating a man who can see me and is empathetic. Hopefully the relationship has the elements to go long term, otherwise I now know I must walk away if I need to.

  • Jack Frost

    99.999% of the human race are narcissistic pervert voyeurs who enjoy exploiting children and adults alike and then finding boogie men to scapegoat. A bunch of loin-cloth-wearing, primitive pygmies. Watching people 24/7 so they can love to hate them. Sick fucks. But they'll get what's coming to them.

  • Dianna Caliente

    So grateful that you Exposed this! THIS is what is Seldom
    Talked about-The Pervert goes
    From relationship to relationship Ruining EVERY Relationship Unless they find
    A Victim Willing to Live In
    Denial and Enabling them to
    Keep up the FACADE Of a
    Normal Life. The TRUTH Is
    Any1 In relationship w/ a
    Narcissistic Pervert is Actually
    In a PRECARIOUS Situation.

  • Jane Doe

    You keep on using the term 'inappropriate' to describe the sexual behaviours of narcissists, but don't cite examples. Since you are using the term inappropriate rather than 'illegal', I'm going to hedge my bets here and flatly state that you consider any display of sexuality from someone whom you consider to be a narcissist to be inappropriate. You are consumed by hatred, and are clearly completely oblivious to the direction that you are headed in. I consider your channel a joke.

    "“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that he does not become a monster”. – Friedrich Nietzsche

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