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The Narcissistic Family and The Abused Scapegoat

The Narcissistic family dynamic is beyond confusing and very unhealthy. The dynamic creates patterns of abuse that are very hard to break and deviating for the scapegoat of the family. These patterns tend to create the cycle of abuse for generations and the family never realizes they are in an abuse cycle. The dynamic of the family is as follows…

Narcissist- Parent/Abuser

Co-dependent- Other Parent (sometimes an Empath)

Golden Child- Who becomes a Narcissist as well and co-abuser

Scapegoat- The Empath that is abused and speaks up

Mascot- Sibling that is the lead flying Monkey and secondary abuser

Lost Children- Also flying Monkey’s but are stuck
between feelings of abuse and support to the scapegoat.



  • C S

    Well said! I feel every minute of the same pain and yes, it is like a cult! This has been my nightmare for 30 years but they will never admit the truth. They can have each other if that’s what they need to make themselves satisfied. Sick and sad and I no longer want any part of it!

  • The Divine Self

    It’s very sad and super hard when you’re the scapegoat and realize the dynamic. Very lonely and it is literally the fight of your life and the fight for your life. Good for you for breaking free and breaking the cycle. You get to truly live a happy healthy life Narcissist and abuse free. Hang in there.

  • The Divine Self

    I hope that works out for you. Good for you for realizing you’re in that dynamic and empowering yourself. It very hard when I’m the “cult” or the family dynamic for the other members to see anything is wrong. One thing that worked for me was to step back and not allow myself to be supply anymore and lead by example and not say a word. Eventually they have to find a new scapegoat or the family facade will fall apart. Stay strong and put good energy out there that your daughter learns the truth too.

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