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The Narcissist True and False Self and CPTSD

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  • Heather Mamatey

    Wow. What you described about malignant narcs/psychopaths having a demonic vibe when the mask is gone… I know exactly what you're talking about. I have always considered this the only supernatural experience of my life. My narc/sociopath ex and I were fighting in my old apartment, and I stepped away to go to the bathroom. When I came back out, he was gone. Now, his physical body was still there, flipping through the diary I'd stupidly left lying on my couch. But whoever was inhabiting his body, was NOT HIM.

    He actually looked different – like his body but on steroids. His muscles and neck were bigger and more pronounced. And his eyes were reptilian – a glittering yellow. I felt like I was encountering some kind of alien intelligence that had bad intent. The atmosphere of the room was unlike anything I've ever experienced – it was like a serial killer had just walked into the room. I felt a very palpable demonic energy. I recognized it immediately, almost like we humans come pre-programmed to recognize this sort of thing. I know exactly what you mean about people who aren't especially religious, coming face to face with evil like this and then understanding that Satan, etc. – that shit is real. I know because it happened to me, and I will remember that day til I die.

    I was sort of frozen with fear, and wouldn't go anywhere near him. I stood across the room. He continued brazenly flipping through my diary while I stood there, and then tossed it aside. After a couple minutes, the demon was gone and my ex's personality had once again inhabited his body. I never saw him change like that again, although there were many occasions when I got a very bad vibe from him – almost vampiric. I have no idea what this all means (this happened before I even knew about narcissists, sociopaths or any of it). I just know that an encounter with evil will change you. I've really loved your videos and if you care to lend some of your perspective on this, I would be very grateful.

  • Eleven By Five

    Thank you so much for going into such depth on this. You clarified a lot of things for me. It also occurred to me how if an eating disorder were personified, it would probably be some kind of narcissist/antisocial personality disordered person, and how many of the methods of narcissistic abuse it employs against its victim. Gaslighting for one! Anyway, thank you again. This was extremely helpful. xx

  • Venus Kazimi

    I have a question I really need to ask, and I am dying for a very honest answer! 🙂 You see, throughout my Life, I have fallen "in Love" three times. I have had plenty more "relationships", but the only three I can remember very well, are the ones where I felt this compulsive, magnetic attraction….literally coming from my body. It was irresistable, the kind of "love at first sight"-attraction…. But in all three cases, the "love" seemed to be only coming from my side in the end. The first two guys I would not necessarily put in "the narcissist club", even though they probably lean towards it "scale-wise". But the third and final one, OMG, that was a taste of the purest evil that I didn't even know existed! So now I have been doing a lot of self-work during the previous two years, and I didn't even want a relationship. I enjoyed my own company and exploring the depths of who I really am. But last week, I went out to have a drink with a guy who is professionally active on themes like 'trauma' and 'reiki healing', 'family patterns' etc. We talked for 4 hours non-stop and it was sooooo wonderful all the way through. He gave me compliments regarding my insights and understanding, and at the end of the evening, he said he "would like to get to know me better on a more personal level". So when I drove home, I was going crazy! I was thinking to myself: "yes, I did enjoy this evening, and yes, I would love to spend more time with this guy….BUT no, I did NOT feel the 'typical' magnetic attraction"…. and for some reason, I don't want to give that up…. Is the life of a recovered "narc-magnet" clear from these extraordinary sensations? Will I never feel that way again? Is the "magnetic thing" only part of the dysfunctional relationship?

  • wayne sharp

    They can make a normal person violent, they are master's at pushing the right buttons in order too make someone explode and this will go in their favour making you the violent person whilst they sit back feeling better in themselves. It's twisted and your lucky if you walk away without being in shit.

  • Ruby Stern

    Since going no contact with all the narcs in my life and there were several, I started realizing a lot of the drama in my life seems to be attributed to this magnetic pull between me and narc types. It seems I get targeted a lot. Not only in my personal life but professional life as well. I'm always trying to help everyone and boost them up, due to my upbringing, overt narc mother, covert narc father and overt, golden child younger brother. They all embarked on a huge smear campaign against me because I outed by brothers covert narc wife. After 3 years my entire extended family caught on to her, but it was hell because I was totally ousted by my entire family. U are right about creating inner strength. But here's the thing I think the pattern keeps repeating until u can successfully change ur persona. I want to trust people but I have cut out close friends because I don't trust people. It's a really sad situation

  • Irish Jester

    My understanding from Vaknin and Grannon, is that deep down they primarily feel Shame. and NPD is actually a defense mechanism to avoid & run from those deep feelings of shame & negative internal voices, and they've shoved them down & buried it deep, and continue to run.

    The offense to criticism & narcissistic injury is also a reaction because it subconsciously touches on those past feelings of shame.

  • joan baczek

    explains why i yell and scream and bad words in response to a silent treatment, then feels so bad for it i take all the blame for everything and let the narc believe for a time (then i get angry again later cus it is a lie) i yelled and caused the silent treatment.

  • Feniks Phoenix

    I just discovered your channel. You can explain it so well. Thank you for your time, positive energy and knowledge.
    Needless to say I subbed your channel. About that so called friend of yours, I can say had a simular experience. Where
    you have known this person for 6 years, my narc friend was in my life for 25! And yes they are demons, when you
    see their mask slip.

    Kind regards from the Netherlands

  • Kaleb st clair

    You do such a great service for the people hurt by the cluster b disorders thank you from my heart please keep informing people because even through your horrible experiences as a victim you are helping so much and I think this knowledge and pain is gonna be your silver lining- god bless- you!

  • Bud Bud

    Not to birddog your video, but I'm not sure about that Sam guy. I don't know if he is self reflecting or taking advantage of a niche in the self help market. The FBI used to interview Bundy for his insider perspective. I've seen a lot of other authors roll their eyes at the mention of his name. Some of his videos do have something to offer. I watched a video of a TV show about psychopaths in relationships. He and his girlfriend were the subject (it's on youtube). It made my skin crawl. The way he treated his girlfriend was all to familiar. It's hard to watch his videos after that.

  • Mind the Alligators

    I took an online inventory for narcissism, not because I thought I was narcissistic as I was pretty well sure I was not (otherwise the narcissists in my life probably would've been a lot less noxious to me and vice-versa), but just to understand that much more what a narcissistic mindset might be like. I don't recall how high a potential score went on that instrument – somewhere in the upper 20s I believe – and the scoring section said that an average score was around 12-15, celebrities typically scored around 16-18, and narcissists typically scored 20 or higher. I scored a 4. Looking at the questions, not all of those things would necessarily be terrible traits to have, for example liking to look at one's body, considering oneself special, believing that one is going someplace special in life…I think it'd be rather a nice world if everybody could look in the mirror every day and say, "hey, that Zumba's really paying off…good thing I'm lookin' good today too, because I'm going to go out there and do something great and I might as well do it in style! I'd better get a move on, too – nobody else is quite like me so if I don't do what I'm uniquely equipped to do, the world is going to miss out!" To a degree I think we need a few of these things as ego defense…I don't know if the average person really needs 12-15 such recurring thoughts, but I wonder if I might do better in life if I had, say, 6 of them rather than 4.

  • Mel morr

    You may want to read Sam's book more than once. I have re-read his book several times as I go through this process and find how it sheds light on my personal experiences each time. Having grown up with a Narcissistic mother and still dealing with her today it helps keep things in perspective.

  • The Narcissist's Scapegoat

    Construction noise plus CPTSD…. the workers around me are lucky I'm smart enough never to have bought a weapon. There is about a two percent chance I wouldn't have shot them all in their heads one after the other. My landlord would be sitting in a pool of his own blood right now! Oh wow, what a beautiful image.

  • B Psyked

    The part @28:4230:34 where you describe the distinction between Narcs true and false self is really clarifying There's no vlog which points to the wounded child as being a part of Narc's false self, an excuse for their behavior. Very eye opening. Thanks!

  • Buddha Pest

    My ex told me I needed to learn about borderline and with the emotional mood swings I was going through I was believing that's what I was. She said as an aside to learn about narcissism and she was going to coach me through. She said she wasn't going to abandon me as she was hoovering me three months after discard. When I heard about the covert and codependent, trauma bond and PTSD I knew that was it. She would always keep in touch to talk about what I'd learned. One day I texted her that I was a classic codependent to a textbook narcissist and she replied with, "you're f****d, no contact." Amazingly, I spoke to her of things I felt bad about that I had done to other kids back in grade school as far as grade two. Like when my dog bit a kid and a girl who's love note and candy I publicly refused and I told her I'd sometimes feel like apologizing to them. I can't imagine what she must have thought about that. Sam used to trigger me a lot in the beginning as well as Spartan. I could only handle them in doses. Now I think Sam is amazing, still haven't seen Ritchie in a while.

  • narc whisperer

    your Amazing thank you for your dedication and patience in explaining cluster B and all of its crazy making I too am a Christian and I enjoy your spirit Sunday videos as well your swear campaign video sealed the deal for me and gave me the closure that I needed to keep moving forward

  • narc whisperer

    Dear God! you are anointed and appointed. You have spoken from the core of your every being. I resonate so well with every word you speak be encouraged young lady I have been in recovery for about 5 months now and am a product of a cluster b personality disordered unit. individuals sick, demonic and rotten every single part of the spectrum existed in my life… histrionic malignant comorbid BPD NPD psychopath sociopath avoidant you name it!! on no contact and getting stronger and researching and working and now into mindfulness and self-awareness giving back through administrating pages and various groups this has been gut-wrenching you have been so much help God bless you my sister

  • Belly Dancer

    I am so glad you brought the test up. That's what I am INFJ and INTJ fluctuations. incredible.. omg and the borderline thing too. I been seeing a psychiatrist for 4 years thinking I'm borderline and bipolar and I was with narcs. fuck I'm not alone. I also have realized with my own thought process and with therapy that I could mirror things based of my borderline/narc extremely abusive dad. my psychiatrist cleared me of all of that.

  • aitch69

    best video you have made! wish i had watched sooner. i have been worried by some narc traites i exhibit but. only when triggered.
    watching a previous vid of yours that listed 4/5 narc traites including one of my triggered traites, i imagined how had my ex watched it she would have ignored everything that related to her (all 4/5 traites) and totaly focused on the one traite i exhibit (when triggered) and label me a narc.
    learned so much from your vids, thankyou for your good work.

  • jilly G

    I was fascinated to see what a self aware narcissist would say so I looked up Sam Vaknin and found this amazing interview where he talks about being a Psychopathic Narcissist and also about how he and others like him operate and how to identify them. I have always wanted to know what it is like to be them, but never thought that would ever be possible because they typically cannot self reflect ever. Thank you for mentioning him it really helped a lot to hear the other side of it.

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