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The Narcissist Part II What Makes a Narcissist? Narcissim in adults, Narcissim in children

Narcissism is on the rise according to many experts in Psychopathology and the Exorcists we know and work with. What is Narcissism? Can we spot it from a distance?, What are the influencing controls and what are the ties to demonology? We’ll paint a broad stroke picture of some of the factors and effects of this very damaging toxic Mental mind set while tying in generational curses and diabolic influence. Only on The Reel Deels! Subscribe! Sr Farah Deel, OFS, OSDE and on the tech support Jacob Deel!



  • M E

    I seem to always miss the Live but I always listen to your show after. I adore you and I am trying to heal from being so empathic that I let people walk all over me. My ex was a narcissist but I have family that leach off me and they are homeless and because I’m not married they think they can just live in my home for free and treat me terribly. I know it’s wrong to take the abuse but at the same time I worry about them being on the street because at one time I did love them. I’m trying so hard to set boundaries. I need prayers. Also I remembered you and Ken at Mass during Communion. For Ken, this was the first time I didn’t take communion in my hands. That was kind of hard for me but I kept saying, I’m doing this for Ken. He advised me for such a brief second in life. You both don’t know how much you are loved and how you have touched lives♥️ Well I’m sure Ken knows now 😉

  • BalboaBunny

    I so appreciate you talking about this painful topic. It's really difficult to find a Catholic perspective on NPD EXPECIALLY NPD parents. Those of us who are trying to navigate our way through that experience are having a tough time of walking that narrow road between not losing our salvation (trying to honor our parents) and not losing our sanity (standing up for ourselves against the abuse of narcissistic parents) while trying to fulfill our obligation of caring for them in their old age. I do believe there is diabolic influence involved as I have seen the eyes, hair and other things completely change in my parent during an episode of narcissistic rage – very reminiscent of the scene in LOTR when Bilbo is briefly reunited with Frodo in Rivendell ( Having a NPD parent (or two) is a terrifying life long experience. I often wonder what God wants me to do in this situation. If you have any insight on how to be a loving Catholic (adult) child to the monster that is an NPD parent, please share that. Thanks and God bless you.

  • A.J. Manol

    Love your show! However, with much respect, I think this is such an important topic in relation to demonic influence that it deserves uninterrupted coverage, not a live feed with all the greetings. Very distracting! 😩

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