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The Narcissist does NOT want to Help You

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If you are wondering why it is a robot lady speaking… Narcissists hate me doing these videos so that is for my own protection.



  • Asad Zee

    Check this! All you ever wanted to do was save the narcissist and all they ever wanted to do was kill you!. How F**ked up is that?. You cannot be around someone worse and more F**ked up than that!. I'd like everyone to remember what I'm about to say. Every channel on narcissistic abuse says go no contact with the narcissists. That's only half the truth. THE WHOLE TRUTH IS NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!… Do not ever let them back in regardless there situations and circumstances. No matter how much they try hoover you do not go back!. Even if they try harder than the Dyson vacuum!. Last but not least!. There's no life harder than living with narcissists or being married to one even though I've never been married 💍

  • Elizabeth D.

    Has anyone out there noticed how many narcissistic doctors there are? I swear, you cannot get away from these narcs — they're in your homes, your jobs, your hospitals, your dental clinics, your schools and colleges, your neighborhoods, etc. When you duck one, there's always another waiting around the corner.

  • Uzma Ahmad

    So true I begged my ex to stop the court case he created to get full custody of my two girls. He said he would, next time we met in Family Therapy he is back to his usual self making up lies and trying to make me out as the bad person.

  • Purple Carnations

    Wow this female narc mirrored everything I did. She pretended to want to go to Uni like me and has applied and gone to the open days etc. Every time we went I introduced myself and she would introduce us! So much so that the course conveners are sending emails to me ccd to Her!!!!!😱
    I had to tell them stop doing that just send it to me. They apologised and said they realised they shouldn't have done it and they don't know why they have been.
    This ladies and gentleman is the effect the covert narc has on others.
    I've gone no contact now and hopefully the narc will abandon her application and I will. R able to start my course free from narc evil.

  • Asad Zee

    Narcissists have been lying for so long and so much that it's in there DNA Now. No Bullshit but a narcissist is so addicted to lying 🤥 That even if you ask them about normal stuff we're it's not necessary for them to lie they still choose the option to lie. I've seen this with my own eyes several times. As I said they lie about small stupid stuff that's not even necessary to lie about. You know how F**ked up you got to be to lie about shit when it's not necessary. These F**kers need the death penalty ⚰️💀

  • 8paxMessiahChosen Beato Hernandez

    Don't ever trust these pieces of shit Narc.

    My Narc Mom promises to me to help me. But kicks me too the street at the age of 15,steals my money, calls the police on me so i can get arrested, she tells the police that i dont take my medicine, so I can spend night in Hospital.

    They like too cause chaos and throw you in harms way.

    They want to make you miserable every step of the fucn way and your life a living fucn hell.

    They create the problem and then blame you for it.

  • Uncle Claw

    Yeah, my covert NF would always make huge fuss whenever I asked for any help… since forever. Even lifting a finger is too much effort, LITERALLY. NF threw a temper tantrum when I asked him to soften the suspension in his vehicle, as I have a spinal injury, and the douche-bag was running a sports suspension setting while driving around the city (little big man syndrome) — I suspect purposely, just for me, knowing full well about my injury — and it was causing excess vibration and pain for me.

    He would not help me with any project of meaning ever. Wouldnt help with my book I wrote (he knew people at the time, but now all his friends have bailed on his dumb backstabbing ass). Wouldnt help with a business venture, when all he needed to do was store something in his garage. If he surprisingly seemed willing to help on occasion, he would only sabotage or, if it was a simple task, inflate the value of it and leverage it as an excuse for future enslavement. He makes a huge deal out of any request, as if he is being sooo put-out. That is so he can leverage his minimal but imagined grandiose "help" later. Like, "I went so far out of my way and interrupted my valuable retirement time, which is far more valuable than your working time, to drive you somewhere. Now you must be my slave and chop an entire chord of wood for me every year for the rest of your life. You must concede that I am always right, even when I am grossly wrong. I am supreme. You are lesser-than… because my grandiose eminence gave you a ride." — or something to that effect.

  • Natalie Petraki

    Hi! You will observe that when you sit next to a narcissist, they will NEVER let you talk to other people, and will pretend to them that they care about you. However, the clue that the opposite occurs, is when they keep talking, and don't let you say a simple sentence. If you address this to them, they will give you the excuse that you need to become more assertive. They are trying to teach you to become 'rude' , 'disrespecting' other people. They are only giving out a very bad image to others about their own selves, and they are so stupid that they don't even realize. And I am sure you realize that they are causing a bad reputation about their own selves, causing their own rejection from many healthy people, employers included. They are the ones who cause their own problems, then they don't want to take responsibility, and blame the others.

  • Natalie Petraki

    I agree. A narcissist NEVER wants to help. I am aware of the case of a so-called dentist, with whom a patient from a mental institution fell in love with. He asked to be seen by her a few times, to check out his teeth. She took advantage of his feelings for her, she pulled ALL of his teeth out, so that she would receive his money. Had she been a fair dentist, who truly cared about her patient, she would have informed the people who were caring for him. Naturally, people in her area found out about her evil nature, and she has hardly been having any clients!! She has been playing the victim, telling people that she could not afford this or that. She has been the one who has caused this situation to herself. Our deeds always return to their source, whether they have been good or evil.

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