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  • Christine Live

    You are a very brave woman and I have to say I give you so much credit for being able to maintain such dignity and grace throughout this nightmare. You are a truly wonderful example of how the filth of these animals could never change the beauty of who you are. I think you’re amazing!


    Hallelujah she decided to sever contact with the narc momster & it's brown-nosing lap-dog GC. I hope those 2 suffer the same excruciating , long, draw out agony as that old goat pederast. Would be nice if they too could endure a few deserved amputations of their own. A tongue or larynx would be nice, as would a nose; eyelids in a pinch. Just some dismantling of the narcs to kick-start the whole narcs fucking off process.
    Amputations! Nature's tenderizer^^
    The Alice Cooper song Go To Hell came to mind, hearing this story.
    (RELEVANT) Lyrics accentuated here:
    …You'd poison a blind man's dog and steal his cane

    You'd gift-wrap a leper

    And mail him to your Aunt Jane

    You'd even force-feed a diabetic a candy cane

    You can go to Hell

    You're something that never should have happened

    You even make your Grandma sick

    For criminal acts and violence on the stage

    For being a brat

    Refusing to act your age

    For all of the decent citizens you've enraged

    You can go to Hell


    Must be a Narc-ism "I don't like you but I love you" cuz my narc x momster said that same thing to me 3 times. Then, one day, when I grew a set & confronted her shittiness for saying that to me, th bitch tried to gaslight me, claiming I 'got it all wrong' & LIED; claiming that what she really said was, "I don't like the things you DO but I love you."
    Bullshit! I know what I heard!
    Ollie's right. We never liked the things the narcs did _and! we never liked or loved them either!_

  • John Hooper

    This is such a horrible story.. but I had to laugh so hard because of ollies comments.. in the end even with this pile of evidence how crazy they are, it is still a tough call to walk away and to finally realise that there is nothing in it for you..

  • Handsome Jack

    Nothing quite satisfies like calling them out. My ex girlfriends mom did this shit all the time. Finally said "does your face gotta plumbing problem? dry it up I ain't falling for it " at one Thanksgiving dinner, she ran and the awkward silence was worth it.

  • Anonymous Follower

    You cried for the family you wish you had, seeing them had to bring up some very painful memories. I'm surprised your mother didn't have you pay for the funeral to! (I hope the hospital never gave out the candy) I'm happy to hear you have a wonderful husband, and didn't attract one of these circus side show acts! Our families really do begin with us.

  • Treasure Trovel

    I wish you had insisted that your mother come to the Lady's room with you and then, in front of her, you throw the God Damned, second rate wedding set in the toilet and flushed it and then left the restaurant. Blessings to you and your husband. Your description of yourself as a little girl crying when the hag (and your shitty dad) told you that you were selfish with respect to the gift broke my heart and triggered me to anger (and has motivated me to write the next few installments about my shitty family and to send them to Ollie). My mother's primary criticism of me is that I am selfish and she started telling me that at age 3. On the contrary, I am a very non-selfish person with my family and friends. Please, Please go full no contact with your origin family if you have not already done so.
    I have no intention of attending the funerals of my mom or father and that is because they pushed me away. If you can get control of any of their money then purchase a headstone for your dad that outlines the sexual abuse in obscene detail. Seriously!!!!!!!!! I have dealt with the guilt that I will be devastated when my dog dies (he is 13 and is my very first dog and I love him and he loves me) but not when my mom or dad dies. They are already dead to me and I have already mourned the loss for the good parents I never had.
    My mom is also a borderline/NPD therefore, I completely understand and sympathize with you about your childhood. The fact that you are writing this out and getting it off your chest means that you are healing and going to be okay.
    The food control is another facet of the sadistic control/abuse thing with the NPD parents. Like Ollie, I too have weight/food issues (diet, fast, guilt, grief, etc.) to this day (I am 54) because of having two sadistic NPD parents.
    Great letter and good commentary by Ollie. Thank you for sharing!

  • inkythinker

    Ollie is someone that FINALLY gets it. No therapy, no forum talk, no anti-anxiety pills, no shrinks (ever) Ever ever work, NOTHING WORKS EXCEPT FOR PERMANENT NO CONTACT. THANK you so much Ollie and God Bless you for expressing with such amazing honesty and compassion, your clear understanding of what this garbage is about! You express the Anger that so many of us don't know how to! Praying you will truly be blessed!

  • Ms. Tea

    Wow my 46 year old mom has a major issue with food….just like you said one year she 100 pounds because of her fear of being overweight…. the next year she 300pounds because of all the depression caused by her NARCISSISTIC MOTHER AND HER EX MY FATHER……… THESE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO THERE GRAVES WITH NO CARES IN THE WORLD OF HOW THEY AFFECTED PEOPLE IN THERE LIVES….NO CONTACT FOR LIFE….P..S MY MOTHER HAS SO MANY MENTAL ILLNESSES CAUSE BY ALL THERE EVIL TACTICS… SHE'S SO BAD ONLY GOD CAN SAVE HER….. THEY ALWAYS SAID I WOULD END UP LIKE HER WHEN I WAS GROWING UP SO THAT EXPLAINED ALL THE SCAPEGOATING THAT I WAS PUT THROUGH CAUSEING MY DEPRESSION AND ANITXIY NOW THAT IAM IN MY 20s…..It Seems like when you have a parent that's a SCAPEGOAT or BLACKSHEEP….the family treats there offsprings just the same and even WORSE….(my mom and dad was a SCAPEGOAT ….my dad was SCAPEGOATED so bad he became a COVERT narc himself…my mom just lost it all together)….NO CONTACT FOR LIFE FROM THESE EVIL PEOPLE.

  • EyesToSee

    She should have screamed out, "My father sexually abused me for __ years" and walked out. Seriously….and the Daddy sign was intentional. Bitch Mother knew what she was doing.

    I'm really sorry you went through that Ollie. It's so messed up..

  • Elsa Romero Herrera

    I imagine the father eating cakes like in that scene from the movie Matilda. The principal of the school where Matilda attends is eating a giant slice of chocolate cake in front of the detention kids and says "too good for children". That's just evil.

  • king James

    You are one of the few YouTubers who actually understands what narcissism is, whenever my guilt gets the better of me I have to watch one of your videos to re-explain to myself why I went no contact in the first place.

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