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The Narcissist And Begging Them After They Discard You

Begging the narcissist after they discard you simply gives them fuel. They lack empathy. They don’t care if your in pain.

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  • imagebase1

    I've gone Gray Rock with my co-worker narcissist. I feel outraged with the facade they present to others and wonder if I'm being impacted by what I'm not seeing. I have to get along with this person but I feel bad about not liking them. I want to say something to other people but then I would just be the bad guy. I can't stand it.

  • nev virgo

    I will never forget what my ex narc said to me once when we had broken up a few times and I had been begging/pleading. This was before I knew she was a Narcissist. She said, I have been trying to end this for weeks!!! Your the one who keeps begging! I was gobsmacked! Not I've been trying to work things out with you or I've been trying to save our relationship for weeks. That one statement showed me how dark and cold she was and I have to say I was very confused at the time.

  • shymultimedia

    After he exclaimed "divorce," I begged my ex-husband for TWO HOURS on the phone to not breakup our family, we have a son…he said "I'll think about it," all the while he had a new WIFE he was working on replacing me with. Prior to this was a supposed "Christian" trying to "help us out" in fixing our marriage…Of course I had no idea…You should have seen the way he PUSHED the divorce to happen so quickly! 3 years later and now I attracted a NEW narcissist, I broke it off but he keeps contacting me every now and then to stay "in the picture"…tries to make me jealous, I lashed out at him and he hasn't responded in 2 days, total mind games! These men have made me hit rock bottom with a broken heart…I'm attempting no contact again, wish me luck and this video was AWESOME, thank you!

  • Maria Sannicandro

    Done that..been there before knowing how narc act…only one time…but I have never accepted condition of any kind…HE HAD TO CHANGE HIS EVIL WAYS..NOT ME!!! were still together…but it's like we're really not..bc he's always. pissed off..bc he can't dominate or manipulate me.& please DON'T use that ugly fowl language.. THAT'S THEIR UGLY STYLE NOT OURS..GB..from Italy

  • skyhi productions

    Just found your channel. I feel like every word you say is exactly what i am thinking and feeling. It's crazy. My narc just tried to hoover after 7 months. I almost took my life, went on meds, still looping events in my mind…. now starting all over again. I blocked but it took every ounce of willpower. Why? I still love her.

  • CJ

    I'm guilty of a lot of this. I wish I could go back months ago and not have reacted at all. I know it's never too late, but I gave him so much supply chasing after him after only tiny attempts of hoovers. He can look back on all of it and laugh or call me crazy. Don't make the mistakes I made. Give them the cold shoulder and go no contact as early as you can 🙂

  • LostXInXChaos

    Do narcissists know what they’re doing? My ex was very shy and quiet.. basically he was very much a wolf in sheep’s clothing.. He gave the appearance of mr nice sensitive guy.. but truly underneath he was an extremely angry and spiteful man.. so what I’d like to know is because he tried very hard to hide his true self from ppl.. are narcs capable of knowing that there’s something wrong with them?

  • mightyaontheverge

    This is the hardest thing to accept. It is soul crushing. Even just trying to 'reason' with them. You show them your pain, how much you are suffering from the fallout of what you thought was a real relationship- and they just give you a blank stare. Or like my ex narc- they just want to go back to playing video games. WTF. It's crazy, and it can make you feel like you are going crazy.

  • Tammy J

    This is Tammy from AZ… Offering an apology to a narcissist is just like handing them a loaded gun and painting a target on your forehead. I have a very difficult time apologizing now-a-days to anyone because of this cruelty… Which, of course, affects all of my relationships with others. The effects of narcissism on the victim is a lot like cancer, if you don't catch it quickly and get help, it will spread and get stronger, until eventually it kills you!

  • archana das

    They (narc or an empath) have been created and conditioned by people they are surrounded since they have been toddlers and adolescent (the crucial age when they are like bloating papers absorbing and molding their behaviors). I am an Indian and observe behavioral patterns and found this to be one of the crucial factors for a person to develop as a narc or an empath. And it also depends upon the individual as to which traits of behavior they wish to adopt more and comfortable to thrive and survive.

  • Peggy Shingleton

    Thanks for the affirmation that it’s not uncommon to beg or experience trauma when they leave, (occurred 1 year ago). He actually said more than once” I DONT CARE”. I can’t dump you because we weren’t in a relationship”, after seeing him for a year. Feel concerned I still miss him.

  • Ioana 1111

    Thank you for your honesty! I appreciate you! Your channel will grow in no time.
    Please do talk about the brain chemical imbalance (stimulated dopamine receptors and others) that creates that craving and results in begging. We are not crazy! We only fought the addiction created by the narcissist.
    Sending you lots of healing love ❤️

  • tonemnster

    NEVER BEG!! Walk away with your dignity, no matter how much it hurts. I did that 25 years ago. Last year, I did again, although she was WAY more evolved in her crazy, so I stood up to her and there was anger. I was ready for her to piss off. If I didn't have a place to go that evening and hadn't left some stuff at her house, I would've dumped her right on the side of the road in the snow in the very rural area we were driving through. It was time at last and I was very clear I'd had enough. No mixed messages. She dumped me and, almost in the same breath, told me she still loved me (we'd usually say that when we fought), and for the first time I was silent; no response. I was done apologizing. I turned the music up loud to drown out her voice during the hour-long drive back to her place. She told me she was dead inside at the outset and in the end I fully endorse that claim.

  • Melissa Wright

    Gosh when I begged back..I felt like I was being reprimanded like a child at 52 years old. I was reminded of it always what I put him through of being alone. Any reaction is supply…whether happy or sad n mad! No contact forever!

  • MarissaC

    New subbie from Houston, TX. I like the style of your videos..not too long, they're clear and easy to follow! I can't get out of my relationship with the narc right now, but learning new info helps me know what I'm dealing with and how to navigate it all.

  • bridget bull

    i did not answer his call on time and i was blocked on facebook and calling him. he called and i answered he said im breaking up with you. he did this every 2 days for months in 3 months. every thing i did was not enough i was racing around waiting for his call so i would not be late. i wasted time and spent all my days in misery and anxiety could not concentrate on my writing at home. now he left me again i took his stuff away and put at his parents garage and drove away. he texted me after 3 weeks after silent treatment said how are you can i get my stuff. i said it is at your parents. he said are you crazy i wont bother you anymore. i texted back ok. and blocked him on social media and my phone it has been 2 weeks.

  • Cherylann

    I've learned to use my sense of humor with these crazy guys in my life. I just learned to don't take them so serious anymore.
    There was a idiot yelling at me in my home, trying to get me angry. One day, he got so mad at me because I didn't acted like I was hurt (he loved to fight), I simply took all my clothes off in front of him…he then started to laugh! I just pretended he wasn't even there…who would yell at a naked person? Lol 😂
    Bye bye narcissist👋 Don't let the door hit you in the ass!🚪

  • Lisa

    The 🥺 begging never work so I did it for three years, and I knew him and loved him for 34 years often on he was my first love and my eighth grade boyfriend and I never thought I was going to become just a supply and discarded I was very wrong 😢💔

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