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The mental illness and bipolar video you need to watch

The mental illness and bipolar video you need to watch. This is a a video about Michael and his Bi-Polar recovery story to answer questions for those who may have been affected by mental illness. Please feel free to share with anyone you think it may help.

View Michael’s Update:

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  • Mary O Driscoll

    Omg u r an amazing man, and ur walk of life will help so many people, l also had depression ,n u do feel like giving up,n all those people use say all those wrong thing too, l wish u health n happiness,have a good life, bless ur mother too

  • Tonya Rieck

    Thank you so much for sharing. I ended up diagnosing myself while I was taking courses to become a drug and alcohol abuse counselor. Yes knowledge is power! I have been through many things that you have discussed in this video. I am currently going through a stage of depression that is deeper and longer than I have ever experienced 💔 any additional advice from someone like yourself, who can truly grasp the severity of my suffering would be greatly appreciated. Thank you you in advance, there is much more to my story than self diagnosis. Just wanted to share the beginning of my personal journey. Have a blessed day.

  • Allie Maxwell

    My son is challenged w/ mental illness. Abt 8months ago he wouldn’t talk, he would sit & stare @ nothing or stay in bed all day. He stopped bathing, sometimes I dnt think he would eat all day. I watched him suffer & decline for the past few yrs., but he refused to get help. Finally- I gave him an ultimatum: If he was going to continue to live w/ me he had to agree to get help & start therapy. I found a clinic in the area and took him to his appointments at 1st, then a few months later he was able to go on his own. Abt 6months later he agreed to see a psychiatrist & started taking med. A few months later he is now seeking work, wants to get back in school & still attends therapy & psychiatrist regularly. I attended NAMI class for caregivers w/ ill loved ones a few yrs ago but was angry & in denial for quite some time. Finally- I decided giving up hope was not an option. My son was active & outgoing before the illness and I believed that same young man was lost inside of him, crying for help to find himself again. The moral of the story is never lose hope. Find a way to use the positive energy within Yourself to help, guide & encourage someone who is unable to do so for themselves🙏🏾.

  • Linda Nelson

    I had a son who was mentally ill. Was not easy for him or for me. He died two years ago. I am so happy for you, you was blessed to have met that doctor. I wish for you a great life also Pray always telling God everything even though He already knows you will feel even better.

  • Heather Rae, INHC

    there is functional biochemistry at work in mood and brain issues. your allopathic doctors will know nothing, and will tell you nothing, about them. the solution is not a drug … the solution is biochemical and electro-magnetic (which goes by many names), but since it's not a drug or talk therapy, they don't know. a functional genomic test will tell you a lot about how well you are able to get to the "feel-good" neurotransmitters (GABA, acetylcholine, serotonin), about how well you can take in the nutrients to make those NTs, and what toxins are getting in the way (had a vaccine? using RoundUp? inhaling fumes?) and what enzymes (genes) aren't performing well. there's a gene called glutamate decarboxylase, for example. GAD. (yes, just like general anxiety disorder, GAD) this enzyme converts glutamate which is excitatory and toxic in excess, to GABA which is calming. the solution to toxins and genetic variants is not a drug, but the support of the enzymes in your metabolic (mitochondrial genetic) inflammatory pathways to get you to parasympathetic, rest and digest, calm. I've been slapped for not making this stuff "simple." I'm writing in lower case, as if to not agitate anyone. (that's ridiculous but I'm feeling raw today). if you get sick and fed up enough, you'll take the time to educate yourself, to get the tests, to analyze your own data and to understand. I know what it's like to struggle on and on, to talk and talk and talk, and to make no progress to ease the fear, anxiety, dread, depression, paranoia… because nobody in the mainstream was explaining, or could explain, what was going on. so I set out to figure it out myself. you can too!

  • Marina Vakirlis

    When difficulties are up on front and there is no support team around, look at the icon of the Lord Jesus Christ
    and know how small are your struggles to compare with what our savior had to go through in order to give us salvation, and ask Him, Jesus Christ, have Mercy on me! And He will heal you, as you believe. We all know that He heal many.

  • Judy Landis

    Doctors push friggen medicine because they get a kickback. They are ready to hand you a prescription,and not know your body or functions.”give them a pill,it’s easier. Bull crap. Somebody needs to really check before they go on pills. Even blood pressure medicine. Even cough syrup. Medical field is ———up

  • Edna Thackeray

    For years and years, when I went for my walks, I found my problems were solved by the time I got back….I was less anxious, more relaxed,more optimistic…always felt way better…to this day I walk and walk..miles and miles and miles for over fifty years…walking keeps me healthy and happy…walking is wonderful…

  • Cathy Arnett

    This is a very positive and hope filled message. “ Bipolar” is also a label that psychiatrists will use, and it does help to know that sometimes the medications for the symptoms can actually cause unexpected results. We all need to understand that recovery is possible even in the depths of depression… thank you for sharing.

  • Miss Kat

    When I turned 31 I ended up moving back in with my parents about 5 months before my first mental breakdown. I was diagnosed with PTSD, and I was on a wait list to see a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with Bipolar Type 1. A lot of bipolar types will have PTSD. I recognize I could have been diagnosed as early as my teens, but I've always been told they don't know how to properly help until things get worse. I've accepted that to this day, I will never know all my triggers and to never stop learning. I haven't worked in almost 1 year and it IS difficult for me to have proper hygiene and take a walk. This video was so encouraging! Also, even the perfect medication cocktail won't mask symptoms, but it helps to manage. There is a life beyond our disabilities, and they can be excellent teachers. If it wasn't for my faith in God, I don't think I would have had the bravery to reach out and establish a support system. I don't think I'd be able to do a lot of things… Praise God.

  • Deb Vosbourgh

    Congrats, Michael! This video took a lot of courage to make but I'm sure it will be helpful to a lot of ppl so thank you for posting it.
    I wish you all the very best.
    I am not bi polar but I am very empathetic for ppl who have to deal with any mental disorder. So many ppl are so judgemental & they shouldn't be – I know ppl who suffer with chronic depression really struggle with doing daily activities.
    I hope this educates judgemental ppl to be more supportive & encouraging & less judgemental to those who suffer with any type of mental illness.

  • zsdman

    Glad you found someone, somethings that helped. Also glad you survived hospitalization. It just traumatized me more.

    I searched and searched for someone and received many many drugs on and off which never helped. I have no family as many others.

    At least you got a single diagnosis. As a 66 yo male I got multiple diagnoses beginning as an adolescent and tried many things you suggested. I have run out of options. I never used illegal drugs or alcohol.

    Good luck to you. I got the message at an early age that there was no hope and was ridiculed by the US Mental Health System.

  • Kim T

    I tried to hide and deny what was going on with me. I saw what it did to my Mom and it scared the ever loving crud out of me. Everyone would ask why I was sad all the time or what is wrong. I has a friends mom ask why I was so melancholy. Fast
    foward 25+ years and here I am. Bipolar 2, Anxiety disorder, Depression, Border Line Personality Disorder, PTSD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. I was diagnosed at 49 when I has a total meltdown. I did 4 stints in mental hospitals and have been giving on 4 occasions Narcan. I also have Fibro. Diabetes, Chronic low back pain with Osteoarthritis and nerve damage. I also suffer from DIP aka Drug induced Parkinson from taking high doses of Gabapentin for my Fibro. The Neuro cant tell me if it will become full blown Parkinson. I have tremors in hands, legs, torso. I still fall down and lose my balance. sorry for the blab..enjoyed the vid

  • Tana Williams

    Seroquel and Abilify made me lose my mind more than it already was lost. The last time I was in the psych Hospital I nicely asked for a list of the top 10 antidepressants because I have major depressive disorder it can't be controlled without meds I also have PTSD with what was once serious anxiety for 10 years I have been seeing a therapist at this point I only go once a month but I could go more if needed. While in the hospital I chose to use Cymbalta and I don't need any other drugs for my depression just Cymbalta. The hospital psychiatrist was kind of snotty well we'll see how you do but I'm expecting to see you back here again. That was 2008 my last suicide attempt and I have never been back and I will always thumbs up and stand beside and be willing to help anyone who publicly talks about mental illness

  • Cynthia Dawn Loreth

    God Love It ❣️❣️❣️ God Love You For Your Truthful Words Of Encouragement And Hope. I Love That You Are In A Room Full Of A Positive, Peaceful, Calming, Zen Like Atmosphere. I Started Using Essential Oils 4Years Ago. Honestly, And Without Rebuttal, I BELIEVE That Using A Vapor Diffuser w’ Essential Oils Running 24/7 Has Helped Me With The Ability To Come Out Of A Panic-Attack, At About 25% Sooner, Than w’out❣️ ‘ RawForLife ‘

  • Cathy Turner

    I have been invited to speak at conferences by physicians. I’m a pain patient and have experienced much trauma and my team has been very frustrated. I mention to my followers that during conferences only those doing research are speaking—- but where are the REAL experts? I mentioned this and it was an Ah Ha moment for them. Me and my big mouth! Lol. But over the years, I have ask patients questions which shocked docs. Docs don’t know a lot about patients, but we don’t trust many and tell few the REAL story. when I mentioned what I had discovered, they wanted to know more. I am ready to speak next year, but I can’t be my own voice… I want to speak for and through others. We all are different and it is important to hear others voices. It is a KNOWN fact that lack of support slows healing… physical, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. If you would like to participate in a survey that is confidential or write to me, please do.

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