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The Hero Narcissist

In this episode, The Little Shaman discusses narcissistic personalities that come off as martyrs or saviors.

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  • Nancyray

    I guess I was right about the Pentecostal woman. At the church picnic she was in charge of getting the food out. She hadn't a clue being a hoarder & all. I said nicely when I saw her struggling, I ran a hotdog stand I can wrap all this up less then 30 minutes tops. She gave me a really mean face and yelled at me: I'm an emergency room nurse I delegate the sickest the fastest for the right help yada yada yada. I said: Good for you that very well may be but you sure as hell can't wrap a hotdog or burger.
    We all waited 3 hours to eat our cold food & the hungry homeless were invited & waiting.
    That was my last day with the Pentecostals 🤗

  • Ice Maid

    It's funny you uploaded this today. I have a problem with someone doing that–right now. Narcs love playing hero–for a reason. Every nice thing they do for you has a cost–sometimes a long-term consequence. It has to be done THEIR WAY. Being "nice" is a form of dominance-seeking.

  • Slavik Princess

    I am so grateful that your channel is actually active all over again. Your videos are actually ideal for people that truly have a strong desire to heal from Narcissistic abuse, for the rest of their lives. Although I will never have a thorough idea of what and how every notion that a malignant Narcissist goes through, I feel extremely skilled in detecting dysfunctional behavior in very specific aspects, whether it is narcissism, a victimized mentality, a strong lack of ambition, lack of accountability, AS WELL AS when I stop myself and use critical thought about almost every codependent notion that I have. Never again will I engage in any emotional interaction with a narcissist. Narcissists are so incredibly frightened of how dishonorable they truly are, so almost all of the narcissists I know really avoid interacting with me.

  • Nettonya Ryane

    While with the Nex, he ran two health issue support groups – one with standard treatment protocol and the other with another treatment protocol.

    As we both healed, he complained about both groups and gradually attached himself to CODA and ACOA meetings on weekends and some evenings. I believe his support groups were his original source of supply and his flying monkeys, but “new” supply dwindled, so the newer groups would showcase his “sensitive”, willingness to “heal”, emotionally.

    Of course, many women who have childhood issues are wired to find a “gentle soul” to help them heal their issues. I was one, many years ago – how the Nex found me!

    As I healed my brain, the Nex’s mask dropped more and more and emotional abuse amped up. Thank goodness for trauma therapy and grey rock!

    No contact means I have no information on whether he continues to seek out new supply. As he is almost retirement age, his supply pool must be dwindling.

    Not my problem!

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