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The ETERNAL CHILD? Can ALTERS Age? | Debunking DID: Ep 11 | Dissociative Identity Disorder

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  • Chocorobi

    i feel like i can't thank you enough for all the positive representation and education you provide to the community 💙💙💙 no one in our system identifies with the body's age and i feel like i gets extremely complicated to explain in the case of both relationships and friendships 🙁 your positivity and normalization towards these things just makes it all the more easier to cope with and feel comfortable with!

  • Gracie Flood

    Because of your videos I know an incredible amount more about DID than I ever would have, and I thank you so much for that. I’m currently working a painting based on erasing the stigmas around the disorder and spreading awareness about it. Thank you all so much for opening my eyes to this!!! All my love

  • xX WolfPup Xx

    I've been watching all your videos recently and I'm learning SO much about DID! It's so interesting how the brain constructs this entire inside world and all of these different.. people to deal with specific experiences.

  • Mystic_Falls

    I have a question. I hope that this doesn't come out as rude but if it does I'm sorry. I just found your channel and I've learned a lot already. So my question is since there are many alters in a system do you guys take turns being out every day? Like one alter for Monday, another alter for Tuesday, etc. Again I'm sorry if this comes out as rude.

  • Ginny Stark

    I love how you always provide the research you used for these videos! Have you tried using Google Scholar to find the information you're missing? I've been using it almost exclusively to find primary papers as well as reviews for the essays I need to write for university!

  • aiyisss -

    Can a little have both like mine is bubbly and carefree. She loves to smile to people but at the same time, she hold one of my traumatic event and hers. I feel seriously bad for her because she's like a little…

  • Tori Bloom

    I really enjoy your videos. I started watching them just yesterday, but you've taught me so much about DID. My ex told me after we broke up that he has DID. He only has one alter (at least that he told me about), but I was completely unaware for our whole relationship, and honestly…when he told me I was a bit confused and nervous. The only information I had was from the stigmas and stereotypes spread. Even my psych classes failed to teach me about DID. Your channel has helped me understand, so that if I should ever meet someone else who is part of a system I won't be so ignorant.

  • JADE

    Hi! I’ve just discovered your channel and it’s just really interesting! I’ve always been fascinated by DID (not in a wrong way of course, more like how the brain works and things like that)! I’ve learned a lot thanks to all of you ☺️ You all seems really sweet and I can’t wait to learn more about you! ❤️

  • PruCan Productions

    Our Fictive alter is 13 would he be still considered a child yet not a Little so to speak or is there a term for the ones that fall between the ages of 10 to 18 we are still getting used to the fact we have another child in our system as one other Henrich has been around for around 5 years now and is still 6 years of age so he's the youngest in our system, we just wanted to know what we should refer to him as to other systems. As I said we are still trying to get used to this but all of the alters that have appeared besides Henrich have been of the ages 16 and older so to have a 13 year old alter is a new experience for all of us.

  • Jaxx Jaxx

    Love your videos – they’re amazing and you’re amazing. There’s just a question that popped into my head when watching this video: does the host know everything about the body’s life? The host is the one who fronts the most, and I think the host is usually the one with whom the actual abuse was happening to….like, the host’s mind is the one who had to split up its mind into bits to deal and cope with the trauma it endured…for the most part. I’m just wondering if because the mind got disconnected and different people were created to strictly deal with the trauma, does the host still remember the trauma or is it now repressed? And if the host does remember all the trauma, how does it cope? By switching to someone new all the time? If that was the case, how would therapy work for the host if the host never ever recounts the events that transpired in his/her life? Sorry……long comment with lots of questions.

  • Aedra101

    Chole, if I were to write even a short story where the character has DID, using the information in your videos (just the info about DID), do you think that would be okay? I'd like to know your thoughts ( and the others in your system, they agree or not, or if the have an opinion on it at all).

  • Everything And more

    The thing that confuses me about “D.I.D” is how can something someone created in there head become so real? I’m not trying to be rude by saying this I completely believe and respect this condition it’s just something I’ve been thinking about.

  • TalkWithAngelX3

    I am glad you mentioned alters going asleep and waking up. At one point in my life i switched between alters a lot. I have that a lot less now but when i do get to distressed or get triggers I will switch. I tell people: I am not cured they are asleep. This video made me feel a lot more valid as people tend to have a very stereotypical view on the disorder. My ex partner would invalidate me a lot saying I was fake. Thankfully my current partner believes me and supports me.

  • angie wheeler

    Hello everyone! I just discovered your channel yesterday and have binge watched nearly all of your videos since then. I truly appreciate your honesty, openness, and willingness to share your “whole self” on what can be such a scary platform. I have learned so much through watching these videos. The brain has always fascinated me with its seemingly endless capabilities and this is just further proof of just that! One question I keep coming back to is, do you believe that DID has anything to do with past life and I’m curious to know if you or any of your alters have ever tried to do a past life regression. I’ll keep this short but I just wanted to reach out and thank you all for this wonderful channel. Also, I may have a crush on Chloe 🙈 and I admire how determined you all are at keeping the littles safe. I have a child of my own and completely understand where you are coming from. Much love to all from Errol, NH!

  • Beth Alvey

    As someone studying psychology at the moment I find this so so educational! You explain everything so clearly and I feel like I learn so much by watching your videos. Sadly, our course doesn't cover DID but even so, the topics your videos bring up really inspire me to learn more.
    Thank you! <3

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