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The Enabler Never Cuts The Narcissist’s Umbilical Cord


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  • sun beagle

    Families are over rated for the millionth time. Hallmark holidays are contrived BS for retail profit, Facebook and all social media are narc/socio/psycho hives. Stop all of it and you will be a more satisfied and healthier person. Go to a park and sit in the sun.

  • Eliza Raffles

    Actually the narc gc bro has his umbilical cord still attached to mommy dearest.  And yes, all the family enablers are the subjects of King narc gc bro baby.  And this happened to me with my nephews and niece.  I believe it definitely happened with the whack job religious freak/hypocrite relatives from SA and happened with my uncle who I really liked from NZ now happening with cousins in NZ.   They are hypnotized by the narcs' master manipulations and image of success, good looking kids, etc. false image.

  • Sonia XOX

    Enabling flying monkeys, that's them.. I think when you thought you were all getting on & they were nice, you were projecting your nice/genuine self on to them, they don't care..
    It feels like people brought up by narcs go one of two ways, either the same monster or co-dependant, imo they're narcish themselves, from my (recovering) co-dependant brain, I wouldn't drop people I love or care about… They go along with it because that's who they Are, maybe it's cognitive dissonance on your part – which would be normal.. I've been like it with my ex mom & friends… Seeing what's there & been shown whether it's confusing or not is your answer, any relationship, acquaintance friendship that leaves you feeling confused, like what happened, how did this happen or wtf is going on – is a red flag, toxic & your answer. No-one that cared for you would do this, just ghost you like you don't exist.. It's the work of people with no empathy..

    Don't be hurt too much, be glad they showed who they are sooner than later… If someone's going to stab me in the back, I'd want it asap not with even more time invested..💕

    You sound like you both have an amazing relationship & so lucky to meet each other especially online & both having awful backgrounds – you've both stopped the cycle!, Have an amazing life together & Ollie's right, he must block, that's part of the no contact, block them from everything because it just tortures & keeps you down.. Work through it day by day, on your selves & keep going..

    💕Love, light & positive vibes your way!💕

  • Wednesday's Child

    Well I am glad my dad didn't divorce my covert narc mom. If he left, it would have been 1,000 times worse for me. Back in the day, the woman always got custody. AT least when dad was around, he kept her sh*t in check. I can only imagine what she would have been like without him stopping some of her crap. I think it was too late by the time he found out he was married to a narcissist.

  • Celeste Snyder

    Time for John to get serious about John. You can't change the past you can only control the now. Of course he's the villain because they never do anything wrong. Truth is they will turn on each other eventually they always do.

    Stop expecting it to make sense because it won't and never will. When they turn on each other don't be too quick to take them back. The only thing I'd say to them is ohh they turned on you too? Imagine that.

    It's cool to protect yourself but don't rob yourself off intimacy. Don't give the past too much power.

  • QuartuvLarry

    I’m so sorry, Sally! I’m putting myself in his position, and still can’t fathom that kind of pain. I now want to spend more time with my own father. He’s healthy right now, but he recently let me know how ready he is to die, and I can’t stop thinking about losing him…

  • zamyrabyrd

    I am sorry to hear about your story, Sally, but may be able to give you some hope down the line. The absolute worst period in my life was when my family was in complete collusion against me during the illness and death of my father and sister in 2005-6. This included my daughter who gladly threw me under the bus so as to gain attention and money from my known abusers. Heck, she witnessed my mother physically attacking me in 1989!
    Here is the kicker. My mother and aunt were always at odds while I was growing up, non stop badmouthing by my mother and complaints from my aunt that her brother's life was ruined by her sister-in-law. I thought there was something under the surface in my aunt that now I can identify as a covert narcissist. When she got an opportunity to link up with my mother in 1994 when she was taking my brother's kid to see Santa, EVERYTHING bad her hated sister-in-law did evaporated. (His mom died the next month leaving two infants. My mother profited from the misfortune by appearing to be so concerned. She actually made money from my brother by taking care of the kids for several years.)Then I became the bad guy for pointing out that my mother not only abused me but my sister, father and saintly grandmother who financed her rotten daughter's house.
    My father said on the phone during this 10 year period while the "friendship" lasted, that those two were quite "an item". They would visit my daughter in various places while she would tell lies about me to gain their added sympathy. This all culminated in what I call the Lynch of 2005 when everyone could get their revenge on Big Bad Janet.
    This was also the year in which the friendship went back to being an enemy-ship. Actually my aunt was having a field day in pilfering whatever she could from my father's house that also happened to be my grandfather's before he passed away. So the conflict was over material things. This split was really the beginning of the end. My dear auntie had the nerve to get my sister to write me out of her will but they didn't know my lawyer was able to get a copy of it for me, all quite legal. I took some steps that even more alienated my brothers from their short lived collusion with her. My daughter is desperate because I was the only person she could really count on but I will NOT let her back in unless she admits she got part of my inheritance by telling lies and take steps to restore my reputation.
    Yes, it does hurt when experiencing nieces and nephews who never met me, shun and reject me a priori because of the slander first from my mother and corroborated by a person who should have NEVER done such a thing, insofar as she got EVERYTHING from me and NOTHING from her narcy grandmother and aunt except lipservice.
    There is a horrible aftermath in all of this that I would not have wished on anyone. The little boy who went to see Santa with my mother in 1994 committed suicide last year. This is a whole other story but my brother's new wife doesn't even mention on her FB page that the boy is gone. It is like he never existed.
    In my family there are expendable people like me, my grandmother, father and this poor kid. Karma does bite back. It is inevitable. I hope that your husband's story ends better than this one but there will be changes up ahead, some of them surprising.

  • Pippi Elvesse Bernstein

    I’ll never wrap my mind around the idea that therapists have no idea about narcissism and it’s effects. 🔩Jon has been 🔩 in every possible way: his ex wife enabled him to be scapegoated for the rest of his life. Block em all! There is no hope anyways unless they have the heart to apologize to Jon in the first place.

  • Mike S

    @ 18:40, there's John's problem: believing a marriage is all about the kids. For every parent who believes that, it's their problem, as well. The core of a family is the husband and wife. In fact, they ARE the family. Ignoring this simple fact is why marriages fail and children are allowed to run amok. Anyway, as one who doesn't have kids, it's easy for me to see that. For heaven's sake, it's everywhere! Rare are the husband and wife who realize this basic truth. They are those who aren't slaves to their children.

  • John Narayan

    Sargon of Akkad Live
    Streamed live on Nov 2, 2015

    Erin Patria Margaret Pizzey (born 19 February 1939) is an English family care activist and a novelist. She became internationally famous for having started one of the first[2] women's refuges (called women's shelters in Canada and the U.S.) in the modern world, Chiswick Women's Aid, in 1971,[3] the organisation known today as Refuge.[1]
    Pizzey has been the subject of death threats and boycotts because of her research into the claim that most domestic violence is reciprocal, and that women are equally capable of violence as men. Pizzey has said that the threats were from militant feminists.[4][5][6]

    The real history of feminism –


  • Ray Cooper

    Holy shit, I’m a truth teller for a living and this was REAL as fuck and made me cringe, but not one lie was told in this video. Great job ahhhhh truth is PAINFUL. I’m just going to suck my thumb and reflect a little. Cutting my kid out…….errrrrr didn’t want to hear that… truth fuck

  • Lara O'neal

    Why is it after going through all this that we go through no contact etc everyone we meet turns out to be an idiot after a few months of knowing them so than yes IM OUt. Most ppl I’m sorry are POSs period.

  • cory k

    It happens gradually, little things like the alienator allowing a little something that you as the parent already said they couldn't have. It happens with little things, like the kids maybe saying something derogatory about a parent, especially as a teen, and the alienator not only NOT correcting them, but saying nothing at all, or even worse, agreeing that the child is a 'victim.' It happens with little things like the alienator planning flashy 'better' vacations, 'better' holidays, that the loving parent does not know how to refuse for their child. It happens with little imperceptible bribes, and silences where they should be fairness and support. And then after awhile, the mask is completely ripped off when it's too late, and suddenly the alienator is 'just doing what the child wants, and after all he/she doesn't want to see you." The alienator not only has torn the parent to shreds, he or she is working methodically to destroy the child, increasing their sense of emptiness with mounds of gifts that the child no longer appreciates, but always expects, and an epic sense of entitlement coupled with unbelievable self-pity. It truly is invasion of the body snatchers. Thank you for this letter.

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