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The covert Narcissistic sister!! The dangerous game they play!!

Covet Narcissism is absolutely deadly, their greatest trick is that you never see them coming.



  • Dianne Anderson

    They do love ATTENTION & being put on a pedstal & she will use any tactic to maintain & control the power of shining on that self made pedestal. A secret jealousy operates within them that is very dangerous so never let your guard down. NEVER!!!! A Narcissistic is like a wolf in sheep clothing!

  • Angela Falsetta

    The animal world brings up their young to adulthood…to survive on their own…and be independent! Why are we as humans …clinging on?? That is how we were programmed and the competition goes on!! Till you wake and find yourself in your 60's!! SICKENING!! Thanks to the Puppet Master…Narc Mother…The Narc Parents duo too!!

  • Marley

    Thank you for your videos! You shed a lot of light on this horrid disorder. What's your advice pertaining to dealing with a covert narc sister who lives in the same house AND who's coming against me in full force? (Taking into consideration that I cannot move out at this time)

  • * *

    Wow, this was definitely eye opening. This is my sister to a T. We recently lost our mother & are going thur the will/trust/probate process & of course she is named administrator with her & myself named as equal beneficiaries. Because she believes that I caused my mother's death by me not being with my mother at the time she had a massive heart attack, she feels that I am not entitled to anything & has hired an attorney to try & have me taken off the will as beneficiary!

  • Sugar Dune

    My identical twin sister is exactly what you just described in this video and worse! If I put on weight, she tells me I'm too big and need to lose weight, she criticizes the handbag I carry because it isn't name brand, and comments on my phone that has a cracked screen saying ppl will judge me for having a raggedy phone, she compares our husbands saying I have the better husband now, she scrolls passively through her phone and not listen when I'm trying to catch up with her, I lost my home and right now I'm living in a hotel after she told me to get out after an argument where she physically attacked me, she has told her husband my personal business and secrets after I told her to keep it between me and her, she always criticizes me for the smallest shit, she has stood me up when I had to be somewhere important after asking her for a ride and her saying yes, she has no friends and when she has a work party she will beg me to go with her because she's insecure going alone, she will blurt out how I don't care about her kids when I haven't missed a birthday and have babysat her 2 kids without hesitation. When we were roommates there would be times she wouldn't have half of her rent and utilities and go ballistic when I would tell her that wasn't ok. She purchases fake Louis Vuitton handbags and wallets and tell me I need to carry designer too. She even criticizes my driving when she has never sat in my passenger…not sure where she comes up with that. I have given my bonus money, gift cards, etc to her over the years to be living in a hotel struggling to save money for a deposit on an apartment…my hotel is 5 mins down the street from where she lives and she hasn't been here once to check on me. As I live in this hotel, she will call or message me on FB with photos of her vacation and new dog and pics of her kids and talk about a new expensive book bag she bought since continuing her college education again. We are 35 yrs old and never in my entire life would I ever think she was a covert narcissist. She screams and yells everyday at her kids and husband over the dumbest shit. I can go on and on. She shows strong signs of depression but damn, damn, damn!!!! No doubt she is a covert narcissist.

  • lovemagicandroad

    Goodness, that’s how my sister is, but I thought she was just histrionic. But perhaps I was wrong. Extremely jealous of me for years, since early childhood. Gossips, bad mouths everyone. In general amazingly selfish. And yes she was a reporter. Whatever I said ended up being disclosed to my selfish mom, to my detriment. She put me down so many times. After I had cancer she still cared less about me, came to visit me in California so she could vacation, but didn’t help me with anything. I was still reeling from chemo and radiation. Didn’t want to help me get government benefits despite knowing I couldn’t work, due to cancer. Also didn’t think I should get a nice apt for myself, was flat against it. Spied on me, when I stayed with her she clearly went through my stuff, as she suddenly knew the exact price of the property I was interested in. It was hidden inside my suitcase. Pretty creepy now that I realize it. I only put up with it because she’s my only sister and the only relative I have left. Often she emails, but sentences are so short nonsensical and unclear. She’s super sloppy and lazy. And yes she does make me feel bad about myself. So perhaps it’s time I cut her out of my life. She’s clearly toxic.
    Wow thank you for this video. It was eye opening.

  • Inger Johanne Øydegard

    THANK you..,I am sure one of ny 2 younger sisters is a covert narc(she is introvert and 5 year younger,my other younger sister is extrovert) .And my mom and brother..They try all the time to sabotage my life .All of them are PREDATORS..,my 5 years younger sister is shy,reservert ,introvert and she COOPETATE with my covert narc PREDATOR younger brother..
    All in my family is TOXIC..,have NO contact with them..

  • Ian M

    I have 2 sisters. One is overt, grandiose and violent. The other is cunning and covert and the Golden Child.
    I'm just beginning to realise that the Golden Child manipulated my father (who, let's face it, was just looking for an excuse anyway) into beating my brother and a neighbourhood boy, and she also manipulated my other sister (who, like my father, was just looking for an excuse anyway) into beating me up.

  • Dana Davison

    Yep. My sister was my match for a bone marrow transplant after my leukemia diagnosis. By the time I was halfway thru it I had become completely isolated from the rest of my medical team, family & all of the friends we had growing up. Thank God I have my fiancee to keep me sane & seeing clearly. Just imagine if your narc sister has somthing like THAT to hold over your head. Of course I am very grateful & love her. But the games & ego can become exhausting, when she wants to turn everything into a competition & you just need to have peace & rest & focus on healing- I eventually had to block her on social media because she was literally stalking & harassing my every move. Then I'm the hateful sister who blocked my kind, loving sister!!! Sigh….🙄

  • Debbie Howes

    I would go to the kitchen & there she was bad mouthing me to my friends. My mother led the show, shaming me at every turn. I could never understand how the last conversation was a plesant & funny one, when I would see this person next time, I would be greeted with coldness & stares. I'd be checking my shoes to make sure I didn't step in poo, thinking possibly there was a smell coming from them, only I couldn't smell. 😮 I made excuses for them for years, until now.
    I finally understand what was (is) happening. I spent xmas alone while my X enjoyed it with my family & children. Humiliation at its best! It NEVER was me! I was the scapegoat For these sick-o's. I spent years in therapy trying to figure it out. Why???
    Thank you for being the light.

  • lorraine smith

    I have finally cut ties with my 2 elder sisters who have always hated me, especially the eldest one…..she has been crazy jealous of me all my life.
    I could never figure out why they hated me so much because I have not had a happy life… fact I have been through a lot of heartbreak.
    I finally met a kind and caring man a few years ago and we are married and for the first time in my life I feel happy……my sisters hate it…….it's like they really can't stand the idea that I have finally found some happiness.
    I am now going to cut contact with them…….I can not take their evil energy and negativity any more. I'm done.
    The only thing that makes me feel sad is that I love their kids (my nephews) and this means that I probably won't see my nephews any more….but this is a price I am going to have to pay in order to be free from 2 bitter, twisted and cruel women.
    The loss is theirs, not mine………one thing that I will always be thankful for is that I have a kind heart…….I would NEVER want to be like those two.

  • Danielle

    My sister turned my whole family against me. She told everyone the nastiest worst unbelievable lies about me and they believed her. They attacked me made false police reports restraining orders. I'm so traumatized I can barley function. I am no contact but still feel great pain and fear

  • evelyn baron

    I have a problematic relationship with my sister, whom I love by the way. She doesn't quite fit the bill or I`m in denial or something. When we were young she scrambled up real fast; was extorting money from the 2 helpless boys across the street, beating me up; decided she was the only musician in the family (that simply excluded me, not our Dad). She to this day insists she is an introvert. ,.,,, Hello if Oprah didn`t exist that could be you Colette if you are out there. The good thing is that she would vote for Oprah for President. She has fits of generosity and man you must pay. Over the years I have painfully learned to keep my distance sometimes and never ask for any kind of assistance because I KNOW I will pay and pay. We are both in recovery (may be from each other) and I already had the 12 steps and the meeting plans and there she was ordering them all over again and someone I wanted to ask to be my sponsor tapped her on the shoulder and said, you really need to stop bullying your sister. I got used to it. I`m an idiot. We hadn`t seen each other for a few months because she travels and I have really been trying to be healthy and grounded. I look good these days and when she saw me she wasn`t happy. And I felt lonely and sad. I stopped trying to analyse her; if I see her for a short time it could be ok or a disaster; I have 2 women friends I have known for a long time and I feel I have real sisters there. The only thing I can contribute if you have an ultra-freakout sibling; walk away, don`t stop feeling good things if you can; find relationships that are good. The one thing I can identify with, QuitChasingAmy, was her ability to create triangles. Someone was always left out. I know she doesn`t do this on purpose but it`s a fact and I hear you. Phew! Feel better, but still sad. Tx all you guys.

  • Annie Johnstone

    My sister is a weak, unpleasant human being. She had a poor relationship with our mother, and now through transference brings all that baggage to bear on her relationship with me and her only daughter. She is vain, obsessed with her looks and weight, and so paranoid to the point of believing that everyone is constantly out to undermine her. She doesn't get on with women generally , presumably as they can't "do" anything for her in the way that men can. I feel heartbroken at the breakdown in our relationship but feel I can't have her in my life any more. I can't stand the ranting and raving and nasty personal attacks. If one day she acquired enough self-awareness to address her mental health issues, then maybe there is hope. Until then, no or minimal contact.

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