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The Cookie Cutter Narcissist ~ Why They’re All Alike

Ever wonder why ALL narcissists are the same and follow the exact same pattern? Find out why in this short video.

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Thank you for all of your support and for loving yourselves so profoundly. We are all connected and we create a ripple effect when we heal ourselves.

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  • desiree glinden

    My ex is over 70..exercises,eats well..and is still very handsome and dumped me and married a woman near my age..70.only after 4 months of leaving our relationship of 1 wonderful and loving year…so they keep going
    On and on it seems to me…they are never alone..

  • Annette Piff

    Sarah, I recently discovered you and have to agree with the many people remarking on the distracting and annoying presence of the wind-noise and airplane-noise pollution. If you truly care about the people you claim to want to help, please give us a chance to focus on your content instead of being distracted by the noise pollution – it's great to record outside, under better conditions! Perhaps the people who believe you record outside for attention are correct. I challenge you to make some videos inside a structure so you can figure out what is more important to you – helping others or gaining attention outdoors. It is disturbing to experience the volume of individuals who have commented on this issue without you even attempting to redirect. Imagine how many people are annoyed but not commenting! I normally do not comment but I am offended that you don't think we deserve more consideration. As others have written, there are plenty of other individuals with enlightening videos who obviously care – "actions speak louder than words" – I'll be checking your upcoming videos to see what really matters to you. If you plan to continue without even trying the inside way, many of us will have to conclude that your ego is more important to you than our issues and seek our support in other places. Your content is worth listening to but not to the extent of these continual annoyances and your obvious lack of respect. I wanted to listen to the entirety of this video but as others have commented, the wind noise in this video is intolerable. The only reason I am commenting is because I would like to help everyone, Sarah, including you! As I said before, "actions speak louder than words" – let's see who you are here for – others or yourself. I view videos in English and in German and learn from videos originating in three continents and at least eight countries – your videos are the only ones I have experienced where individuals are complaining of noise pollution! I did not come across one comment that read "I enjoy the loud wind and airplane noises"! I am saddened to write this comment as complaining is not my nature but it's one video after another, Sarah. Time will tell what motivates you.

  • MyUtubefreak

    Thank you for your explanation.

    I had a 6 month relationship with a female narcissist who is a massage therapist. At 70, this was a real learning experience I hope never to repeat.

    I didn't realize there was a serious issue until she acted as though I had yelled at her and shoved her when I replied to her question about where I was going without giving a specific destination for my afternoon walk. I then realized that she might use this against me at some point by falsely accusing me. I then began binge watching YT videos on narcissists and decided to leave for my own health about three weeks later. Just two days after that decision, which I made the dumb mistake of informing her of, she filed false charges of domestic violence against me and 4 cops escorted me out with the clothes on my back and my laptop.

    Even though she lost her court case for a permanent restraining order, I was locked out of our condo and never allowed back to retrieve my belongings, which included all my clothes which she gave away, a new queen size bed and night stands, new TV, cable modem, and wireless router.

    She then smeared me to the landlord, realtor, and a former woman employer/business owner of a vegan restaurant chain. She panics when she sees me and goes in another direction. She knows that I know that she's a liar, thief, and cheat which contradicts her public false self. I wish she could be reprogrammed, as she is now just a robot running a self-destructive program. I think there's a very hurt child in there somewhere.

  • The Wordy Woodstock

    My therapist argued that my ex's discard was "traumatic to me," instead of "being traumatic," claiming sensitivity and subjectivity on my behalf. She said later, "I can imagine that is a painful experience, but it's not traumatic by any means." I found the minimization to be hurtful, and this video emphasized an important point: Nobody understands until you experienced it yourself. This also includes mental health professionals and your most trusted family/friends!

  • Annette Piff

    Hello, Sarah. I did some more research since my only comment (ever) earlier this evening. You comment on problems with the wind at times and I was not aware of those videos until this research. Please consider viewing your videos before publishing them so you can decide if the background noises (which include vehicles, not just wind and airplanes) are too distracting, whether you are outside, in your car or at home. The recordings in your office are stellar, in my opinion – it was such a pleasure to be able to focus on the content in those videos! I understand why you would like to be outdoors but I believe you would also like to retain the viewers that clicked on your videos. You have much to offer and as I indicated earlier, I believe you would like for viewers to watch your videos in their entirety. My only aim is to help everyone, including you, Sarah! Please consider studying the weather/wind forecast before committing to filming outside. Please also realize that the repeated issues you have with your filming apparatus are distracting as well. I hope you receive this advice in the spirit in which it is intended.

  • Olivia Lia Miller

    Cookie cutter, yes. Mine was shallow too: hungry, horny, or angry. Everything else was an act. They are masters of their craft. I got so much meaning from a thoughtful look, a head tilt. A good likeness of a human being, for sure. Anyone can meet people like that. Not everyone has a victim personality. They chip your life away one piece at a time. Peace, Sarah.

  • Olivia Lia Miller

    I joined a group of abused women in weekly meetings. We began by introducing ourselves. None of us could do it without talking about our children. Sort of funny at the time knowing we were hollowed out by these men. We had no identities left. The only support I ever had was from that group of women. What were we before all this? Music lovers? amateur artists? Community volunteers? You are right, Sarah. You gotta be there to understand.

  • Sharne Caudwell

    I have just ended a 10 year battle .. 6 years and the rest was lawyers and court to get him out of my life. I'm wondering if the new wife ( supply ) understands now I wasn't the bad guy. Some times I would love to sit down and tell her what he did to me. He so scary

  • Inge Van de Gehuchte

    ~ Food for Thought ~
    Satan does Know the content of the Bible Very well , maybe even More then most so called Christians , and therefore even can appear as an Angel of Light … !
    Even Incredible vain as like walking on a Yacht and to make the Song all about Him …
    Whom Indeed also shall tell You how Evil malignent Narcs ( or demons in a HU-man body ) are ,
    even sharing advice of what To do to detach thyself from them ,
    yet Always to Cover it with the Mantle of love ( yea right while We then to continue with just a Backpack and simple Tent so to speak ) , …
    Or to get Ye trapped again into Counseling , in Healing thy inner wounds- therapy and therefore Itself again Set in the Centre of special Attention as like a ~ vip ~ whom Is able to rescue you While every body on this Earth ( Fallen realm ) IS Lost and Wounded ,
    as No matter which ~ god ~ one adores or follows ,
    they ain't here visible No more … !

    So , every Body is suffering as like being Disconnected from thy real Parents or Family or joyful Garden ,
    while the Prince of Darkness knows this Very well ,
    hence why it made the Bodies merely seek their Happiness or Bliss by another Body so to speak ,
    while even Knowing that the Seeds at the Time of Adam and Eve inclu itself as being the Serpent got mixed , whereby the Abel ( as Son of Adam ) and Cain ( as Son of the Beast ) energy shall also be mixed together within a same Look-a-like earth body ( on purpose ! ) and thus Creating chaos and Confusion ,
    which shall consume So much energy and with the View Only on this Plane ,
    that the real Aim of being Here to Indeed Get Out ( or Saved ) of this Insane nonstop turning Wheel or rollercoaster ride shall be forgotten or even erased from the Mind …

    While ~ Christ ~ IS the Only One or Way to truly get Detachted from this Wicked ( fallen ) Field ,
    whom then shall Embrace ye and to Let ye Feel Real Love ,
    even to may Feel the Love and Bliss from the Original Parents or Heavenly Source ( Dome ) ,
    and then To start the Purification phase ( set Under the Pure Heavenly waterfall ) while to Set ye Free from the Invisible Chains and Dark Web ,
    whereby to become So Bright thyself which the Darkness can't bear ,
    and therefore shall disappear or to vaporate as like the devil set in Holy water so to speak !
    While also covered by the Devine armor and Mighty (s) word ,
    as like a delicate Rose protected by a glass Dome ,
    where against this Wall the demons are Powerless and surely shall Run away ,
    as even AA Michael is hidden behind the Rose …

    So , this Plane is Not about to Fall in Love with it ,
    merely to enjoy its magnificent Nature landscapes ,
    and to Be vigilant 24h/7 as All are part of the Spiritual Warfare ,
    as all being our Own Abel or Cain energy ( no matter the Gender ) …
    While even your earth children or family ain't yours ,
    as Just being part of this earthly Procreation reality as To maintain it ( as the flesh is mortal as like an Apple which fell off from the Tree of Life ) ,
    because what is a Mega Narc ( or Satan itself ) without a Worshipping mass of bodies ?

    Freedom of Spiritual Speech ,
    might sound ridiculous for many Yet for Myself the Truth and Truly did already Set me Free ( by walking the Christ spirit Path ) ,
    even 24h/7 Loved by the Almighty or He that IS as the great ~ I AM , HU ~ ,
    as Now I can See them and they Me ( at their own safe distance Now as Too much Light surely shall set them onto dust and ashes as they are only Lovers of the Flesh and even glued onto it ) …
    While to Be a Cup of Raw Primal Love ,
    and Knowing that in this realm Too much Love can destroy Us as We Now know what We know ( or learned as Rough lessons ) and with Gratitude as the Lion ( or Wild raging beast ) couldn't devour our Soul as Our Heavenly parents and Christ as our King ( Trustworthy Shepard ) were always nearby our side and We step by step surely could Feel their Presence ( again ) and their wise whispering advice/Guidance whereby our Faith in them became Greater then of he ( man ) in this Fallen corrupt Lost world … !

    Haleluyah ,
    * ~ Y ~ *

  • Cindy Lopez

    My ex narcissist is the opossite, he has not aged one day! He is 33 and looks better everyday and he uses heavy drugs! No dark circles, the white of his eyes is whiter than mine and I only drink cola, ha! I think he literally sucked the life out of me because he started to look more handsome when he was with me. Meanwhile I'm looking old and unkept and crying everyday, I know I should not be crying but I can't stop. I cry because of his betrayal and I'm so full of rage, this is the terrible!

  • Cindy Lopez

    My ex narcissist is the opossite, he has not aged one day! He is 33 and looks better everyday and he uses heavy drugs! No dark circles, the white of his eyes is whiter than mine and I only drink cola, ha! I think he literally sucked the life out of me because he started to look more handsome when he was with me. Meanwhile I'm looking old and unkept and crying everyday, I know I should not be crying but I can't stop. I cry because of his betrayal and I'm so full of rage, this is the terrible!

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