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The Borderline Please Don't Leave Me | Loved Ones & Ex's

People with Borderline Personality have ways that are in code to test “Don’t Leave Me” 6 Ways they do this are outlined in this video. A.J.’s Experience: Mind Body Connection After BPD NPD at (Link on front page) (Please see more below for news) It is not healthy or in your best interest to try to de-code the code. The BPD code for “Don’t Leave Me” is primal, and without therapy will not change.

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  • R. A.

    Is it possible for a person to only display bpd signs when they are a split personality? Is it a sign a person has bpd if they drink every day immediayly after work and barely eat and then almost like clockwork once a week extreme scary blowups and discards followed by acting like nothing happened? Is it a bpd sign for them to publicly lose their temper and embarrass their loved ones in public? Thank you so much In advance..

  • C Forest

    I have to question, as I often do if the idealization phase of a BPD cycle is really object other. I've always thought Kernberg's analysis was through a lens of observing narcissism and therefore biased from previous assumptions that BPD was borderline to psychosis. Wouldn't the idealization phase for BPD simply be idealized parent/saviour other, devalued bad parent other resulting in an object other at the end of the cycle to submerge/externalize the pain? This is quite different from the premeditations of the NPD where people are object other due to what I assume is zero self and only object relations are possible. Food for thought rather than statement.

  • Iosif Papadakis

    I ve never listened such an exact description of bpd "don t leave me" code. I had been experiencing all these for 5 years trying to understand what a fuck happens here. I was day by day more confused loosing gradually my self. Leaving in fear. It s one year now we broke and i m still wondering what was all this. For all these who are conected with bpd persons especially those having a love relationship, only this is i have to tell. Save your selves. Go and do not look back. You have already done the best you could. You can t do something more. Put the oxygen mask on to your face first. RUN.

  • D M

    Thank you AJ, very clear and concise representation of the mind-bender that is bpd. Last night I bumped into my bpd ex dancing, he has been on a smear campaign against me wherever he can, calling me toxic, narcissistic and psychopathic πŸ™„ He was talking to a woman, who was then talking to some others, they were all looking at me and chatting-I bet he's spreading these rumours to isolate me in the dance scene. However, I'm perplexed he's able to be in close physical proximity to me now (at some point even dancing back to back) and goes to my club once a week, so we bump into each other. This is after not dancing for at least two years in these places and isolating. I wonder if it's the beginning of a hoover, but that seems to jar with the smear campaign….

  • Happy Me

    Brilliant. Thanks AJ. Your videos are giving me more clarity on the final hours of the relationship I had. I realise the Empath in me had ended. I know I could have continued with her but there would have been more crazy making days to come. Like you say you can't fix them and you can't save them!

  • SuperCyberGangsta

    Good stuff as usual. When you said "but they can't see what this is doing to you" that was spot on. I had an anxiety attack in the middle of a heated exchange with my ex girlfriend in April and even then she refused to acknowledge how the relationship was mentally and psychologically breaking (abusing) me and becoming a health concern.

  • kingsix2000

    Understanding this is an important key for being able to help me break my own codependent cycle as this is something that I see in my everyday life and it is so hurtful. I have realized before that this cyclic behaviours from both my BPD and myself are detrimental to us both.

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