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The Borderline Equivalent of Narcissistic Gaslighting

Borderline Personality is not the same as NPD. Do Borderlines Gaslight? No, but they have their equivalent projection protections.

The borderline dance of “I can’t be responsible” is their invitation to you to join them in their right-fighting. Right-fighting borderlines are blocking their own possibility of being helped or of recovery. Sessions Available Ebooks & Audios on BPD



  • M

    That was very helpful. I have been waiting for this message for three years. It really has confirmed what I suspected. I have been invalidated by virtually all support networks which just reinforces the gaslight ing I experienced by the Narcissist/BPD. Peace and Love to all the decent folk. Thanks AJ for your work. You have been a beakon of light.

  • Brad McEwen

    It seems to me, that all disorders, both mild and severe, operate in a variable multimorbid spectrum. Sometimes highly discernable traits and then to others non detectable, for example, where social elevation is mined & validated. I also include the targets varying degrees of vulnerability which determines length of time ruminating & recovery take. The human brain has got to be as individually different as our bodies are. Not saying this has anything to do with this case in point, just an opinion of the complexity. The old days of before bad experience are missed but impossible to return to fully.

  • Dee Snyder

    Before I started learning about narcissism on You Tube channels I always thought to myself well that person still loves that person but they love them in their own way. I still don't know all the terminology associated with narcissism so I probably can't explain this the way I want but the thing is they do still have the rage, the crazy rage, where the point of the conversation is all muddy up. The person they supposably do still love has to take this crap from them from time to time. Yeah in between their rage attacks they may be all lovey dovey but the rage is coming. It certainly is still coming. Can't be stopped. Then do we still want to take that all up and if we do at what cost to ourselves?

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