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The Bonds You DON'T Want With the Narcissist

The ability to bond is a glue that can keep healthy families and relationships together. But what happens when it is an unhealthy bond, such as with a narcissist? Laura takes a look at how detrimental bonds with narcissists can be and how to break those ties once and for all.

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  • Shari Mikaelsson

    The narcissist I deal with is my son.. He has been my problem child, he is 43 now. He came to stay with us awhile. We told him he had to get help to stay. He was on meds and seemed to be doing well, except he slept a lot. He got them changed and then started the downward spiral. He was sleeping on our couch, and my stepson and grandson were coming down at night a being loud. He got on my grandson, who then was quieter, but my stepson didn't quiet down. He came in one night was loud and my son got up and pushed him in his chest and he fell backwards into the stove. I made my son leave, which created hard feelings, of course. I felt bad about it, but I am also upset with my stepson who I feel was also wrong, but his dad doesn't see it. The stepson is 28 so old enough to be respectful, but isn't.

  • TheBudgetBee

    What if the Narcissist is an adult child who has Borderline Personality Disorder and has moved back in with her elderly mother? What hope is there for the mother who not only emotionally can't stand up to the child but physically cannot and grows more dependent every day? Also, I missed the video where you introduced yourself.

  • zumzy u

    I feel the main reason people end up with a Narcissist partner is being skeptical about running a background check-up on who they’re dealing with. My worst experience was discovering my 8 years wife cheating on me through the help of Cyberhackingsage who helped cloned her cell phone. All i did was share my wife’s number with Cyberhackingsage and i got access to her Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and text messages both deleted and incoming ones without having to touch her phone. Contact him, he’s a Genius!( cyberhackingsage@gmail ) thank me later

  • pink Candy

    I'm worried because will be maybe divorcing soon. Trouble is I from sexual abused trauma from childhood I have anxiety disorder and some fears of travelling because of panic.i dont have NPD or anything. This k my husband did. I'm worried nobody will want me

  • JennyJen

    I absolutely love this! One year ago today, I was discarded without warning by my narc ex-husband. Each and everything you said is absolutely true! The steps you listed to heal are all that I did, and today, one year later, I am more at peace, happier and freer than I have ever been in my life! Both of my parents were narcissists as well.

  • Deborah

    I feel so guilty but I do not want to visit my mother, I'm afraid I won't be able to handle it but I feel pressured to go. People don't realize how dramatic it is for me to go and spend 2 weeks with her, just the thought of it makes me feel depressed, anxious, fearful and weak. If I don't stay the 2 weeks she is soo disappointed and I feel so guilty. I'm in tears just thinking about going. I need to give myself permission to stay only a few days and not buy into the guilt.

  • ccdm515

    Watch for the pity. It is mostly manipulation. My mom gloated about how she made my sister cry. My sister probably raised a real concern and she shamed her oh so what about my spending you almost died without me. Its sick. I saw the victorious look on her face and could no longer trust her. Too bad my sister doesn't know what's up.

  • William Miller

    I waited too long. I hung on so long, it destroyed my life basically. Then, when I was 'completely destroyed', she finally left me, and I was all alone, and have been ever since.
    I guess the point is I had to learn the hard way (a common theme in my life, it seems 🙂

  • Stitch Shifter

    It never stops when it's your parents who are the narcissists. They say the narcissists family are the ones who suffer the most. Probably because they have no choice. Children who want to "run away" get that from somewhere and it isn't because they are the problem.

  • Vicki Bee

    My biological father never even did that. Instead of changing he told me how terrible Children's Services are for taking his kids away from him and "violating" his "paternal rights."
    She did it too; my biological mother. She would tell us all the time about how bad Children's Services are and we're supposed to believe they were innocent lambs and the Law came in and snatched us away just like a Gestapo unit?

  • B C

    I never felt like I needed to fix him… or that he needed me to help/save him… that's what he pushed on me… he said I was so broken that he needed to fix me and help me… that he needed to go to therapy with me and meet my friends/family b/c my they needed to see how much love he had for me b/c I'm the one that was f*cked up and he was there to save/love me unconditionally. Sometimes it's the other way around… some of these Narcs have Knight in Shiny Amour Syndrome

  • shane hester

    ok guys if u meet a lady that has been with a narcist {badboy type} never take her seriously.heres what u will deal with if u are not a narcist {the nice guy} she will tell u because of her past relationship u in fact will have to jump through more hoops to gain her attention as a relationship is concerned.guys don't do it.u will pay for her bad choices in her last partner for the rest of your life or how ever long u are with this lady.its not your fault she used up part of her sexual market value being with the badboys.

  • Bells WIn

    Watch out for siblings who try to make out its still YOU who is the loser, who should understand, who should forgive, after all SHE did for YOU!! Dont fall for the 3 card trick . Does anyone else feel physically sick or racked with guilt? More often than not I still think its ME but Laura's video explains what a narc mother can do. Isolation is their speciality, all I ever wanted was not to be such a load of crap in her life.

  • Erin Riley

    Just discovered husband I am married to is a Narcissist. My big eye opener was prince charming changed. Dates are few and far between. Major decisions and finances kept secret from me. Small allowance to control me. Name calling all of a sudden was my big red flag. He keeps calling me dumb, stupid, idiot. I have my Master's degree in Education…I know I'm not dumb, but it hurts and I play it like a recording in my head. Worst statement ever…I replied, "I can't be that dumb– you married me." He said, "That's before I knew you were dumb!" He laughed like the devil while I cried. He never said he was sorry & won't. A cold monster emerged from what our community, my family and me considered the nicest guy in the whole world. One year of marriage and the mask just came off. Wish me luck people…I have to figure out a plan to escape.

  • Shelley Lloyd

    I wasted five years but on the plus side is we never did marry or move in together. We meet when I was at a very low period of my life and as I have slowly started finding myself he got more crazy. In the five years he has accused me of cheating, accused me of going out of my way to hurt him, I was accused of never talking to him about anything important, and he was very very jelouse of my daughter. He never went out of his way to ever try and make a life together, that was left up to me. I don't know what happened but it was like I woke up one day and I was done. It has only been a month of no contact but it has been a wonderful happy month.i see where I overlooked all the red flags. He has a big drinking problem and I really just started see just how bad in that last two years. So with that being said i am so glad that wherever it came from I was able to walk away with the strength to stay away!

  • Raoul Kleijntjens

    Thanks for sharing. I recognize a lot what you tell in your video. Writing my own story helps me a lot and I want to publish some of the things I encountered during my relationship with a covert narcist. I cried so much during the last part of my relationship (I didn't know what to do anymore what was right for her) and when I decided to end that toxic relationship afterwards also. It is very necessary to let the pain be part of the healing proces. It will only get better in time and before you know it life is good again. I am also starting to date now again after a year I broke up with my narcist partner. My ex had a new victim after 3 months when we broke up. So I am happy that I am not the last one that got stuck in her toxic environment. She also has a narcistic father by the way. I am glad that I never ever have to see that person again. It is al a façade. Fake fake fake.

  • Martin Cichocki

    Thank you so much for all of those reminders my bizarre father figure was or is the poster child for narcissism. My high school girlfriend whom I truly loved was a complete narcissist and still is.
    So I've gotten hip to this situation and I seem to attract toxic people all the time. I have become a little bit loath to interact; there have been other narcissists! tennis players I run across who will Gaslight you and give you bad calls, if you know anything about tennis you call your own lines! HONESTY is the best policy, not with a narcissist. Consequently I have been damaged and like you, been in therapy for 25 years your video was helpful and Dr Carter is wonderful with his extraordinary clear communication methods thank you both!

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