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The ageing narcissistic parent. What do you owe them?

Should you reconnect with your ageing narcissistic parent after no contact just because they are frailer or ill? Is it your duty to look after them before they die?
In this video I talk about this from the perspective of already being ‘NO CONTACT’ and the fact that you may possibly be feeling guilty that you aren’t supporting them. In this video I also encourage you how to go ‘No contact’ if you are still in a relationship with them but are mentally exhausted and don’t want to deal with them anymore.



  • Kameame pop corn

    Hello from France.

    My mother is a covert narc. Now she is in her 70'. She made my life a living in hell.
    Since two weeks, one of my sisters is keeping calling me. Envelops inside my mail box. Knocking at my door twice. I did the grey rock. That sister of mine humiliated me sooooooooooooooooo much 3,5 years ago. And all the sudden, she does remember my name? F…ck that b…. ; (

  • vicki kondylas

    Yes very debilitating /// I ended up sicker than my parent😩 the favourites in the family dropped it on my lap 😞Mother Teresa I was 😇they said It got better though when dementia hit in
    Τηαnk you very much for thé vidéo released some guilt🙌🙌⭐️

  • Jacki DeZell

    Hello. My mom is a narcissist and she’s 75. I’m 38, and a single mom. Because of all the abuse, and the fact that I’ve never been physically healthy I now have a ton of health problems, and I’m on a small amount of disability payments. It’s not enough to live on at all. On top of that I don’t trust myself, and there’s a lot I don’t know how to handle as an adult should know. Lastly, I don’t have faith in myself. I’m still being beaten down as I still live with my mother. She isn’t well and when she dies my future is very bleak at the moment with no where to go and no way to support my daughter and I. I need advice, and support. Help!

  • delagrazia

    0,50seconds in the video>..".,.,and.,just bcoz they think slower and perhaps developing Alzheimer and dementia .." ..,.,whaat?, exactly that! how did you know?lolol ok then i guess thats also a comon trait ,and fate ,of narcs just like all the others

  • delagrazia

    narcs parents , no contact with you unless they need something or want to suck your energy(depending on the personality) Then i guess we need to totaly forget al about love and good relations Thats the hardest part

  • Sophie Depus

    My husband suddenly died of a bleeding in his brainstem on 12 June of this year. My father is a destructive narcissist and my mother is just a prisoner by her own choice. I already posted a brief story about my life on one of your previous videos. I found it my moral obligation to inform my parents, after a long period of no contact, about my husbands death. My father said that he was glad and that it was about time he died…. I live in Belgium and in my country, adult children have the legal obligation to look after their parents when they become old, sick, can no longer take care of themselves. This means that you are obliged to financially support them when they are hospitalised, have to go to a retirement home and their income, pension is not sufficient to cover the bills. Their is no way around it. My parents are already in a very bad shape, being both severely alcoholic and addicted to prescription drugs like Xanax and artificial morfine. And of course the blame is on me. They own a house and the value of that house sufficiently covers their medical costs if they would sell it. But that is not going to happen. Over my fathers dead body! Yes, indeed, to make my life miserable. Well, I hope that he dies soon. He should have been the one to die on that day in June. Normally, Your videos are so supportive for me. But this one makes me angry because I cannot just turn my back and leave them in their own shit. With love, Sophie

  • Damien Tucker

    I have narc mother but thats O.K. because I am a bit of a psycopath in the sence I have little empathy, particularly for her. I would like to catch up with my father sometimes although he's a bit slow and under her thumb. I guess I may rue my fathers imminent death but I have my own life, 2 great kids and an awesome wife. WTF do I need mum for? I can forget, move on and focus on my own life and that of my kids. FK her. There is so many great things to be enjoyed in life, we are all the authors of our own book. I am not going to write another chapter about anger, anxiety, disbelifs, etc +++. Your parents are your past, your kids and your own life is your future. Just take a very quick and hard look at your life, realise the facts, make the decision and live by your choice. I have, and to be honest, it is one of the most liberating experiences I have ever had. Peace!

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